1. I

    Latino Shooters

    As we all know, Latino men are super hot but something that i’ve realized is that a lot of them are shooters! especially on places like chaturbate, models often hit their face or the wall behind them effortlessly and it’s so fucking hot. this thread is to share any vids of latinos shooting...
  2. MWUS7x6

    Spit or Swallow

    Do you spit or swallow?
  3. J

    Top who is sucking the bottom etc.

    Anyone has/have videos where the top is sucking the bottom? Would also like to see when the top swallows the bottom’s load… I.E GAY SEX SLAVE 0194 -
  4. P


    Obsessed with this daddy cammer. Page 1 - burneuk CamGirlFinder › models › burneuk
  5. B

    Please ID

    Came across a video a while back but found it again. Can someone please help ID??
  6. Itsinthetrees

    Hi, verbal top ;)

  7. P

    Have hyperspermia, curious about the experience of others who also have it

    As the title says, I've always known that I cum an unusually large amount, but did not know this was an actual condition until I took a preemptive fertility test. (And so have proof and certainly not faking. Results being 5.5mL in the form of 11-15 ropes) I know the condition gets sexualized...
  8. C

    Eating a guy's cum out of my wife's pussy

    My wife and I had been in the lifestyle for some years when she ended up in a relationship with another guy. This was with my knowledge and consent. The three of us had done one MFM three way together but they mostly played alone. He was a married guy who would come to town about once a month...
  9. L

    Anyone remember “Bouncycock?”

    Video called bouncy or mrbouncycock where he shakes and it oozes and shoots sperm at the camera? And he makes silly faces? Anyone remember him or know where I can get more of him?
  10. ayman92elasfar

    Ayman taking his first deepthroat the first time at home enjoy

  11. F

    Spider men

  12. A

    Nick Tylar New

    Does anyone have anything of him cumming ?
  13. Y

    Photos & Videos Who is this thick cock hunk?

    Do any of you guys know who this hottie is? He's got such a perfect cock and body, and he's very cute too
  14. 2

    Identify this OF Creator

    [Delete this post please]
  15. J

    Video Hottest Fleshlight Videos

    Drop below some of the hottest Fleshlight videos down below you found
  16. Marco Tony

    Photo Gay Porn Magazines

    Some of you possibly have gay porn magazines. Here is all about gay porn magazines from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. You can share the covers of your magazines and some of the pictures inside these gay porn magazines. Show us what you got.
  17. PissDrinker_03

    Rewards for sending me dirty stuff

    Send me videos of yourselves, cumming, edging, pissing, talking dirty to me or doing whatever you want to and if i like it, maybe you'll get a custom video of me doing what you've asked me to :blush::blush::imp:. Ps: Hairy cocks gets a big a bonus, and showing face too, but...
  18. SendMeUrNude

    My First Time Jerking Off With Another Guy

    I've always been turned on by the ideas of jerking off with another guy. Don't know when the idea entered my head, but once it did, it never left. Now that I finally moved out, I thought what the hell, might as well try living out my fantasy. For my 27 years of life, I've never even seen a guy...
  19. B

    Post your dick in public

    Post your hot dick here somewhere public
  20. thickuc2024

    Links Found that trucker sucker guy who seduces DL/str8 guys in bathrooms

    You know that popular video of the bathroom "troll" who tries to suck every guy who walks in the trucker stop bathroom? The one that sucked that BEAUTIFUL guy after heavy convincing? I thought it was just a one-off video but he has a Just for Fans! and there are so many. Maybe not as hot as...
  21. Loons

    Video Clips Of Men Cumming

  22. B

    Videos of the bottom facing the camera

    More porn where the camera is facing the bottom like this. Hot as fuck.
  23. FrankTO

    Cum on boots and other places

    I discovered those kinds of pics get my imagination going, so here's a new thread.
  24. an_expose

    Video An_Expose

    Just got verified, wanted to show off a little bit of what I have to offer. Check my about for lots more.
  25. R

    Can someone Id this hot dude?

    Cum for me 15
  26. 1

    Photo Classic Cock

    I wanted to share some pictures of rock hard cock that have brought my life some amount of joy. As they say, "a hard cock is good to find." This first guy is listed as Blackheart29 on Motherless. His dick drives me absolutely crazy. I just can't take it. I could suck it, fuck it, and milk it...
  27. F

    Photo ID hot guy jerking off

    Please help ID this guy, or know of any other videos of him? I watch this one often, but I'd love to know if there's more of him out there.
  28. R

    Favorite Areas to cum on Women?

    Hello all, Wondering if any buds have a preference when it comes to where you cum. If available, I love giving creampies, but covering titties with my cum is also great.
  29. alexrico3

    Model Joxxnbr_ / Topbr / Pedroch4t

  30. P

    Does anyone know who the owner of this BBC is

    Trying to findout who's this bbc is... Huge load & moan -