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  1. I

    Italian Men

    Anyone got any hot Italian pics or vids? I haven’t found a thread for it already so might as well start one
  2. B

    Trae Young

    I’m surprised that he’s doesn’t have a thread yet
  3. D

    NO LIMITS PHONE chat with younger guy

    anyone looking for an attractive, 26 year old bi white guy to chat with/stroke with/cam with via phone, I'm your guy. No limits here... just looking to have a fun, no limit conversation with likeminded individuals :) Please hit me up! I am looking for the next several hours... :)
  4. D

    Can you identify this video? The big guy?

    Can someone identify this man and the origin of this video. I would love to see a full length version and would like to know the name of the big guy.
  5. H

    Need help identifying this daddy!

    Anyone know this guys name or @?
  6. M

    IG @ram4386 (Ryan McGowan)

    Just discovered this guy on IG and he’s so hot, I’d love to see his dick or if someone has seen it what was it like
  7. J

    Nick Urankar

    Absolute DILF. Surprised this man does not have a thread already. Doubt there is anything. He is fine AF.
  8. O

    ID This Hot Daddy Please

    Please does anyone know the name of this hot daddy? I've been searching for a while but cannot find any information :laughing: dilf on cam Dilf On Cam
  9. vans 2808

    Sky Myles(@skymylesnyc)

  10. N

    breaking my celibacy without breaking my hole

    i’ve been celibate for about 3 years now & i tried to open up for a well endowed str8 man. needless to say i didn’t tap out but managed to get myself raped lol. what tips & tricks would you larger men suggest on training a hole quickly/opening up a hole? str8 men: below is my hole & what i’d...
  11. R


    This guy makes me so horny. Somebody please have some nudes of his. Ig: m.f.alencar
  12. Gasser

    Marmok - Marin Mocanu

    Moldovan Russian - speaking letsplayer, he's such a Daddy https://www.youtube.com/c/MrMarmok/about - YouTube channel Login • Instagram - Instagram
  13. S

    ID this daddy

    Can anyone ID either of these daddies (different men)? Or at least share some other photos of theirs :)
  14. B

    Indonesia Looking for daddy's here

    hello LPSG any daddy here in indonesia ? im 26 yo asian guy here looking for daddies! Hit me up!
  15. D

    ID of this guy????

    Does someone know the ID/profile of this man????
  16. xxxasianricebaby

    23 Asian From Asia (5'4", Bottom, Virgin) -- Call Me Baby

    Hi! As the title says, I'm 23 years old, Asian, 5'4", a bottom, and a virgin. Please call me Baby! I would love to have a cyber connection (long-term maybe?). I've realized I'm attracted to older men, preferably with a great cock and body HAHA. Married or not, and even those straight but...
  17. xxxasianricebaby

    Hi! 23 Asian from Asia (5'4", Bottom, Virgin) -- Call Me Baby

    Hi! Nice to meet everyone. As the title says, I'm 23 years old, Asian, 5'4", a bottom, and a virgin. Please call me Baby! I would love to meet everyone and possibly have a long-term cyber connection. I've realized I'm attracted to older men, preferably with a great cock and body HAHA. Married...
  18. R

    Ty Olsson

    I'm surprised there's no thread about Ty Olsson. He played Benny Lafitte on Supernatural and also played in the Slasher series. He's so hot.
  19. britnadian

    My Gay Redhead Viking

    My first sexual escapades began in Toronto. I used to live in an apartment that many will know as Vaseline towers. Yes men used to use Vaseline as lube. It was a prime spot of hooking up in the village and my second apartment in the city. It was here I started to use Grindr and quickly met a...
  20. N

    Links _therookiechris Hot Tatted Daddy lol

    How has this hottie not been put on here yet? lol Pictures posted with his permission of course ;) more to follow if the thread gets some interest OnlyFans https://twitter.com/therookiechris TikTok
  21. A

    Dwayne Kyng

    Hes a sexy youtuber and streamer. Anything on him? I bet he is hung ;) he is quite thicc so he definitely has a fat ass. Anyone got anything?
  22. M

    ID Hot Top Bear

    Follada - video 110 - ThisVid.com anybody knows who this top is? He’s really hot
  23. J

    Son in need of a daddy to skype

    Hey guys, I am new here... 23yo from Brazil, with a fiance bur want to jump the fence. I need a daddy to skype! I am a very obedient son. You don't have to show face. Add me on Skype: live:.cid.e27a7cdf763a9e43
  24. S


    Anyone else find Alex (Adonisdaddy63 on IG) extremely hot? He’s a 64 year old daddy that loves to show off his muscular physique. I bought a couple of things from his OF and just wanted to see if anyone else has anything else?
  25. GayGay21

    Video The Best Top

    This is a video someone shared with me and I wanted to share with you guys and I just LOVE IT. This top is perfect and I just want to get fucked by him SO MUCH, he’s just so powerful and has an amazing ass, andddddd shower fuck! Mhmmmm YES. PLEASE.
  26. XxShaunxX

    Captain Taylor Morgan

    If anyone has anything of him, please share haha. His instagram is Captain_Taylor_Morgan. He's so handsome/perfecttttt
  27. C

    Guysss, Help me find this daddy pls :)

  28. M

    Daddy feet

    Am I the only one that can barely find any videos where dads or older males (like 40+) get their feet worshiped/licked/played with? Or videos of daddies giving a foot job maybe? I never found one! Help me here, LPSG!
  29. Spindle

    Photos & Videos Nikol4ii - br4zeniko Onlyfans

    hey paladins of LPSG have you ever heard of Nikol4i, also knows as br4zeniko or simply as Nikolai Alexandre Dragunov? He's a hot russian american uncut muscle hottie that post regurky on his onlyfans. He does a lot of fan service and kinky dom stuff, and daddy content. He is gay as he uses a...
  30. A

    Help me find this porn

    I've been looking for straight video porn, the story goes like this: at first dad was taking a shower, and the daughter peeked, after the shower dad fell asleep wearing the towel, and the daughter came and opened the towel,and then they fuck. The color of house production logo is a little green...