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  1. T

    Photo Game (Are you brave enough to spin the wheel?)

    The game is simple click here to spin the wheel and whatever it lands on you must take a picture and post it directly into this thread. You can play as often as you like or you could roll a die to see how many times you must roll. It's about 50% luck that you'll end up on a safe space so...
  2. R

    Snapchat Strip Dice Game

    I'm going to roll a dice. First roll determines how many rounds we play. Subsequent rolls determine how many items of clothing you take off. I could roll two 1's and just get your socks. Or I could roll a 6 on the first and get multiple chances to strip you bare. If you want to play leave...
  3. R

    Dared To Bare

    I love a dare or bet that involves nudity. Share a dare that you have performed, given or witnessed. When I was about 20 at a house party, a friend of mine dared me to drink an entire 1lt bottle of Jack Daniels. If I failed I'd have to spend the rest of the party fully naked but if I succeeded...
  4. 7


    Me and my BF love doing dares. If you have any good ones, send them our way!
  5. Matx

    Snapchat - Dares And Challenges

    Looking for some guys who likes to do dares on Snapchat; exhib, play, kinky, rough... Looking for guys who likes to push their limits and challenge each others! PM me!
  6. D

    Have To Pose Naked

    OMG, I have just lost a dare challenge and now have to pose naked (on webcam) for 5 people. Skype: ps35on or message me if you prefer another online site. I'm late 40's Australian, tall, smooth body. Can't believe I'm doing this
  7. N

    Kik - Dice Dare Game

    Dice Dare on KIK I will roll for each section and then you will complete the required step based on your roll, sending the photos to your master. Then you may move on to the next round. If you roll for a section and refuse to provide what is required of you, the master can freely distribute...
  8. Andrue

    This could be fun and/or hot: ask one question

    I dare, do you? One question, one chance, one honest answer. You can ask me ONE question. Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch, but I dare you to post this on your profile and see what people ask you... My dare is done! Now I dare you. Send that question...