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  1. E

    Regular Fitness Mate

    Starting to get serious about working out, gaining some mass in the right places, and getting in better shape overall. Looking for other mates to regularly share progress updates and share fitness tips with. 5’10, and 167lbs. Hit me up here or private chat if interested! Pics are from last...
  2. Mannysos

    Black Straight/BiCurious/DL/ Married Guys Snapchat Group (Age:18-28)

    Wassup guys, creating a private Snapchat group for straight, bicurious, Dl, and married men. Preferably black athletic, fit, masculine men. Of age younger guys preferred. I am a straight guy with a gf but would like to explore the other side and trade nude photos as well as video cam other hot...
  3. T

    Chubby Chasers - Gay

    Hey! this is a safe place for chubby guys and their admirers/chasers! Open to any and all sexualities (Gay, Bi, Straight/curious). Feel free to post your snap username and a description of yourself/what you’re looking for!
  4. Dirtyboi1994

    Bros Before Hoes - a Snapchat group for Curious/Discreet Bros

    This is a safe place for straight/curious/discreet dudes to be dudes, talk about sex, porn, or just show off. If you’re looking to bro out then this is the place for you. You’ve been invited to Bros Before Hoes on Snapchat.
  5. H

    Meet up in London - can host

    Hi all, New in London and bi-curious looking for a meet up. 29 stocky and hairy rugby player - looking to blow/maybe more with someone 18-29. Love smooth fit guys (abs+) and can accom any time. Let me know your age/info if you’re interested. Cheers!
  6. seeing.green

    Anyone fantasized about their barber?

    I been going to my barber for about 3 months he's cute and love the southern accent. If we're being honest I want to give him head but how would I reel him in? I have his number of course but we only speak on when I'm coming for a cut.
  7. L

    Str8/married DL

    Straight/curious I guess bi guy here. Married to a woman for about 4 years. Her and I have a great sex life but she has no clue I have desires for other guys. I love discreetly checking guys out at the gym and I feel some do the same back. Not sure how to ever receive it though. 35 years old. I...
  8. L

    Straight guys being gay

    Can you share videos from straight guys who are doing „gay“ stuff (with friends) or who are trying it with a guy for the first time in this thread.
  9. C

    curious guy new here, looking to jerk off on snapchat

    Curious / straight 19 usa, looking for some chill guys to jerk off with on snapchat or possibly skype snap: csmith_1253
  10. R

    Looking for curious horny straight or bi BOYS to show off their hot stuff Snapchat

    Any young curious horny straight and bi boys who want to be "baited" and show me their everything? be at least fit btw :) not a requirement but... gays are welcomed too :) hmu on snap : realavineo2
  11. C

    Snap Group for Straight Curious College Bros

    Just a chill group for college aged guys to come together. Chat, jerk, compare, and just bro out. Comment you snap below if you’re 18-25 to be added to the group.
  12. L

    Discreet North Yorkshire

    Hello, just joined this site and hoping to meet bi/curious discreet males who enjoy a massage. I’m no expert but love massaging a guy. Drop me a message if this catches your attention..
  13. L

    Quiet discreet lad in North Yorkshire

    Hello, just joined this site and hoping to meet bi/curious discreet males who enjoy a massage. I’m no expert but love massaging a guy. Drop me a message if this catches your attention..
  14. T

    Straight guys: Would you let a girl eat your ass?

    Curious if straights guys are interested in getting their ass ate
  15. D

    Would you ever have sex with a gay friend?

    I got very close, a few times with my straight best friend. We have since parted ways, which is another story, entirely. But I have regretted not taking the opportunity in those instances where he heavily hinted at being mighy curious at having a roll in the hay with a trusted male friend. It...
  16. J

    21 M Cute Twink. Looking for hung bros to chat about anything.

    Hi, new member here! I want someone to talk about virtually anything. Hit me up if you're down. :) Snapchat: prolificshaman
  17. W

    Curious in a Bar

    I have a question, If in club/bar, when a guy, places his arms on your shoulders and whispers to you, "I want to pee so bad." do you think he is giving you the signal that he wants to make out in the restroom? Please answer
  18. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos Thug Butts

    Has anyone ever seen these on thisvid? I keep seeing them pop up but they're private. Basically a lot of these black guys like showing off their asses to the camera, spreading, fingering, etc.
  19. E

    First video/scene/photos that made you realize you were attracted to men

    I definitely remember a handful of scenes that were part of my sexually-fluid awakening---one in particular was from a 90s straight porn called "Nymph" that i probably downloaded on Limewire--particularly in the scene below at 2:42 when the dude is just walking naked, at 3:26 just seeing his...
  20. M

    Rubdown for straight guy

    looking to give straight guy a rubdown in Los Angeles, 32 year old here, prefer my age.
  21. H

    Any one want to chat / trade pics….

    Bi dude here horny and can’t sleep after a late night going away party… Work is going to suck….. let’s not think about that though….
  22. PandemicPornstar


    Yo, I go by PandemicPornstar, and I love sex. I love talking about it, watching it, having it. Sex is absolutely fantastic to me. I just recently lost 200 pounds, and now I love showing off my package. I'm straight, but it doesn't bother me that gay men will be looking at me nude, i want...
  23. D

    Wickr buds? St8/curious/gay/bi

    Looking to connect with buds to chat on wickr. Open to gay/straight/curious bros, dudes, dads, and lads
  24. D

    Snapchat group for straight/curious guys

    Looking to start a snapchat group for straight and curious guys, send some dick pics, jerk off, see where it goes my snap is csmith_1253 just add me and ask to join or drop your user below and I'll add
  25. J

    Real Cousins Jasonmystmiles

    Hey y’all, has anyone subscribed to these guys yet. They have a snap account and it looks so hot I wanna sub to their onlyfans but idk if it’ll be worth it. FYI, y’all should add their snap account
  26. J

    Ohio/indiana/kentucky/tennessee- Compare/jerk

    Hey 27 yo hung curious straight guy, wanting to meet up w another fit straight curious guy between18-32 to watch porn/compare/jerk each other. live in southern Ohio but would be willing to travel for the right guy. Hmu if this is you! I have absolutely no experience would prefer if you had...
  27. Notlikeskywalker

    Uk/england/west Midlands

    Hi, I'm 28, (mostly straight) from the west midlands (UK) Looking to meet a wank buddy locally or can be online if you're farther away. Eager for general mates too between sessions. Inbox is open, I'll tell you more there if you're interested.
  28. 1

    Reply If You’re Jerking Off Rn

    I am
  29. P

    Ethan Du (@ethaanduu)

    anyone got anything on him?
  30. sOmUCHuGH17

    Describe The Nude Above You In One Word

    I’ll go first