1. gs2030

    Can someone help me identify him?

    Hi I’m trying to find this older guy, all I know is that he has an Onlyfans. I’ve tried to reverse image search but I can’t find him.
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Muscle Andros

    Does anyone have content of this handsome man?
  3. G

    Dxddeh Gxne @/daddehcool on X/Twitter

    Anyone have anything on this sexy daddy?
  4. benial06

    JeffMuscns - Perfect Muscle Dad

    He deserves his own thread. Twitter: JefferyRacz Bluesky: Raczamatazz 0F: JeffMuscns
  5. P


    Obsessed with this daddy cammer. Page 1 - burneuk CamGirlFinder › models › burneuk
  6. S

    Photo David McNamee

    Dave McNamee / David McNamee One of those random TikTok / Twiter guys... Hes quite cute, daddy vibes. Instagram: (Link) Twitter: (Link) TikTok: (Link)
  7. A

    Any free video from the fantastic Andy Casanova's website?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for Andy Casanova's films for free (Andy Casanova Official Website), in particular the film "LOLITA" - CANDY SCOTT (Andy Casanova Official Website) that you can see in the attachment. It features a fantastic daddy with big dick that does great performances. If you have it...
  8. J

    Mikey MIA / IG: Mikey_M.I.A

    I’m surprised this god doesn’t have one! He’s so hot, good thing he had a pretty face Cause the music he makes is ass lmao but I’m glad he’s doing something he loves I guess. Regardless of that, he’s such a hot papi.
  9. velvetcatcher

    looking for a master

    hey im a 19 yr old slave looking for a master that will control me throught the day on snapchat. my only requirement is to be +20 yr old. my snap is @theydybird add me
  10. J

    TikTok: 510m50

    His guys is so hot omg
  11. C

    Hot tiktok daddy Ronnie, reel.recovery, reel.daddy

    Hot young daddy on tiktok started an onlyfans, has anyone had a chance to subscribe? Willing to subscribe but not sure whether to bite the bullet of not, he's so hot!!! He goes on lives often everyday and is such a hottie! Does anyone have anything on him? How big is he? Any cum videos...
  12. A


    I am surprised that there is no thread for this gorgeous man
  13. D

    Help IDing this daddy top?

  14. J

    Photos & Videos MR BLIXX EROTIC iq_elam twitter

    Thread on this hot dad share anything you have on him in this thread
  15. I

    Juan Escamilla

    Anyone have any nudes on this hunk?
  16. D


    I know he likes to talk to his mutuals abt sexting and he looks like he could be pounded anywhere and everywhere too he also said that he likes daddies too. if any mutuals has his leaks please post them I beg!
  17. D

    Photos & Videos Txtechguy / Matt Reile

    Anything about txtechguy?
  18. M

    Dom Top Daddy wanted

    35 year old masc submissive bttm. Looking for an attractive, dom dad for video chat or phone bone. I enjoy being obedient for an assertive, verbal, older daddy type. Message me here, Telegram- @Jon_Deaux Skype- live:the_king2399
  19. I

    Photos & Videos Tyler Jarry

    This man is so hot! Anything on him?
  20. S

    Photos & Videos Florent CT

    Beautiful fitness daddy, I think he's French, I found him on ig and he's fucking sexy, does anyone have anything else on him?
  21. A

    Photo Tex Daw

    Found this super hot silver fox author on BlueSky who is a bit of exhibitionist. Who can blame him? Look at that suckable cock
  22. J

    Deanothebarber_ aka Dean Lauer

    He’s so hot. A true alpha
  23. J


    I need this alpha daddy down my throat asap
  24. solefulsoul

    Seniors and granddads, show off your older self

    Grandfathers are often looked upon by society as the wise head of the family, to be respected and loved, who is respectful and loving. Old men in communities are often looked upon lovingly with societal affection. But grandfathers and old men can also be horny bastards with their cocks who...
  25. T

    Reagan (Corbin Fisher)

    He’s so hot! I love him! This man is so sexy, he needed a thread!
  26. BlackWindow_

    Sebastien Jondeau

    Sebastien Jondeau, ancien garde du corps / assistant de Karl Lagerfeld Le hot daddy Instagram : @sebastienjondeau
  27. L

    ID for Lean, Hung Mustached Daddy?

    Anyone know who this is? I've only seen photos of him.
  28. D


    Anything from him? He's got an OF account.
  29. rarevector

    Please help identify/ this hot daddy

    can anyone help me identify who this hot hairy daddy is?? he looks like he might be in porn? can anyone id him or know his name :)