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  1. T

    Bathroom dancing Latino guy

    Does anybody remember there used to be a guy on tumblr that would be in a bathroom dancing to Spanish music and shaking his junk around in the shortest yellow (maybe other colors too) shorts… he was so sexy i wonder whatever happened to him… with the rise of Twitter and tik tok I thought for...
  2. 5

    Photos & Videos Strip Man John (Old YouTube Video)

    Anyone have any info on the guy stripping in this video? Strip Man John It's an old YouTube video (like maybe 14+ years ago) and he's quite hot but the recording is very dated and pixelated (his cock is barely visible because of that, but he's definitely naked in the video). The video...
  3. T

    Guy dancing to Beyonce's Dance For You

    Hey y'all So I'm not sure how many of you have come across this or if this will even be possible to retrieve but back in 2012 I had come across this video on Pornhub where a emo college guy around 23-25 years of age was dancing erotically and humping his table (where the webcam was placed) to...
  4. T

    Boys Grinding!

    Haven't found a thread of guys grinding eachother yet and I really love seeing it! I'll post a video as an example. Feel free to share what you got!
  5. U

    Raimondo Todaro - Italian Dancer

    Anything dirty from this beautiful Italian dancer? Login • Instagram
  6. Wino 'n Roses

    Speedo Gay Dancing At Pool

    This vid has made it's rounds on facebook of a drunk gay dancing in a speedo by the pool. Anyone know him or have dick pics? Video: Another vid of him dancing in clothes:
  7. C

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is????

  8. Sally Ann


    I may be in Las Vegas for a luxury travel convention in August. Any recommendations for nightclubs that two English blondes could maybe have some fun in? Preferably classy and definitely sexy.
  9. Canarioygor

    Video Guys shaking their asses and stuff, twerking and everything else.

    So, do you guys have some videos of guys twerking? I really enjoy them, like the Rocha Twins of that brazilian guy, Jazon Morais, who has some great moves with his ass. So, please, share some the videos you have regarding the title.