1. U

    Cumslut Suck Slave ready to serve you On-Demand

    Located in Texarkana, will travel up to 90 minutes to serve well qualified masters/mistresses. 43 bisexual male - vers, top, oral addict, oral Master, insatiable sexual needs, hypersexuality, endless sex drive, hung long and XXL thick. Loves sucking dick more than life itself. Won't stop...
  2. D

    Can a top be a 'cumslut'?

    I've known several (what I would call) cumsluts in my life. For clarity, a cumslut is someone who just loves cum and wants as many loads as he/she can get. I've never encountered a top who would fit that description, either in person or online. Is this strong desire for cum more of a...
  3. Gracious_living

    Hands free orgasm

    I took a sip of water. Catching my breath, I let some cool drops of water drip down my chest to my cock. Slowly bobbing with my every breathe, the swollen purple veins throbbed and flexed as the cold drips hit. I fix my pillows I'm kneeling on, and look back at my laptop behind me. On the...
  4. D

    post vids of yourself having sex!

    here's me getting my face fucked & fed a load of cum..
  5. R

    Who's got more info about this bloke (Australian)

    He's got several nicknames, James Staub, bigajxxx, gaffe William. I am sure that pics are old enough to be not so accurate bodywise. Golden Era (prob 80's) Following
  6. Gracious_living

    Gay smut encounters

    A place for my stories
  7. D

    100 LOADS OF CUM compilation - in my face, mouth, and down my throat!

    watch me take 100 loads of cum all over my face and in my mouth and down my throat...all in front of the camera!
  8. PervertedSon25

    Giving myself an accidentally self facial

    I accidentally gave myself a self facial, and kinda liked it.
  9. S

    Licking Cum Off A Cock After Blowjob Videos

    Hi, I'm looking for any video (amateur is better) of girls making a guy cum then cleaning off the mess! I love the concept but haven't been able to find any videos :(
  10. C

    Hi...i Am New Here.

    Hello. I'm a refugee from SF because SF is being shut down I hope you will like and enjoy my pics and vids. :blush: I believe that I will have as much fun and entertainment here as there. :D
  11. 3

    Thick Uncut Btm Sub International/australia

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