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dad son

  1. daddysboy53

    Howdy y'all

    New here, still trying to figure it all out. Could use some guidance from an older man :)
  2. U

    Dad Son Fun Skype Group

    Looking to put together a skype dad son group Looking for both dads and sons Im 42 and would like to talk to other dads about sons/ Hopefully organise some group cam wanks with dads and sons. If interested message me with the word dad or son and I will add u my skype username is undiesguy2
  3. LBezz19

    Hung Dads Or Thick Veiny Cocks For Skype With Younger. 28/m

    Looking for a Hung or thick cocked dad type to Skype ;) love Veins on a big cock ;)
  4. N

    Black Dad Son Scenes

    we see a lot of dad-son scenes between non-black dads and sons, but not that many of black ones. anyone got any nice black dad son scenes? preferably those with some sort of plot
  5. B

    Links Boydestroyer Porn

    Hey gys, so a few years ago on tumblr there used to be this guy called boydestroyer who had some really hot vids like this: also this post. He had a very big tattoo of Santa cruz across his chest. Anyway does anyone know what happened to him or where i could find more of his vids, this is the...
  6. 6

    Hello I'm New

    Hi im 25, Vers, new here.. just trying to get used to the forum. i'd like to talk with people with fetishes like mine.. i love hairy pubes, bushy penises, underwears, lycra, sweatspants, bulges, big saggy balls and hang low cocks, freeballing, i love hairy guys but also smooth. i love old...
  7. southlander

    Sussex Uk. Meet At Your Place?

    Looking to connect with guys in the West/East Sussex area for hanging out and hanging them out. Older guys (45+) with sizeable assets to the front the digital queue ;)
  8. southlander

    New Group: Uk Lads, Uk Dads

    I created a group for UK guys looking to establish connections with an older/younger dynamic. Especially keen to get some new 'members', so if you're packing a hefty daddy dick that needs some attention or you've got a thirst for one, here's your corner: UK Lads, UK Dads | LPSG
  9. trackjock13

    Cmnm For Older Bro's And Dads Buddies

    I have told a couple of these stories in the past, but newer members could not find them and asked me to repeat. Our dad had me and my 2 yr older bro when he was a teen himself. He was, and is, very buff and an athletic jock type into showing off his body but he was very concerned about the AIDS...