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deep voice

  1. W

    Kit Wakefield - Hot Voice Actor

    Hey guys, any information regarding this guy? He is handsome and has such deep and sexy voice.
  2. J

    hxmz_ Face, Body, and Cock Perfection

    Anyone got anything on Humza? We aren't allowed to post his photos, but I've heard from several sources that he's got an insanely big cock. Around 9 inches when hard (9.2 when really stimulated), extremely girthy, dark brown, produces lots of precum, and is able to cum once really fast, but then...
  3. N

    Anyone know who this is?

    https://thisvid.com/embed/4654125 He mentions he has an onlyfans from this chaturbate recording, but I can't find a name. Its a bit hard to identify him given that he has no tattoos, but I'm hoping someone is familiar with the backdrop and his deep voice.
  4. spaj8987

    Attraction To Women With Deep Or Deeper Voices.

    Are you also attracted to women with deep voices. I watch the expanse a lot. Like a lot a lot. And every time Shohreh Aghdashloo is on screen and speaking i am mesmerized with attraction. She's also a very physically attractive woman too. So am i the only one pulled towards these kinds of women...
  5. C

    Sexy Women With Masculine Features

    thread celebrating females with characteristics typically associated with men. this can range from deep voice to broad shoulders, bulky muscular arms, "masculine" face etc. I find it super sexy when a woman has or displays manly or masculine traits manly face this can range from fitness models...
  6. S

    What Happened To Lance Alexander And Austin Merrick?

    These two gay pornstars seemed to have just VANISHED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Anybody know anything? Instagram, Facebook, twitter, real names, fan pages or anything?
  7. C

    White women & white ts with sexy deep manly voices

    40730731_327532754686251_3131541512962243426_n - Create, Discover and Share Awesome GIFs on Gfycat giulia https://gfycat.com/EverySpiritedAmericanlobster ferrante and this is general "white" not european white vs Mediterranean white, so italians, greeks etc are included
  8. L


    evening guys! Hope you’re all well. Mostly here for some horny sleazy fun whether this be on Skype, Gruveo, phonesex or in person. I love manly/blokey/laddy guys with a deep voice, cocky/confident attitude and either muscles or a big willy ;) age, race, sexual orientation are all good (I do...