1. RickyChayanne

    Video Full Video Cumdump corey hudsonn?

    anyone has the full version of this cumdump video? looks hot as fuck I love a muscle bottom who enjoyes getting fucked by literally everyone
  2. M

    Photo Jockmusclebutt/Jmusclebutt

    I followed this dude a while back on Twitter so I decide to check out his instagram page, while on his instagram page he posted a pic of himself naked in the pool. I went to the comment section to read the comments. Reading through the comments I saw a comment from an NFL player by the name...
  3. LilPoundcake454

    Photos & Videos Your favorite whores in porn?

    Who are some of your favorite guys in porn who REALLY enjoy what they do, take all the cocks like champs, not afraid to get down and dirty and still hungry for MORE?
  4. M


    Do you guys know anything on him ? He host gangbang parties in NY and sleeps with cumdumps so who is he ?
  5. I

    UK creators like SexxAddiction

    Looking for JFF or similar. Anon, cumdump etc with real amateur British guys. Sexxaddiction is arguably one of the best creators out there for this content, but I need more of it!
  6. mrthiccbk

    Looking for dick in NYC

    Bottom in Bushwick. Looking for hung tops. Can host. Have a car and willing to travel too
  7. barehole4use


    After a long time, i was surprised to see an email from the host from the cumdump parties on Friday evening asking me if i was willing to be a cumdump for anonymous men again to be fucked & filled up with cum NSA & masked. I was asked to give my reply within 24 hours or asap, i was thinking...
  8. P


    He's hot and has a pretty cool editing style/niche (the vintage porn stuff) He seems really slutty if his tweets are anything to go by, talks about getting fucked and being a cumdump a lot There was a few vids of him getting fucked but he's deleted them, never seen him do a collab with another...
  9. barehole4use

    Builders Cumdump

    After my last story of special request it was a while before i was invited again to be used as a cumdump bttm for anonymous men to fuck, with the holiday period finally coming to an end, i received a new invitation with new ground rules to keep it exciting for me & providing much needed relief...
  10. J

    Looking for more videos of the bottom.

    Trying to find more videos of the bottom but he is also vers. I know he went by @versfucker on Twitter. The last video is of him topping but that’s all I can find; he had a ton of hot videos that seem to have been deleted...
  11. barehole4use

    In the park at night

    If you are in the park at night & you see a bttm face down ass up, do you walk past him or do you fuck him ?
  12. barehole4use

    Being compared to a fleshlight

    Okay maybe this is a weird question, but i've had this now a few times & it's making me seriously thinking what are these Top men feeling. I get fucked quite a lot but sometimes, not super often but it's happened now to me around 4-5 times that the Top men after fucking me tell me, that my hole...
  13. A

    What's your deepest sexual fantasy?

    What's that one fantasy that might never come true, but you can dream? My biggest fantasy is getting tied up in nothing but a jockstrap and a blindfold in the mens bathroom at the super bowl stadium. I'd want to be tied up at the start of the game and not be given a choice to get untied until...
  14. barehole4use

    On Special Request

    On Special Request : i received an email on Sunday morning from the man that invites me to his anonymous cumdump parties, here are the details > This is only if i can make free time for Sunday afternoon to be used by Spanish visitors in there hotel room, the details are similar to my private...
  15. barehole4use


    Sunday afternoon i was invited again for a select private bareback party, i got the invitation on the previous Friday & had 24 hours to respond, i gave my answer within 1 hour, that i will arrive on time as requested. The details were pretty much the same as last time, to arrive at the...
  16. D

    Looking in Michigan and surrounding area

    Hi 34 m gay bottom looking for NSA tops or FWB situation. I am Latino uncut total bottom. I am into Ws, Ff, group play, gangbangs, bathhouses, public sex, camming, ass play, toys, leather gear, sports gear, singlets, panties, raw sex. I don’t have a type I just prefer we are sexually compatible...
  17. 24hrsubguy4use

    Door Open Safe Cumdump NW6 London UK For Anonymous Straight, Married, Bi, Bi Curious Very Discrete

  18. T

    Cum dump session in Soho

    Looking at hosting a cumdump session in Soho and looking for men to fill me up. Hmu or reply if interested Xx. All interactions will stay anonymous, let’s see how flooded we can get my tight boy pvssy
  19. TsNITRA

    Breeding .... what say you.....

    My friend and I came to a unfinished discussion about breeding and what if you're on a med aka "prep" would that still be under as being bred or just taking loads he says its breeding still because there's no other definition of it which I strongly disagree so I decided to bring the conversation...
  20. I

    UK cumdump/anon creator

    Are there any more content creators that produce UK anonymous or cumdump videos? I know of sexaddictionbb, who is probably the best out there and has loads of hot straight guys. But are there similar users to him?
  21. dilfhuntr

    Photos & Videos Pump and Dump Hook Up Vids...

    Not quite anon but definitely not romance. Let's share vids of all those fun quick and dirty hook ups. Doublelist, craigslist, sniffies, and grindr fucks...
  22. cocacolafat

    The Last video Corey Hudsonn Cumdump

    Corey recorded in Atlanta 56 loads Cumdump session Who shares the video? Corey Hudsonn Cumdump
  23. Ayaxpose

    Asian Wife/Nude Model from California

    Asian wife and aspiring nude model new to the site but looking to shoot photo and videos with groups of huge cocks for adult content. Contact if interested in using me for a cocksleeve
  24. AtticusHuynh

    Unplanned Thanksgiving Cumdump

    The downside of going a small liberal arts school in a rural town in Midwest as an Asian gay is the constant feeling of horniness due to the lack of hot, available gay guys who are not racist or creepy. So this week, when I was visiting some friends who go to a big public school in a bigger...
  25. F

    Kentucky cocksucker looking to service

    I'm a 61yo cocksucker in BGKY and looking for guys that need service to completion. No strings, nothing wanted in return. Just your cock in my mouth and cum in my belly. Absolute discretion. Usually can't host but can travel and am fine with providing restroom and/or car head. Prefer...
  26. 1

    videos where everyone cums in bottom mouth and butt

    Hi y'all, looking for videos where the bottom gets used and tops come both in their mouth and butt. Anything to suggest?
  27. Topbreed

    Andrew Powers aka Andrew M.P. Darling

    Surprised that this cute and still fresh twink bussy doesn't have a thread. Remarkable the amount of dick he's taken and still looks fresh...!
  28. D

    Hello Lpsg From Vienna, Austria

    Hello guys! I am returning to LPSG after a long break. Looking to connect with guys and visitors in Vienna, Wien, Austria. I’m always happy to give you an excellent blowjob. Hit me up and let’s have fun! It’s great to be back!!
  29. guynmn

    Minneapolis At Your Service

    Hi, headed home to MSP and will be in a hotel March 17 to 21 instead of at family’s home. This means PLAYTIME, much needed too. I haven’t had my holes stretched by big cock in over a year. I’m tight and need to be filled. Ddf and fully covid vaccinated (healthcare worker here). Tweet me...
  30. D

    Brighton/sussex/london Gangbang?

    Now that lockdown has been lifted I want to celebrate with a gangbang .....I am an expert bottom and I need as many guys as possible to come and give me one .... Feeling really greedy for cock and cum and need to be sorted at both ends ... message me if you are interested in a gangbang marathon...