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  1. C

    Joey Camasta (Barstool Sports bear/cub)

    Anyone know if he has anything good posted on his onlyfans or Snapchat? curious if it’s worth subscribing to
  2. pablo.rubne

    Photos & Videos meatheadsaiyan - meathead_saiyan - saiyanstoney

    this guy is amazing. been following him from a long time. love how hairy and beefy is.
  3. B

    thatessexboy/thatessexcouple vids?

    Does anyone have videos they could share for thatessexboy/thatessexcouple please? Both the guy himself (Dan) and he and his man used to have OFs, but their OF accounts seem to be on hiatus (thatessexboy and thatessexcouple). Their shared thatessexcouple on Twitter still has hot pix of theirs and...
  4. G


    Anything on this guy? With or without his wig. He’s very narcissistic so I’m sure he will have some nudes out there somewhere.
  5. theVAguy

    Swisscubby (Classic Tumblr)

    I happened upon an old picture of Tumblr user swisscubby (deactivated now) and I'm wondering if anyone knows if he ever posted more revealing content? Is he still around on another site?
  6. R

    Cub/Chub Snapchat

    Hey — looking to start a cub/bears group with anyone who is or appreciates cubs and bears! Drop your sc below and I’ll add you. :)
  7. W

    What happened to Josh Long

    This guy is cute and hot. What happened to him?
  8. 0

    Please help ID this cub

    Can anyone help identify who he is please?
  9. TheEasyA

    Chub Cub Starting Onlyfans

    Hey, guys! Just wanted to pop on here and let y’all know that I’ve started an Onlyfans. I don’t know if anyone is interested, but I’m a chubby cub that likes to get dirty. Most of my stuff is solo, but I go hard—sucking, riding, multiple sizes/types of toys, dirty talk, videos, and sexy...
  10. H

    Photo @edinprogress On Twitter

    Just starting this thread in anticipation of his Onlyfans debut. Anyone seen this muscle cub naked yet?
  11. C

    Photo Cute Cub From "cut" Youtube Channel

    Does anybody know this adorable cub from the "Cut" YouTube channel?
  12. B

    Hairy, Bear, Cub, Chubby, Daddy Snapchat Megalist

    If you’re a bear/cub/chubby/hairy guy or a chaser post your Snapchat so we can chat, stroke and trade. Mine: p_campag21 28 M from Brazil
  13. C

    Photos & Videos The_uncharteddd

    This beautiful muscle cub is amazing. Anyone subbed to his OnlyFans ? https://twitter.com/the_uncharteddd?s=09 His bio: 22 year old, Middle Eastern, 5'9 / 200lbs
  14. T

    Photos & Videos Asian Bear, Beef, Cub!

    Don't see a lot of sources sharing this specific type of stuff, so I decided to make a thread. I'll start off with some stuff I have saved here. :>
  15. 9

    New Here. Hi!

    Hey everyone! Excited to join this community :).
  16. A

    Cubmatty On Twitter

    Anyone has xxx pics of this cutie??? Cubmatty on Twitter Mattylk1 on Instagram Thanks!
  17. A

    Cubmatty On Twitter

    Anyone has xxx pics of this cutie??? Cubmatty on Twitter Mattylk1 on Instagram
  18. M


    Anyone subscribed to this sexy guys only fans? Would love to see some of his full vids etc please, or if anyone's able to send a Google drive with his stuff? Thanks in advance for anything www.onlyfans.com/grumpy_cub
  19. TheEasyA

    Id A Really Hot Bottom Please?

    Can anyone tell me who the blonde bottom is in this video? His name slips my mind but I’m sure I’ve seen him in other videos. Hairy gay anal with facial - BoyFriendTV.com
  20. owapowa

    Id Thick Cock Bearded Guy

    Does anybody know this guy? I know he had tumblr, and I also found him on reddit: Happy Thursday! : MassiveCock , but tumblr deleted all nudity and he later then deleted his reddit (I think his name was something like: rose_&_tango / tango_&_rose). I saved everything I could find. Does...
  21. 1

    Photos & Videos @putociervo

  22. toastcrumb

    Budpup90 - Sexy & Cute Cub With Thick Cock

    Super cute and sexy bear. Sensual moans and great energy during sex. Anyone care to share more of his pics and clips? Looks like he used to be active on Tumblr, but now only posts on his OnlyFans (OnlyFans). Only found some previews of his scenes with DariaonSteroids. Some of my collection:
  23. P

    Photo Bebodypositive2

    Anyone got anything else on this dude? He went by hapkidoguy55 on reddit, bebodypositive2 and bodypositivesc1 on Twitter, and something else on tumblr I’ve been looking for more of his stuff but he deletes his accounts like a month or two after making them
  24. Matt Murray

    Riley Patrick (ig: Roguepat1)

    Anything on this instagram muscle cub?
  25. 1

    Gay Bears, Cub And Chubby Photos

    Bears Cubs Chubby Hairy Guys
  26. Y

    Video Can Someone Help Identify This Video

    Not sure if this is the right Category for this. But anyone have any idea the source of this video? An Onlyfans or Twitter Perhaps? The poster just seemed to have stole it from the original source and slapped their watermark on it.. : unamused:343141
  27. ca11um

    Compliment The Lpsg Member You Find The Sexiest!

    Which LPSG member do you find the sexiest... And why? :emoji_smiling_imp: Shower them with compliments below and make their day ;)
  28. V

    Hunter & Max Onlyfans.

    Hunter and Max are a real-life couple and have set up an OnlyFans account! OnlyFans www.twitter.com/pupperinko Any hot pics or vids?
  29. E

    Christopher Cragg Aka Blibblobblib

    This man is a bloody beauty. I felt he has to be appreciated. He has done some naked shoots. Anyone got those pictures?
  30. 1

    Cristoforo Corte / Ciuppinus

    Does anyone follow this guy on Instagram or FB? He is so damn sexy and in Milan. Kinda beefy and fuzzy. Loves to post a thirst trap but is also kinda innocent. Wish I knew of any nudes. Cristoforo Corte (@ciuppinus) • Instagram photos and videos