1. Jmdav34

    Curious: How often do you jerk off?

    Sitting here just thinking about how often you guys jerk off? I know for myself it is usually once a day but lately I have just been so turned on that's its been at least twice a day. I was edging earlier and had to stop to meet up with a bud for lunch. Now, I have returned and I keep leaking...
  2. J

    Snapchat group bros

    @Jackg3133 curious guy add em to join snap group Send asl and face
  3. J

    Snapchat jerk group - @Jackg3133

    Send ASL + face when adding to join the gc. Fit horny lads @Jackg3133
  4. A

    Married, Straight, Curious Looking

    I find this whole thing a bit perplexing. I am happily married, kids, and great sex. Yet I find myself looking for a bro like in college, where we could just hang, put my arm around them or vice versa, and it not be weird. If we happen to jerk off to porn together ok, but that’s not what I’m...
  5. L

    Do straight guy's mind gay men looking.

    Hello, I am 24 year's old and I wonder if straight guy's mind if another bro (most likely gay if they ask but who know's) ask's to compare or if they can look at your dick. If someone is curious or if you have a big dick and you see another guy staring. How would you react or do you just think...
  6. cool8802

    Straight Asian here looking for hang out in London

    I'm 29 yo, looking for someone like-minded to hang out naked and wank together with -- no sex or kissing I go to the gym, so my body build is bit more on the lean side, not super fit though. I also trim most of my body hair to keep it clean. I'm looking for someone similar in terms of interest...
  7. Rondele

    Snapchat group 21-40

    Hey everyone. Looking to start a group for gay, straight, or curious guys to stroke, cum and share vids. If you’re interested, drop your snap and I’ll create the group when there’s enough people.
  8. asianvirginboy

    Professional Gay/Str8 Curious Skype

    Anyone up for chatting on Skype? Love to chat with 20-50yo gay/str8 curious working professionals. Even if you’re married or have gf, I’m open if you are. Can chat/cam/jerk off together whenever we both have any free alone time. (Biggest turn on is if you jerk off in office or public spaces...
  9. G

    Curious 19yo snapchat

    Yo im curious looking for ppl to trade w on snap. Let me know where you added from upon request.
  10. AMGdallas

    Found it! Str8 Roommates Suck and Swallow - Full Vid

    I have been looking for the full video of this for years and finally found it! Does anyone have access to share it? Guaranteed you will not be disappointed and will be one of the hottest vids shared on LPSG. These guys are smoking hot and the chemistry between them is unmatched. Straight...
  11. HcPride

    Hi, 24 year old guy here ‍♂️

    Hey, looking to get some good conversations on here, so message me
  12. Breprah2000


  13. G

    Snap jerk group

    Hi, add me and send face/body to be added to a snapchat group. Im straight curious, horny. Snap : galls78
  14. 2

    Straight 25 Aussie

    Heyya. Straight (but kinda curious) 25 yo Aussie looking to chat to others in a similar situation. Got a gf and footy mates but they wouldn’t understand what I’m going through haha Any Aussies out there in the same boat?
  15. F

    If the Caravan’s a rockin…

    This is my first time writing anything like this so please forgive me, hopefully it turns out somewhat cohesive. This is a true story about an experience I had when I was 22 years old in a Caravan in the South of England. My best friend Katie and I spent almost every summer together from a...
  16. C

    Photos & Videos Ex-footballer Secret Onlyfans

    I found out my friend from college is building up a secret onlyfans. He used to play football and he’s so hot. He’s straight but he lowkey sent me some content after months of persistence. I think if he got some attention he’d probably post more. I wanna see his ass so bad. I haven’t taken the...
  17. T


    I would like to know what is considered "large"? I've considered myself average but everyone tells me I'm large. Just curious what y'all think is large.
  18. U

    Help me, curious straight

    Curious straight in a relationship 28year old. When I get super turned on I think about jerking off with guys, some of my kinks when I’m so turned on are tasting my cum and wearing my girls panties. Unfortunately I can never bring myself to do either. If you want to jerk off with me and help me...
  19. bigboaster

    How do you define bisexual and why do you use that label?

    It seems to be a spectrum of types" of bisexuals that post in this section but sometimes it does get confusing to see so many replies from guys who "don't like anything on a man except the cock". I find it odd to hear self-identified bisexuals describe their attractions this way. This strikes me...
  20. D

    Bromance / bonding Snapchat group chat (18 - 27)

    Hey everyone, 20 bi guy here. I'm looking to start a gc of (straight / curious, bi, gay) fit, good looking bros where we can bond, joke, fool around, talk dirty or just have fun. Just bros being bros. Hmu here or on Snapchat @mahdiii217, or leave your snaps below, so I can add you to the group
  21. thickcurious

    Hello! Curious guy here

    Hi. Lurked for a good while now and thought it was about time I opened an account. I've been very much straight all of my life but now I'm approaching middle-age and I find myself getting more and more attracted to the penis. Seeing the pictures of what you guys here are packing has been an...
  22. H

    Snapchat for Indian / Paki curious lads <40

    Join my Group on Snapchat
  23. 2

    Wank to Hailey Bieber

    Anybody keen to have a wank to Hailey Bieber with me, hit me up.
  24. O

    Wank buddy

    32 Aussie after a curious wank bud on the down low. Someone who can host discreetly around inner west Sydney.
  25. D

    Black American Bator

    Hey everyone my names Waylon, I’m from Florida and I looove to jerk, jerk with other dudes and watch dudes jerk. Also I’m 5’4 Drop your snaps
  26. M

    Why Do Some Guys Blame Others For Their Sexual Curiosity?

    If I had to have a label put on me, it would be closeted but curious. A few years ago, an ex-coworker and I were chatting on social media. He was like 19–20 at the time. I was older. But were legit close friends. We’d joke around about various things. But the gay subject was always off limits...
  27. 2

    Curious 25yo Aussie

    Hey. I’m 25 amd Aussie. I’m mostly straight, but I kinda get curious every once in a while. My mates would give me hell if I came out, so I thought id see if there are any other confused Aussies on here in the same boat. I’d love to chat about chicks ya find sexy, blokes ya find sexy haha, how...
  28. Ethan_2002

    Photo Let’s share :P I’ll go first.

    First post. Let’s trade pics. Share and rate!
  29. N

    Explain Your Curiousity

    As a (mostly) straight, but curious, guy I wanted to know the perspective of other similar guys. After hearing about a buddy of mine accidentally veering into the gay section of an adult site (at that time "Gay" was always beneath "Lesbian" on mobile sites, so accidentally clicking there is...
  30. G

    Looking to try new things - london

    Hi there Shy type trying to do my first mutual wank, dont mind showing off. Love watching family taboo, cuckhold etc. Would like to take this further