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  1. Gzul

    Photos & Videos Jaxonmartin5

    Hey baters ! I saw that there's no thread about Jaxon Martin, him and his boyfriend are really hot. They have a twitter (@jaxonmartin5) with shorts videos and have an OF. Does someone have something on them ? Here's some vids they posted
  2. Bardiii

    Am I a cuck?

    Hi guys! So I‘ve been with my bf for 5 years now. In the beginning I was very jealous and protective but now that I‘ve overcome that, I kind of have the desire to watch my man fuck someone…he is an arabic man with an athletic body and thick 9 inch cock which i love! Is it normal for me to have...
  3. stephland


    Hi Am single and searching Longterm relationship Am a top Seeking a Mature bottom, responsible Interracial
  4. D

    Cheating/caught Videos

    Does anyone have any favorite cheating videos (gay/straight/bi) that seem real and unstaged? Or “caught” videos that seem real? I also LOVE cuckold videos but I struggle to find the BEST ones that seem real! I would love to see what y’all have!
  5. C

    Sharing My Gf With Hung Alphas (26 Years Old Fat Ass)

    Hey guys looking to connect with some hung alphas who want to take my girl kik : betacuckyboi Skype : sphlover5
  6. B

    Gay Cuck Porn

    It's really popular in straight porn but I've been trying to find gay cuckold porn but I can't. So drop your favorite gay cuckold porn.
  7. ChubbyTwink

    Need A Bull To Jerk To Pics Of My Gf.

    Want to use a submissive sissy cuck over Skype or Whereby. Need a twink to moan for you and beg you to fuck his GF? My skype name is ChubbyTwink!
  8. D

    Any Videos Where Husband/boyfriend Kisses Girl After Sucking Another Guys Cock

    Please post any videos of the guy kissing his wife or girlfriend after she just had another mans dick in her mouth.
  9. N

    Removing Bra During Sex

    This is a bit of an unexpected one, but I was watching this video the other day and my god a certain part of it turned me on! The wife is having sex with another guy while the husband films. She's naked but has her bra on. Then halfway through she gets her own tits out, as though she really...
  10. M


    Does anyone please have any of their stuff from their onlyfans? The partner looks real hot and fucks rough, would really love to see their full vids etc if anyone has them please OnlyFans
  11. M


    Hey there! I'm looking to find more pictures and videos from a former cam model and Reddit user named BigInTex. He used to be active on the internet under several names, he was BigInTex on Cam4, M.CA1N on Tumblr and more recently u/M_Cain on Reddit. He also went by HoustonAgg, texxxagg on other...
  12. UnCutBlackBull925

    Steph And Ayesha Curry Break The Internet

    This photo has been all over the news. Looks real good
  13. E

    Success Finding A Threesome/cuck Couple?

    Juat wondering how people come accross interested couples looking for a third. I really wanna bull a guys wife and make him lap up her cum while i fuck her. If he behaves well enough ... he might be able to taste mine hahah. Little horny so dont mind me if I start getting carried away. What...
  14. curiousfireman

    Biggest Fantasy

    My biggest fantasy is to have another guy over and me and him stand side by side, my wife drops to her knees then unzips us both then measure both cocks with a cloth tape measure, looking up I hear her say .. omg he is so much bigger than you honey .. then i hear licking ,sucking and moans . I...
  15. flambago9

    Wife Finally Gets Some Size (hot Wife, Monster Cock, Cuck)

    I watched her settle down slowly on my buddy's giant cock...gyrating her hips, inch by fat fucking inch disappearing. Moaning and grunting, the look on her face was of painful discomfort, but I knew how turned on she was to be "getting size". He was huge...tremendously long, ridiculously THICK...
  16. C

    Photo My Slim Thick Syrian Girl

    Cuckold here, love showing off my girl for hung superior men 24 year old couple based in nyc. Always looking for a hung bull for her kik : millenialcuck
  17. C

    Cuck With Gf Here For Kik Roleplay

    24 year old cuckold here with a 5.5inch cock. Have a lovely 24 year old syrian gf who loves roleplaying cucking me. Looking for a hung guy to humiliate me and tell me how he’d take my girl. kik : millenialcuck
  18. E

    Cocky Guys

    Who are some bragging type, cocky alpha guys in social media/only fans?? The more arrogant the hotter tbh (big dicks are an obvious plus)
  19. 2

    I Disappointed My Bull I Was Talking To Online. Good Punishments?

    I can't tell you what I did wrong but he will look at your recommendations. What are punishments for a cuckold who has not been obedient and has upset his bull?
  20. 2

    22m, Cuckoldtobe: Been Starting To Develop Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation

    22 m and I'm honestly a huhe wannabe cuckold. I've been fantasizing about a bull coming into all my relationships, dominating it since I was 16. But just a couple of months ago I've started getting impotent AND premature ejaculation - I can't satisfy my girlfriend when I can manage to fuck her...
  21. 2

    22m, Cuckoldtobe: Been Starting To Develop Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation

    22 m and I'm honestly a huhe wannabe cuckold. I've been fantasizing about a bull coming into all my relationships, dominating it since I was 16. But just a couple of months ago I've started getting impotent AND premature ejaculation - I can't satisfy my girlfriend when I can manage to fuck her...
  22. S

    Shy White Guy - Married To Shy Asian F - I Fantasise About Her Being Taken And Trained By A Dominant

    secretly submissive, obedient and filthy. Married to a shy reserved and conservative Asian f. I dream about her being taken and trained to be a dominant master's entertainment and humiliation whore - message me and we can chat Ask me anything about her, every detail you wish. I will work hard...
  23. C

    Fap To Your Wife On Skype

    I want to fap to your wife on Skype and tell you how I'd fuck her. Hit me up.
  24. salopesud

    Comp With Hubby

    i have new pics of hubby shrimp* if you have a big cock and what to compare, fotoshop or just comment, pm me will be pleasure o share and show him
  25. curiousfireman

    What goes around comes around.

    Bull for many years been with many couples and have enjoyed fucking many wives as husband watches I have sent many hot wifes home full of cum to unexpecting husbands. I have watched many men humble themself to preform clean up duty, As I have grown older I now realize my day is coming that I...
  26. 1

    Cuckold for cash - craziest story of my life - proof (screenshots)

    I was approached on Instagram by a stranger to fuck his wife for cash. Apparently I used to fuck his ex girlfriend back in the day and she told him all about me. Now he wants to pay me to fuck his wife. Here is the story if you want a good read/laugh. Enjoy!
  27. L

    We are looking in northwest florida

    We are looking for a young attractive well endowed guy between the ages of 18-45. Someone that will enjoy texting Cam and meeting. Looking for a guy who is easy enough to make everybody comfortable but strong enough to take control. When we were in New York we had a steady find like this would...
  28. WeekendNights

    Bigger guys lusting after another guy's gf/wife

    My wife and I get a particular thrill out of knowing when other guys, particularly hung guys get off to her pics. Any big guys enjoy lusting after another guy's lady/stroking to her pics? If so, I'm curious what you'd think of mine. Also, any other guys enjoy knowing when a bigger guy has eyes...
  29. J

    Looking for a hotwife to share my experiences with.

    I'm looking to find a hotwife penpal to share my cuckold experiences with. I'm a white male from Oklahoma. I'm 5'9, 180, and attractive. I'm 36 and first got cucked when I was in my 20's by a girlfriend. It has been an obession ever since. I would like someone to share my crazy stories with...
  30. S

    New panties from the wife

    What do you think about her putting me in these