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    Photo Hot cyclists

    Does anyone like cyclists? I watch Tour de France just because of them. Here are some photos, not only from Tour.
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    Bakari Williams (apple fitness+)

    I can't believe he doesn't have a thread yet
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    Pro cyclist

    Jasper Philipsen - Alpecin-Deceuninck - 2022 - Instagram
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    Id Him Please

    It’s a long shot but anyone an idea who he is ?
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    London Hung Jock - Hello!

    Hey, New member here from London. I'm 26, bi, masc, non-scene, sporty (gym, cycling, swimming - big lycra fan). Just posted my first album - check out my pics! Looking for other local fit hung guys, guys who like to worship hung, or guys who are into lycra/cyclists.
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    I’ve been using Zwift and it’s various functions for the last couple of months and achieved some decent weight loss. I’ve been doing a weights workout program as well so developing some muscle. Anyone else out there Zwifting? The only downside for me is the set up costs. Fortunately my gym has...
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    Cycling and shrinkage

    I’ve been biking for years and really enjoy it. I have a road bike and also take spin classes from time to time without any issue. This morning as I got on my bike my cock started to shrivel up for some reason. I’m cut but this felt like a turtle going into its shell and being covered up. I...