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  1. mec_horny

    Photo @l_eel_em Lee Lem Tiktok and IG fitness influencer

    i find he’s very attractive and i really like his personality online (funny, goofy) and he’s hot as hell
  2. F

    Fredderz (ComboF)

    Has anyone got anything on him? OF: OnlyFans Insta: https://instagram.com/fredd_erz?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  3. S

    Photo I have an ugly penis

    Dark scar from being circumcized
  4. C

    Show off your soft and hard cut cock

    Show off your soft and hard circumcised cock here.
  5. S


    https://stripchat.com/loader_hand He's new to stripchat and looking to start an only fans and his wife is trying to convince him to bottom for a guy and I just adore him and would love some videos of it and other things posted here he also said he'd use a dildo tonight but my livestreams never...
  6. L

    Hung Guys Cum Question

    Question for the hung guys out there have been curious for a while! Does it take you guys longer to cum since you have a bigger dick or there’s several factors that come into play? What I mean by factors such as having ED since you’re bigger (might be a misconception but correct me if I’m...
  7. ChuChiPapi

    Whatever happened to Scottish Twink Willow Scott aka x3 aka PrinceWillows from Tumblr?

    He apparently was famous on Tumblr, but I didn't know about him till after he "retired" like in 2016. Anyway, I figure we might as well share some pictures. Please share if you have more. Hopefully someone can find some videos.
  8. ChuChiPapi

    Identify this Hispanic nude model?

    Anyone know who this guy is? I can only find these few pictures online, and on totally different blogs/tumbex/etc. Pictures are at least 7 years old.
  9. S

    Looking for hung and cut. Have me over to provide intense pleasure to you.

    Looking for one hung guy to abuse me with his cock balls and cum. No anal sorry.
  10. H

    In London 29th April - Older Younger gay couple looking for twink

    We are a long term older/younger couple who are looking for a hot twink to join us for some fun. We have a thing for cut lads too so that would be a bonus. Older more btm, younger more top. Twink can be top/btm/vers... all good. If anyone knows of any decent rent then that's cool too Hit us up
  11. J

    Able Heart (Singer, Tiktoker, Model)

    I’m fcking crazy bout this dude… you can find him on IG: @ableheart Login • Instagram OF: @ableheartxo OnlyFans
  12. J

    Photos & Videos Guys from Jubilee and Nectar Youtube

    I can't be the only person who sees guys from all different people This channel for years has found all sorts of really hot guys and I suck at finding any adult content made by guys that have been on the Jubilee channel besides Tanner anyone have anything or have any of you been in a jubilee...
  13. R


    This MUSCLE TWINK is really hot and I've seen him on twitter a lot back then too but never knew his name. Wondering if anyone know who he is? I'm guessing maybe some reddit user idk. Is there a thread on him here?l
  14. R


    This MUSCLE TWINK is really hot and I've seen him on twitter a lot back then too but never knew his name. Wondering if anyone know who he is? I'm guessing maybe some reddit user idk. Is there a thread on him here?
  15. stanmarsh14

    My circumcision journey

    Well folks, tomorrow at 2.30pm (UTC +0), I'll be off to Meersbrook, Sheffield (UK), to get cut. Now I know there is quite some strong feelings towards pro / anti cut, however I've had over 10 years to think about this, and heard of all the arguments on both sides..... this thread is NOT here...
  16. S


    Making this to share highabe12 and Highabe121 pictures and videos. I’ve been such a fan of his since his tumblr days but when tumblr ended their nsfw content he left. He used to sell videos I bought some but I can’t remember my email cause I used a different one to buy his content. But there’s...
  17. U

    Cut or uncut

    So still another disputed topic. Asking to gay men, what you prefer/like/feel it’s better/more attractive? I always see disparate opinions. Let’s see
  18. T

    Photo Show your adult circumcision

    Really interested in seeing the results of anyone who was circumcised later in life. Tell us when you were cut and the country you're from.
  19. C

    Help IDing this video/porn studio? Nice guy's genuine 1st time

    Sorry to be one of THOSE guys but I'm absolutely obsessed with this straight guy being explored by (and rimmed and fucked) by a guy for the first time. I find the straight guy crazily endearing - especially the chat and him describing how each thing feels. I would be so grateful if anyone knew...
  20. M

    MERLIN Hamdorf noticemrln

    What do u think 'bout this German hottie ☺️ Wonderlink notice.mrln Insta https://www.instagram.com/notice.mrln Tiktok TikTok Old: TikTok OF OnlyFans TWITTER https://twitter.com/noticemrln this is the account he has w/ his bf Jakob Mandel: @ kokarain Wonderlink: jakobkissmerlin Twitter...
  21. C

    Best Looking Cut Cock Poll

    I saw a post here before where there were votes taken after looking at pictures. Who would want to start a poll where 5-10 cock pictures are shown and voted on?
  22. ChuChiPapi

    Athletic DJ that posed naked as Greek god in 2007 (Featured in a gay magazine) - Anyone know who he is?

    Anyone know who I could be talking about? In late 2006/early 2007 there was a DJ from America (possibly Canada) and he posed naked as an ancient Greek god… there article was featured in *some* gay magazine about him posing nude, but the picture was for some promotional event, somewhere in...
  23. M

    Martin King

    Martin King used to model for All American Guys and also Temptation of Eve (as Lucifer Morgan), that's where I first saw him like years ago. He's currently working in sales so I think the model/porn career is dead and gone. Anyway, I've been trying to find the videos he's done for those sites...
  24. Fromhe

    Fraag Malas

    Hey! I am wondering if someone have any photo of Fraag Malas on Instagram? I have been looking for something but did not find a thing. His username is @officialfraag. :)
  25. D

    Let's settle this, cut or uncut? from an aesthetic point.

    Which option do u think is more aesthetically pleasing? Cut or uncut
  26. jw_kk_hw

    Masturbation joy!

    A thread dedicated to the joyous pleasure of masturbation, in all its forms. Coconut oil on hot, hard cock is exquisite.
  27. jack of all trades

    jack of all trades

  28. N

    Please help me identify

    Please, help me to identify this extreme beauty
  29. C

    Photo Rate my Cock

    Rate My Cock I want to know your honest opinion of my cock. The more descriptive the better! Posting a side angle and top view of the head for a full view.
  30. Topdickrater

    Rated 1-10

    Looking to be rated? Post a pic of what you got and I will rate you on length, girth and overall appearance. Let them out guys!