1. I

    Can anyone ID this scene and models?

    I found it on Twitter a long time ago and it consists of a dilf topping a twink
  2. S

    Photos & Videos fitnessgrandpaken

    anyone have any content of him? his vids with his family are funny but HIM…? that’s another story to talk about.
  3. S

    Photos & Videos Can someone ID this hot muscle black dad?

    Anyone know his name or any social accounts? He's hot :heart_eyes:
  4. A

    Fit/muscle daddies (bottoms)

    Looking for muscle/ fit daddies & older men (bottom) porn
  5. BriefsNStraps

    Dads underwear

    I’m extremely aroused by wearing, sniffing and taking pics in my Dads worn briefs/undies & im Looking for other guys in to the same , and why it turns you on so much. Never grew out of it. Dm me. Skype avail.
  6. J

    Are there any older/younger perv video chat group around?

    26 and would like to connect with some older guy to explore some fantasy fun
  7. A

    Rob Fabiano

    Does anyone have anything about this wonderful single Dad? His TikTok - @thefab53 His Insta - fabigains53
  8. H

    Going back to the fucked in Belgium

    So to start this story, let me give you some context. I was born in Belgium but lived almost all my life in the south of Italy. During my childhood my parents got divorces, so my father went back to Belgium, my sister got married to a Swedish guy she met on the beach and they moved back to...
  9. G

    Photos & Videos Help me id this handsome daddy

    Clip 2Clip 1Hai everyone, please help me to ID this handsome daddy, i found 2 clips of him on xhamster,but i think from that video, he have a live stream such as chaturbate, cam4, etc. I want watch more of him and watch him live
  10. H18

    Guys in their 30s

    Would any guys aged 30+ like to show off what they’ve got
  11. T

    Anybody know this hot daddy?

  12. Y


    I dont have many kinks, I just want to make my hypnosis roleplay. It's little soft, but you can be the str8 friend/ the cop/ the military/ the teacher or any other hot stuff and when I will say "trance" you will turn into my dirty slut. DM if interested.
  13. A

    Dilf Bottoms

    Post picture, vids and scenes of dilf bottoms. Specifically, hairy, older, or beefy dad-bod bottoms.
  14. Y

    Dad and son/couples/roommates - mind control/hypnosis roleplay

    So, I would need 2 people that live in the same room or can get to each other's house. They can be a couple, roommates, or some dad and son dinamic, uncle and nephew. I would explain you further what's in my mind. We would talk about I will start making unconventional sugestions to you two and...
  15. N


    Just think he’s really hot and underrated. He is a complete DILF, plus it’s a real treat that he wears tight bathing suits and some pretty revealing stuff from time to time
  16. S

    Photos & Videos Fit_male_21 handsome dad from Valencia

    Let’s share nudes of this superb spanish hunk
  17. D

    Pics and vids of texdad35

    Texdad35 is the hottest cam daddy ever. Does anyone know what happened to him? He hasn't cammed in years. Looking for any pics of videos of him. He was on chaturbate.
  18. M

    Jordan Watson (How to Dad)

    he a daddy (he's the one that did release baby in the wild vid)
  19. Y

    Looking for subs in a hypno roleplay

    Conditions : show face, be dedicated, I like older +30 and hairy. Snap : ayeshamalik9020
  20. H

    Chav / British dads

    A place for pics / vids of British dads / chav dads
  21. P


    Anyone have any info on this IG dad?
  22. H

    British truckers / lorry drivers

    Anyone got anything on real British truckers there doesn’t seem to be much if anytging out there. Here’s 2 from tiktok
  23. H

    Mark hart

    Hi anything on the TikTok’s Mille harts husband?
  24. S

    Alex beary

  25. F

    Who is this muscle daddy

    Help who is this guy? According to pimeyes he might do porn.
  26. Jmatt19910

    Found Pic of Dads Dick

    I was snooping through my dads iPad and i ended up finding a pic of his dick that he sent my mom. Made me so horny seeing it. Anyone wanna chat? SC maybe? Hit me up
  27. G

    Poketuber Dylan Hayes (UniterGamer/UnitedHayze)

    He is a Really Hot/Cute Poketuber. streaming on youtube and releasing videos. Often does collabs espacially with GBL. He alsohad a stream with lots of hot moments in it shirtless but i cant seem to find it. He is married and has a child so i doubt there would be any leaks or nudes. But still hot...
  28. J

    Whidbey Island Bull

    Do you have content about this sexy male?
  29. L

    Photos & Videos Arsen Tech Review / Arsen

    This man who does tech reviews, he's so handsome! Such a daddy! Let's give him more attention
  30. P

    I’m planning a bukkake.

    Hello all. I’m straight but I have been planning to give a live strip show and end it by receiving a bukkake. It will be in London on 9 Sep. I need a few more volunteers to take aim. Contact me on Skype if you’re interested. or look for Exposed Pete.