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  1. 1

    videos where everyone cums in bottom mouth and butt

    Hi y'all, looking for videos where the bottom gets used and tops come both in their mouth and butt. Anything to suggest?
  2. Topbreed

    Andrew Powers aka Andrew M.P. Darling

    Surprised that this cute and still fresh twink bussy doesn't have a thread. Remarkable the amount of dick he's taken and still looks fresh...!
  3. D

    Hello Lpsg From Vienna, Austria

    Hello guys! I am returning to LPSG after a long break. Looking to connect with guys and visitors in Vienna, Wien, Austria. I’m always happy to give you an excellent blowjob. Hit me up and let’s have fun! It’s great to be back!!
  4. guynmn

    Minneapolis At Your Service

    Hi, headed home to MSP and will be in a hotel March 17 to 21 instead of at family’s home. This means PLAYTIME, much needed too. I haven’t had my holes stretched by big cock in over a year. I’m tight and need to be filled. Ddf and fully covid vaccinated (healthcare worker here). Tweet me...
  5. outdoorw6

    Brighton/sussex/london Gangbang?

    Now that lockdown has been lifted I want to celebrate with a gangbang .....I am an expert bottom and I need as many guys as possible to come and give me one .... Feeling really greedy for cock and cum and need to be sorted at both ends ... message me if you are interested in a gangbang marathon...
  6. C

    Hot, Masculine Models And Celebrities You Wish Were Total Cockloving Whores

    So in this thread I'd like to discuss hot, masculine guys you'd love to see fucked, bitched out, and turned into cumsluts. Personally, I'd love it if Dusty Lachowicz got his ass totally owned. I'd DESTROY that perfect, hairy cunt of his and dump a load in it after making him suck and slobber all...
  7. C

    Cuts By Safian On Instagram

    I cant deal with how hot this guy is. Only in my wildest dreams would he be gay but my God the things I would let him do to me. He could dom me all day every day and use my hole as his own personal cumdump.
  8. 3

    Scooop - Japanese Gay Bukkake

    Are you guys familiar with this? Saw only a few vids here and there. They're hot af. Japanese Bukkake 02
  9. aukeefe


    Found this free amateur video tube for men into PnP, Slamming, Cumdump breeding etc. Though I share it here with anyone into this niche. Free PnP Gay Porn, Chemsex Videos & Bareback High Fun Sex
  10. [No title]

    [No title]

  11. Watch this fag take a load lmao

    Watch this fag take a load lmao

    Fag sucks cock and takes cum
  12. MIAbbGuy

    Photo Where to blow?

  13. cumdumpldn

    Anon cumdump central london

    Thinking of doing a hotel session for fit hung guys to come blow there load in me anon, wana know if any guys on here would be up for it ;) Early september Would be tested and clean & on prep beforehand
  14. 1

    11.08-12.08 suckfest in london

    Hi guys! I'll be in London 11.08. until 12.08. and I am looking to suck lots of big cock. PM me if you want to use my throat. 1-1 or groups. I want to be used plentiful. Can't wait to feel you in my throat.