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  1. M

    How often do you cum? and do you think that's common?

    Keen to find out the baseline here. How often do you release your loads? If it varies from period to period, what factors affect the frequency? How do you compare to your peers?
  2. P

    Photos & Videos Bottoms Cumming in Missionary Position with Faces

    Hey all - one of the things that gets me off QUICK is bottoms cumming while being fucked in the missionary position (or a position that also shows their faces). Here's a great few to get us started!
  3. T

    Hot video

    vídeos quentes e sem dó pra foder, resolvi compartilhar. Ele adora ser dp - michl amundson Take My Cum - Cena 4
  4. TDJ6


    watch me cum and than tell me what you think.
  5. musclemicro

    Videos of Muscular Guys Cumming in Locker Rooms

    Wondered if anyone else had videos of muscular guys jerking and cumming in gym locker rooms or showers. This one by stan_alone4 is nice: Jerking off in the gym shower and cumming over my underwear – Stan_alone4 – Gay for Fans Hope I'm not the only one who has this fantasy of walking in to the...
  6. C

    MajorPectoralis OF Videos

    Can someone please send me videos and pics from MajorPectoralis's OF? Thanks
  7. A

    Photos & Videos aurevoir_178

    He is one of the hottest guys on Twitter imo. His body and cock are perfect, and judging by his Twitter banner he looks like he might be handsome too. Plus his edging videos are just amazing, he leaks so much cum. I'm surprised nobody else has made a thread on him yet, he's hot as hell.
  8. B

    ID this video? Amateur BJ in car

    Wondering if anyone could help identify the original video of this gif? I have seen the full video in the past (within the year) but can't seem to find it anywhere. I also recall the guy getting blown with another video or two with others. Thank you in advance!
  9. Marco Tony

    Frank Galasso Hot Italian Muscle Daddy

    Do you have anything on this sexy italian muscle daddy? Maybe theres nude pictures of him. He looks like he have a big cock. He is gay.
  10. K

    Can anyone ID this guy please

  11. L

    Help me find him!

    I found these on google, does anyone know what movie/show this is and who the actor is?
  12. B

    Everything Cum

    Leave your stories about anything cum related, precum related etc. Do you like to add cum as a secret ingredient to your cup of coffee? Do you like cum used as icing on cakes? Let know. What is it you like about cum? Do you love it on your face? Or do you save some for a treat later? Share...
  13. D

    Who is this cocky guy?

    Does anyone know who is the guy from the video here? https://www.erome.com/a/njV3eAe7
  14. blueballssoretip

    Photos & Videos Manly facials

    Just images and videos of macho (straight or straight-looking guys) covered in cum, simple as that. A good example: abeardedboy
  15. MCR_Boy

    Photos & Videos Used Underwear (Pics and Trade)

    Anyone else just love buying some used stinking socks or cum stained pants from hot lads? if you prefer to watch other lads buy your used gear and get off on them sniffing them, this is the place for you. Feel free to leave your pictures, videos, stories or maybe even see if anyone is...
  16. 8

    Pasadena Circle Jerk

    Looking for a dozen men to cum on my face. Looking for big cummers, I want to get blasted. Date TBD, I plan to rent a hotel for a night just to have this dream of mine come true. Also down to meet up in a public sauna or steam room and have everybody cum on me.
  17. D


    Hey guys, my boyfriend and I are on Onlyfans and Twitter at @Whorlandocplxxx and we’re doing 50% off til Wednesday when we post 24 min of oral, bareback, and facials
  18. U

    lbriskii / Lil Briskii - basketball player

    basketball player who likes to jerk off in public pornhub: Lil Briskii's Porn Videos | Pornhub twitter: https://twitter.com/lbriskii instagram: https://instagram.com/iamzaccp
  19. Ringstretch

    Cum Omelete

    Which would be the best way to make a cum omelet ? Do I put eggs in a bowl then add my cum and whisk before cooking or add my cum to the eggs once in the pan. Also thinking of adding to melted chocolate
  20. 1


    Help my video get millions of views, share the link to my video with everyone and everywhere
  21. soopersuckr

    Biggest Ever 11" BBC @ NYC Gloryhole

    Gloryhole in NYC for Hung 8"+ kik: soopersuckr email: soopersuckr@outlook.com Soopersuckr - Profile page - XVIDEOS.COM
  22. Britgymlad

    New Orleans Meets 9-13 April

    Fit masc white bi guy. Into gym/ sport. Bi Up for hanging naked, wank, edge with fit guys No anal Be similar. 7 day load in my balls! Visiting. FQ Hotel
  23. F

    Photo Cum on hands

    I’d love to see any pics you have of cum on men’s hands. Makes me want to lick it up.
  24. Leghunter

    When bodybuilders cum!

    Str8 or gay, let’s see some cumshots from muscle-bound bodybuilders. Let’s fucken go!
  25. O

    HELP identify this guy jerking off in a car

    Can someone help me identify this guy? Thanks a lot!
  26. Onion42

    Fat White Dick for Big Black Cocks

    Where are all the big, thick, long and strong, rock hard, beautiful black cocks? Nothing gets my fat dick harder than seeing long ebony dicks with big strong heads and massive sacks shooting thick loads or girthy black slabs of cock pounding the mouths of little white girls. Hit me up and make...
  27. A

    Cum addict! Can you post me your cum?

    Living in the Uk. Always fancy gurgling and drinking cum but have no where to be able to obtain a good amount of cum. Anyone would like to help me out and post me your cum ? ;)
  28. gayass

    help finding this man

    I've been looking for this video for months, could anyone help me identify the man featured in it or the full video if possible?
  29. C

    Trans guy orgasms

    What are people’s fave trans guy orgasm scenes?
  30. J

    Edging and big cumshots

    hi , guys...i want to try long edging and see the results on my cum ... what's your experience about it?