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  1. T

    Christmas Break With Dad

    THIS STORY CONSISTS OF DAD/SON CONTENT! If you’re not comfortable, please don’t read it! CHAPTER ONE: CUMMING HOME I never imagined that at the age of twenty one I’d be saying that one of the best intimate experiences I’ve had would be with my own father. It still feels weird to admit it even...
  2. T

    Hey lads!

    Hey, I’m Jay from the U.K., just on here to meet some like minded dudes. I’m 21, I like older men, nice chats, new mates! Hope to speak to some guys soon ❤️
  3. A

    Looking for 45+ bi men for skype

    I'm a 26yo bi men interested in chatting and getting naked on Skype with older bisexual men, leave your username and I'll add you
  4. iacky

    Love for Daddies

    Hi ❤️ Is there anyone who, like me, loves daddies? I find them very charming and hot. Is there any Italian Daddy? ❤️
  5. T

    Real Dads With Real Bodies and Chunky Dicks

    I find straight dads and straight married guys with dad bods or who are chubbier extremely hot, especially when they have heavy/chunky dicks. I don’t mean huge porn dicks, I just enjoy seeing dads with thick and realistic dicks. I’d love to see some more of those on here, especially videos...
  6. AboSarieli

    Photo Full frontal nude pictures of uncircumcised men over 40

    This thread is for discussion about and for sharing of full frontal nude pictures of uncircumcised men in their 40s and older, regardless of their sexual orientation. Mature men in all their glory! Please make sure the man's face is visible in every picture you post and that you respect the...
  7. M

    Photos & Videos rogergoncalvesbr

    Hi does someone have his onlyfans? rogergoncalvesbr
  8. Charolais12

    Big bro or dad for chat

    23 m hairy bro here looking for a dad or big bro to chat with. Can message me on Kik (colder902), snap (dbp_12) or here.
  9. H

    Anyone know who this hot daddy is?

    Anyone know this hot verbal dad that goes on cam and has a big dick and nice ass? I think he does chaturbate and some other cam sites but I’m not sure where else. I find him really fucking hot so if anyone knows who he is, let me know!
  10. thathungtwink

    Straight men, how would you feel about having a gay friend who wants to worship you and follow all your sexual and non sexual commands?

    I often find myself wanting to go above and beyond to cater to strong straight men around me, whether or not it’s reciprocated. Especially for the alpha males and dads.
  11. N

    Help me find this porn please

    I stumble upon this video on Xvideos, it was on the related videos section, it looks so hot but when I click on it it say that the video in on hold, the title is: horny latino papi pounds married white dad. If anyone has it downloaded or has a link for it I would really appreciate it.
  12. J

    ID this DILF (probably porn star)

    Can you ID this too? The guy in white appeared in a video of shoplyfter as dad. (he had no sex scene) The guy in black appeared in brazzer If I remember it right, he was the husband and his wife and his friend cheated on him according to the story (he had no sex scene)
  13. P

    Billy Perry - Facebook/Football

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone has anything on Billy Perry. You can see his videos on Facebook and from some of his posts he played some type of Semi-Pro? Football. Here are a few pictures. He’s on the left.
  14. Scottishc0ck

    Cheshire Dad (Onlyfans)

    Very sexy man with an underrated onlyfans. OnlyFans
  15. iacky

    Slutty son looking for a Daddy

    Hi ❤️ I’m an Italian slutty son looking for a Daddy. I adore roleplay. I have a hairless body, a big cock and a tight, round ass. ❤️
  16. xsatoshix

    Son looking for a dad

    I'm a Brazilian teacher and student who's looking for a dad to chat and roleplaying, maybe. Would love to chat, trade experiences and fantasies. Anyone who's up, feel free to PM me so we can exchange contact info.
  17. V

    Anybody knows this sexy dads name?

    Help with name pls
  18. I


    I don’t know if he’s already been identified but I always see this guy around. Does anybody know who he is? Sexy Daddy Pounds A Fleshlight
  19. I


    I don’t know if he’s already been identified but I always see this guy around. Does anybody know who he is? Sexy Daddy Pounds A Fleshlight
  20. S

    Spanishdoc - Juan from Mallorca & Madrid

    Any nudes to share about Juan / Spanishdoc from Madrid and Mallorca? Very hot spanish dad…
  21. M

    24Y old Fit twink look for Muscle dad and big cocks

    24 y old Twink Looking for Skype Fun with Big cock dad or muscle SKYPE : Mokriqt_pld Send pictures
  22. D

    Any Hung Los Angeles +45 Fit Dads?

    Coupled for mutual and local open minded sexy hang outs.
  23. love4D

    Video ID these hot hung daddies

    any info on these hot daddies??? they are so fucking hottttt
  24. ItsMeGabriel

    Sexy, muscular (bulging) Dutch Instagram Hunk

    Another favourite of mine. I present to you @the_quiet_conqueror He's a Dutch man living in Miami. I love watching him workout in his underwear and commando. He has an incredible ass and his bulge is most impressive! The way it bounces and jiggles while he exercises and walks towards his camera...
  25. D

    Any Bi Dads want to chat with a curious son?

    hey! 20 year old curious boy looking to chat with an older guy.
  26. Coastwatch1993

    Show off exhibitionist step dad found out!

    This is my exhibitionist step dad, he loves to show off online and I found that he actually posts quite a bit. Nobody else in the family knows his secret! I find him incredibly sexy, and now that I have seen what's underneath his gym shorts, I have no problem calling him dad. Let me know what...
  27. S

    Dads And Their Boys

  28. V

    Skype Missed Connection: Are you a married dad and vet who I used to skype with a lot?

    Hey I'm looking for a guy I believe I met on here years ago who was married, a dad, and a vet; we used to skype all the time (and for a long time when we did) and it was hot as fuck and then I got rid of my skype account and forgot to keep his username. i'm late 20s, skinny white guy, decent...
  29. NicHalliwell

    Have you ever watched a porn movie with your old man?

    Several years ago, my old man surprised me while I was watching a porn movie on the PC. I was tremendously embarrassed and thought I was going to get a lecture but it didn't. In fact, he joined me in watching the film, also starting a conversation about our sexual tastes.
  30. A

    Claiton Rosa (claitonrj)

    One of my favorites on IG. He has an OF too.