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daddy and boy

  1. S

    Are there any old guys who wants to chat with a young one?

    I was wondering if there are any up for a chat. That might lead to something!
  2. J

    Son in need of a daddy to skype

    Hey guys, I am new here... 23yo from Brazil, with a fiance bur want to jump the fence. I need a daddy to skype! I am a very obedient son. You don't have to show face. Add me on Skype: live:.cid.e27a7cdf763a9e43
  3. T

    Video REAL dad and son porn?

    I’ve seen a couple threads on LOSG where people post those extremely fake videos calling them “dad and son.” Those videos do nothing for me because they aren’t really dad and son and instead of being focused on the dad/son part, they focus on age, which I find gross and creepy. Do any of you...
  4. D

    Looking for fit online dad

    Fit and young here. Been looking for someone for a while who is 50+, in shape, enjoys their anonymity but would like to connect with someone younger over what sort of stuff they like to jerk to, or what turns them on. Would love to occasionally jerk and just have a fun time. I know it might be...
  5. 20yearoldboy

    Any Bi Dads want to chat with a curious son?

    hey! 20 year old curious boy looking to chat with an older guy.
  6. G

    The Story of of How I lost my virginity to a Daddy.

    After reading all the hot stories here thought I could share mine too. I am a non-native English speaker so please excuse any mistakes. This is the story of how I lost my virginity unplanned years ago. To give a little bit of background about myself. This happened when I was 22 years old and...
  7. Playful Bottom

    Gay Men Looking for a Daddy-Son Relationship

    For awhile now, I've wanted to create a forum for gay men, who consider themselves to be a daddy or son type, or would be curious about them, and want to engage with like-minded gay men. Although with daddy-son relationships, there's usually an immediate, sexually dominant-submissive context to...
  8. levineevita

    Asian Pinoy boy looking for daddy

    Hi I'm Mitch and I'm really attracted to naughty daddies. Please visit me in Manila and let's fuck. I'd gladly tour u and I don't need payment just your mouth and ass daddy mmmmmm
  9. A

    Video Been looking for this gay porn video. Pls help

    Guys! Anyone knows this video. Saw it on Twitter that was posted last 2018. The caption said "Asian Daddy fucks virgin twink" but cant find it. Pls helppp
  10. Daddydasdu

    Video Found this sexy ass video

    This got me so hard
  11. A

    Links Looking for this Gay porn Video. Daddy and a twink

    Guys do you happen to know this video, been looking for it but can't find. Saw it on Twitter last 2018 but never found the video
  12. LBezz19

    Any Older Thick Cocked Guys

    Looking for older guys with thick or beer can like cocks. Send me a message ;) would love to chat.
  13. D

    I Need To Feed Your Mouth, Daddy

    I am an Italian young man (under 30) looking for a gentle, submissive daddy (including foreigner ones). It would be better if he has a little dick (<10cm) but not "active". I hope you understand what I mean... My dream is to dominate him in some ways-like a puppy for example- and make of his...
  14. M

    Help Id This Scene / Actors

    Untitled: Image
  15. Badunkbadonk

    The Ambitious Hobo, Part 1 Of 3

    Riding the rails was no life for a beauty like Fred Talmadge. His face was too pretty to be covered in all that soot. Riding from Dallas to St. Louis, he shared a boxcar with a thick hunk of meat named Idaho Jones. Idaho felt protective of the pretty boy with nowhere else to go. Hobos don’t get...
  16. H

    Daddy/scene Id?

    Anyone know who the daddy is in this? And where to find this scene/scenes? Unfortunately it was from one of those popup ad things so I have no info on this lol. looks like it couldve been a men.com?
  17. U

    Dad Son Fun Skype Group

    Looking to put together a skype dad son group Looking for both dads and sons Im 42 and would like to talk to other dads about sons/ Hopefully organise some group cam wanks with dads and sons. If interested message me with the word dad or son and I will add u my skype username is undiesguy2
  18. LBezz19

    Hung Dads Or Thick Veiny Cocks For Skype With Younger. 28/m

    Looking for a Hung or thick cocked dad type to Skype ;) love Veins on a big cock ;)
  19. T

    Photos & Videos Please Help Find This Gay Porn Video

    This video I would have to say isn't that old, I think it was on Pornhub prior to them deleting a majority of their content but I'm not 100% sure. It was a young guy probably 20s, he was pale skinny and tall with short hair that was wavy. He was bottoming to a guy that was much older (40s,50s)...
  20. 8

    Christian James: Cute, Slim Body & Huge Cock.

    Christian was 19 years old when he did a somewhat awkward audition for the gay casting site where he seemed oblivious to how huge his cock was or how much power it could give him. That was a number of years ago so I wonder if he now uses it to his advantage? Other than a follow-up scene to the...
  21. 8

    Christian James... Skinny Twink / Huge Cock... What Became Of Him?

    He did a somewhat awkward audition for the gay casting site where he seemed oblivious to how huge his cock was or how much power it could give him. That was a number of years ago so I wonder if he now uses it to his advantage? Other than a follow-up scene to the audition, I'm not sure he ever...
  22. monsterman15

    Who Is This Hung Mature Daddy With Twink

    What an amazing girthy cock! I must see more of it. Any clues who the daddy is?
  23. dakijiji

    Skinny Guys 4 Fit Guys C2c On Skype

    I'm making this thread for skinny dudes like me who loves a fit/stronger/bigger man and vice versa! May the big and small spoons connect, lol! If you want to add me -> live:dakijiji
  24. 6

    Sugar Baby

    Young Italian sugar baby here, ready to cherish a daddy, contact me if interested
  25. M

    Video Daddy Bottoms

    Does anybody find any other videos starring this bottom daddy?
  26. 2

    Twink/jock For Dads/grandads

    23 uk looking for older dads/grandads who like to play with younger on cam. Prefer dad bod/chub. Add me on skype: live:.cid.218b2df7c0ca6906
  27. PretenderNX01

    Dealing With An Idea Of A Relationship That Didn't Happen?

    I guess I just want to write out my feelings and am not really look for advice, my issue is it isn't a real breakup since we were never really dating but I did message him a lot on Snapchat and sometimes Gridr late into the night. So I kinda feel like it was maybe a something that could have...
  28. curiousfireman

    Daddy To Daddy Chat

    Real married daddy here with 2 sons looking for other daddies to chat with, I am amazed at all the son's on here looking for daddies, but it would be cool to find other dads to talk with about fantasies and real encounters. Snapchat james36264 or skype curiousfireman
  29. TheEasyA

    Video Beautiful Video

    I found this video tonight that really peeked my interest. Usually I like the rough stuff (throat grabbing and whatnot) but this video was so sensual, especially the first two scenes. I thought I’d share it with you guys. Doctors Weekend Cabin Trip With His boyz
  30. W

    Muscledczech At Yt

    I want to know where can i find more of this man. I saw the video