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  1. Yimvmligv

    Men with no reaction while being sucked

  2. C

    Daddies by Eze on Onlyfans

    Hey does anyone by any chance happen to have the content of this onlyfans page ? Goes by the name Daddiesbyeze and it features some smoking hot daddies. They also have a twitter page as @daddiesbyeze1 with a following of 55k. Would help if someone can provide links for their full content if...
  3. Marco Tony

    Hot Younger Gay Daddies

    Here is all about younger gay daddies in their 30s and 40s. They can be hairy or shaved. Muscular or leaner. As long as they are gay and in their 30s and 40s. Theres already threads with older daddies. This thread focus on younger daddies. You can share hot younger daddies here.
  4. Azland

    Daddies/big bros

    Hey, Looking for daddies/big Bro types. 33, M, US uncut here. Looking to trade pics, videos, casual fun. Not really into VC SC: azlands
  5. L

    Mike Buffalari (SmokingHunks)

    does anyone have or know where i can watch these videos of the Smoking Hunks with Mike Buffalari? (other than on the studio's website because I'm broke). I would be grateful
  6. H

    Photos & Videos Need help finding video

    Hello , i found across this video of daddies having orgies. Can anyone tell me the full vid and if theres more orgies on tape ?
  7. S

    25yo looking to chat with older men

    Somewhat new to this site. Looking to chat with older men and see where things go. :)
  8. toet

    hunks/daddies in drag

    hi, i created this thread to see if you people got some photos of daddies or hunk men in drag, with skirts and all of that, so if you have some photos, feel free to share them!!
  9. N

    Roger swift

    Does anybody have any nudes of the gorgeous daddy roger swift on ig?
  10. iacky

    Love for Daddies

    Hi ❤️ Is there anyone who, like me, loves daddies? I find them very charming and hot. Is there any Italian Daddy? ❤️
  11. iacky

    Slutty son looking for a Daddy

    Hi ❤️ I’m an Italian slutty son looking for a Daddy. I adore roleplay. I have a hairless body, a big cock and a tight, round ass. ❤️
  12. H

    Need help identifying this daddy!

    Anyone know this guys name or @?
  13. thebussyinvader

    UK Celebs on Twitter or in LPSG DMs?

    This American boy loves Englishmen.... My English celebrity crushes: 1. Prince William 2. Tom Holland 3. Zayn Malik 4. Olly Alexander (from Years & Years) 5. The characters of Otis & Adam on the TV show "Sex Education" (on Netflix) 6. Sometimes, I fancy Cillian (from Peaky Blinders) 7. Young...
  14. W


    Anyone have anything on this sexy Instagram daddy? @evan_the_greek1978 I’m patiently waiting for his OF/JFF to drop — his posts seem like he’s on the brink of having one. Wondering if there’s an alt account or something.
  15. E

    Photos & Videos Ozphotography onlyfans pics and videos

    Does anyone have more pics of this bear couple
  16. R

    Photo Fernando Henrique Horn, brazilian boatman daddy

    This post is about the brazilian boatman and Boat Builder Fernando Henrique Torn, I don't know if someone here knows this daddy. He's a very sexy older guy, with at last (I presume) fifty years, that has profiles at Facebook and Instagram, and a YouTube page, where he speaks about your love for...
  17. H

    Photos & Videos Daddies & DILFS

    A thread to post and appreciate sexy 40+ year old men.
  18. love4D

    Video ID these hot hung daddies

    any info on these hot daddies??? they are so fucking hottttt
  19. D

    Gay Men Looking for a Daddy-Son Relationship

    For awhile now, I've wanted to create a forum for gay men, who consider themselves to be a daddy or son type, or would be curious about them, and want to engage with like-minded gay men. Although with daddy-son relationships, there's usually an immediate, sexually dominant-submissive context to...
  20. T


    British grandad fucks Chavs. Whatever happened to him?

    Where is the representation for black "Daddies" in porn etc?

    I decided to interrogate a subject that a friend presented to me in discussion. The lack of representation for black "daddies" in porn and on adult content websites. Where are they? Why don't they exist the way white and non-black "daddies" exist? If you aren't familiar with the term, I'll try...
  22. M

    Ever see any famous men naked?

    I’ve always been interested in famous daddies and seeing them naked. I’d love to hear stories of people who’ve seen any in person, weather it was at a urinal or in a locker room changing. Don’t hold back any details! If you have any pics feel free to share too. im more interested in older guys...
  23. bleepyh

    Photo Help Id Please

  24. cockwitch

    Soft Daddies

    For as long as I can remember I’ve had a special craving for what I like to call “Soft Daddies”. These are the type of men that are shaped like winnie the pooh, tuck their t-shirts into their khakis and have cell phone holsters clipped to their belts. In my experience these men are usually...
  25. B

    Tommy Jon (lv_swolldaddy)

    Does anyone have any of his content? Especially with Gym Zaddy
  26. B


    Does anyone have some of his onlyfans content?
  27. S

    Spartanbeard - Tiktok/of

    The greatness that is a bearded god that's hot AF and a Spartan level cock to match.
  28. H

    Someone Knowing His Name?

    Already somebody know the Name of this Daddy? He's actually only appeared in a Amateur Video called "Masturbate At The Nude Beach" or "Masturbating At The Nude Beach" ( Uploaded in some porn sites with this name ) , one of my favourite Videos , he makes me horny as hell . Is he an a Male Porn...
  29. D


    Do you have a “thing” -preference for “daddies” ? sure they have “ dad bodies”, maybe a few extra pounds. If you do like them and have been with them.., nice. Would you mind sharing your experience (s) with a daddy?
  30. 1

    Seeking Older Hung White Dom For Raceplay Fun (london Area)

    29yo 5'9, Str8ish mixed-race, cute athletic hung lad looking to service and be dominated by older hung white men. Str8's, married and bi men welcomed discretion assured. I get turned on by verbal racial abuse while I deepthroat your powerful white cock. Can travel or accom (London UK) Get...