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  1. jw_kk_hw

    Masturbation joy!

    A thread dedicated to the joyous pleasure of masturbation, in all its forms. Coconut oil on hot, hard cock is exquisite.
  2. jack of all trades

    jack of all trades

  3. N

    Please help me identify

    Please, help me to identify this extreme beauty
  4. C

    Photo Rate my Cock

    Rate My Cock I want to know your honest opinion of my cock. The more descriptive the better! Posting a side angle and top view of the head for a full view.
  5. Topdickrater

    Rated 1-10

    Looking to be rated? Post a pic of what you got and I will rate you on length, girth and overall appearance. Let them out guys!
  6. H

    Siwakorn "SP Note" Plukjai

    I adore that he has a very huge body and suckable nips and also a small cock that I could humiliate by milking it raw. His tiny cut cock look so delicious and fun to play with. I wonder how much pain can I inflict on it?
  7. Boredathome08

    Links Made a twitter alt to show off on, follow me if you’d like! @noct_alt

    It’s too much fun to show off and the pandemic and climate collapse make it having a good time more important than ever. So I finally made an alt twitter to show off on @noct_alt No only fans, not looking to make money, just having a good time. Feel free to follow :) http://twitter.com/noct_alt
  8. fkanal

    Photos & Videos Cut vs. uncut (18+)

    Show us your cock cut and uncut. I’ll go first
  9. C

    Any Cut Guys With A Frenulum Still?

    Any fellow cut/circumcised guys still have a visible frenulum on their penis? Mine is quite visible so I was curious how common this was and who else had one. Does it provide you with more moveable skin? Share photos if you have some. The underside of my penis with visible frenulum
  10. ClearSky4

    How Do You Deal With Cirucmcision Grief?

    How do you deal with circumcision grief? By that I mean feelings of grief due to being a victim of circumcision (especially if you had no say in the matter). While not everyone who is circumcised experiences these feelings of grief, many circumcised men do because a part of their genitals was...
  11. QueerlyBeloved

    Photo Does Anybody Know Who This Is? I'm In Love.

    He is perfection.
  12. J

    Chris Montalvo - Tiktoker/influencer

    Hey hes a tiktoker and influencer, very hot and looks cut. anyone have anything on him, videos? he has a OnlyFans/OF - OnlyFans TikTok https://www.instagram.com/chrissmontalvo/?hl=en TikTok
  13. C

    Your Mates Seeing Your Newly Cut Dick For The First Time

    We all like to get naked with our mates at the gym and know what each other is packing. How did your mates respond the first time they saw your cock after you got cut?
  14. C

    Photo Who Has The Tightest Or Most Extreme Circumcision On Lpsg?

    Who has the tightest, most extreme cut cock on LPSG?
  15. C

    Circumcised British Men

    Post your circumcised British meat!
  16. Freshlycutluxembourg

    Hi From Luxembourg

    Hey all I‘m gay, i‘m 42 from Luxembourg I consider myself as circumsexual open for nice chats and meet new friends
  17. D

    My Adult Circumcision Journey

    Last week I got circumcised. I visited the doctor last year about my tight foreskin. He thought it was thrush and give me thrush cream. It did not work so I visited a different doctor as they previous did not examine my penis. He just looked at it. The new doctor tried to pull back my foreskin...
  18. ChuChiPapi

    Cut Hispanic/latino Guys Appreciation Thread

    I didn't see a thread with this theme so I thought I would create it. :yum Hispanic Army Guy from Tumblr #1: 2012-2013ish
  19. M

    Photos & Videos Moritz Knoop

    Leute - Moritz fängt gerade an sich richtig cool zu entwickeln - lasst uns das feiern! ... und keinen Content verlieren ;) Twitter: @XboyX08318085 / XboyX (3K) / https://twitter.com/XboyX08318085 Insta: @m0ritz_knp2 / https://instagram.com/m0ritz_knp2
  20. O

    (identify) Arab Model With Onlyfans

    I’ve been trying to find this guy but can’t remember his name. I think he was Egyptian, very fit, there was a thread here which I can’t find and he has an OF account with many leaked photos and videos. From what I remember he has quite a lot followers on Insta. Can’t even show a picture but...
  21. J

    Photo Anyone Got More Pics Or Know Who This Is?

    He seems like he’d have a tumblr
  22. ChuChiPapi

    Ken Iii - Japanese/italian/american Performer

    Hi, so he is a SC model that performed a solo (maybe more?) back in 2012... well I can't find ANY of his stuff. SC even offered most of their videos to be downloaded a-la-cart for $4, but Ken III's videos are available. Everything about him has been wiped from the website. Does anyone have any...
  23. RioDalston

    Foreskin Status Within Families

    Just wondering if people know if their male relatives are cut/uncut like they are? For my example - I know that my brother and dad are uncut like me, but my uncle (dad’s brother) is cut. I’d love to be able to have an open conversation with him about the difference in sensation and use.
  24. ChuChiPapi

    Photos & Videos Brannon Rhodes - Straight Hispanic Porn Star

    This is all I have of him. Unfortunately his stuff is kinda hard to find. If anyone has anymore please let me know. ❤
  25. R

    Photos & Videos Best Looking Cocks

    Who do y'all think has some of the most attractive looking penises? l'll start: Luan Mastro Danny D/Matt Hughes Barrett Long Felix Jones
  26. H

    Fatih Edis (turkish Hunk)

    Hey guys, do someone here know Fatih Edis? (@fatihedis on Instagram). He has also have a twin. He seems to have a big dick does anyone have more?
  27. C

    British Men And Circumcision

    Hey guys, Just wondering what other British guys' position is on circumcision. How old are you? Are you circumcised? If yes: When did you get circumcised? Why did you get circumcised? If you were given the chance, would you get circumcised?
  28. 0

    Photo Hung Stud

    Can someone please identify him?
  29. 0

    Photo Home Depot Guy

    Who is this young guy? All that I know is that he has a connection to Home Depot. Are there any additional photos or videos of him?
  30. ChuChiPapi

    Does Anyone Recognize These Guys From Tumblr?

    These are some random pictures of guys I have saved from Tumblr over the past 8 or so years and was wondering if anyone could help me identify any of them. I have no clue if they're just random one offs or if they do cams or anything, I just have the pics and videos, so most of these are...