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  1. UncutLizard1998

    How do you piss-cum?

    So found a pretty interesting guy on Xvideos: Chengli0709 - Profile page - XVIDEOS.COM From what I see, he basically cums piss, with a huge force. How do you do that? Best example: It's pretty fucking hot, and would love to give my partners a experience like that =P
  2. S

    Can someone identity this man

    Found this video a while back and couldn't find it again. Who is he? Is there a fill video. Literally willing to pay
  3. TexaStud

    Video Jacking off to BigNavy’s video

    Check out BigNavy on this site, he makes me so horny, I busted a load at work as soon as I saw this video, enjoy ;)
  4. R

    When u jo, where do u cum

    When you jerk off at home, where do you usually cum? And how do you clean up, if at all?
  5. TexaStud

    Video Cum stain on stall wall

    I noticed on the stall’s wall that someone had shot a load, didn’t clean up so it was dried up, I immediately got turned on, I had to imagine the guy who jerked off and I came as well, left mine on the floor and a bit on the wall to mark ;)
  6. S

    Can a top be a 'cumslut'?

    I've known several (what I would call) cumsluts in my life. For clarity, a cumslut is someone who just loves cum and wants as many loads as he/she can get. I've never encountered a top who would fit that description, either in person or online. Is this strong desire for cum more of a...
  7. M

    Hyperspermia CT

    I am new to this so I have no idea how this works but I was wondering if there was a guy in the Connecticut area/mass border who has hyperspermia. Always wanted to see how much i could swallow
  8. G

    Exfeed Code

    Hi everyone, I'm asking again for your help, I recently stumbled upon a clip of a fucking hot japanese getting facial. I need a link or a code where I can watch the rest of the video. Heres the twitter link where i found this clip...
  9. T

    big cock guy

    does anybody know who he is ik he was involved in politics but i forgot his name
  10. S

    Guys Eating Their Own Cum

    Thread to post videos of guys eating their own cum. Mostly solo vids of guys jerking off then cleaning up their own mess.
  11. M

    Bathed in cum scene (anyone knows who it is)

    tattooed twinks massive cum load scene
  12. L

    anyone know this video?

    does anyone know who these people are or have the full vid? :)
  13. A

    Anyone ID this Hot cam boy?

    found this vid on GBT. Was wondering if anyone knew his name and if he's on chaturbate?
  14. stealthmens

    Photos & Videos Anthony Rodgers - Flirtforfree

    Anthony Rogers: Video Profile Page - Adult Videos, Sex Chat Anthony Rogers: Cam Hunk From Chaturbate / Flirt4Free https://www.welovenudes.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/anthony-rogers-xxx-flirt4free-webcam-video.mp4
  15. J

    Locker Room

    Does anyone have any videos of men in public locker rooms? Post content below.
  16. P

    Amount of cum for an orgasm

    Honestly wondering how much people ejaculate on an everyday basis? It’s hard to describe without an actual representation, but Ive watch guys have 11+ ropes and think damn that’s a lotttttt of cum. Guess it depends on a lot of factors, and not as if everyone has taken a measuring cup to their...
  17. B

    Video Looking For Videos - RaxClub Videos - Blake Hoffman, Brandon Cardoso & MaceVIP

    Anyone have videos from Blake Hoffman, Brandon Cardoso & MaceVIP ? 1. I am looking for the video (and other videos of MaceVIP) where MaceVIP jerksoff along with Chris O`Dey www.coomer.party/onlyfans/user/raxclub/post/408375531 2. I`m looking for this video (and other videos of Blake) where...
  18. T

    Cum Mirrors

    Anyone else get turned on by cummy mirror selfies? Share if you have any!
  19. AverageGayGuy92

    Riding my dildo [OF]

    Wanna see me riding this dildo until I cum? Join in on the fun with this link, and get a 7 day trial for free: OnlyFans If you refer me to a friend by clicking the share button on my profile, you'll get a free month for every one of your friends that subscribes!
  20. hungnative

    Las Vegas: looking 4 bbc/bwc on a regular basis to suck and drain!

    Love big cocks :P what can I say lol. just looking for some cool discreet down to earth guys to get together with on a regular basis to suck and drain, slow and long is awesome to work up a nice huge load or two :) 420 and poppers are cool you can party most likely I won't but not set in stone ...
  21. geofinn

    Made to Eat Own Cum

    Post videos where the guy eats or ideally is made to eat his own cum. NO SOLO videos.
  22. B

    Video Please help me find this video!

    I once watched a short clip (less than a minute) of one guy bent right back on a bed with his knees next to his head and a guy on top of him who was drinking cum out of a condom and spitting it into the bottoms mouth. And they repeated this a few times - it was super hot and sweaty! I think...
  23. P

    Eating cum

    Just wondering what other guys experience is with eating cum? I've been curious to try it lately but loose interests when when I cum.
  24. P

    Eating cum

    Hey guys, I've been interested in cum lately. I get the urge to try it untill I'm close or finish cumming. Just wondering about your experience?
  25. I


    I used to subscribe to this guy 2 years ago before he deactivated his account. His OF username is @filipinorod. I believe he is based in Canada. he had a lot of selfie cumshots and he has this tight ripped body. I wish I bought his videos back then if I knew it was going to get deactivated right...
  26. L

    Photos & Videos Does anybody Know who this is?

    Does anyone know this guys name? Here is a link to the video which this screenshot was taken thisvid.com/videos/gooner-blows-load-and-loses-mind/
  27. T

    Who is this mega-cummer?

    His videos are old and I've never been able to get a name on him. He's an edger who posted genuine, massive cumshots.
  28. BertGriffiths

    Bert Griffiths blowing a big load

  29. MintyFresh69

    My Big Dick Twitter

    Hi, just looking for some advice on my Twitter. I’m looking to make it grow but I can’t seem to gain followers or get more than 6-9 likes on any post. I feel like my cock is nicer and bigger than many I see getting hundreds or thousands of likes… just looking to see if there’s anything you...