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  1. N

    Video Looking for full video: Desi Kissing

    Hey guys... I am looking for the full version of this video. This clip I found on FB is just the kissing part, but the full video includes cock sucking and cum shot in the mouth. I saw it a few times years ago and it was so hot. However, for the life of me, I cannot find it again. Anyone...
  2. David Arons

    Sexy Munda

    There is this amazingly sexy indian guy (Devesh Narula) and he goes by Sexymunda on twitter, there's also his backup account, and then there's his Onlyfans. He is so damn hot and he has a lot of videos teasing the camera with music going on in the background, i've only seen a couple of his early...
  3. M

    Photos & Videos John Lajara

    longshot but is there anything on johnclajara? Has a pretty big tiktok following, main socials below: John Lajara (@johnclajara) TikTok | Watch John Lajara's Newest TikTok Videos https://www.instagram.com/johnclajara/?hl=en
  4. L

    Tusharr Kahnna- The Young Daddy

    Anyone know him or has anything that can be shared over here which we haven't seen it. PS* he is damn hot.
  5. P

    J-pan Joined

    Hello! Hope to see some Handsome Indian
  6. S

    Indian Onlyfans Accounts

    Over the course of the lockdown my horniness and the need to jack off was fulfilled by a lot of Onlyfans account and here is what I feel about them. Charan Bangaram : Though he is not your typical sexy guy he is a stud and he is a versatile and he is one of the few who has opened up the...
  7. Scouse_sean

    British Asian Appreciation Thread

    You just don’t see enough British Asian lads in porn or featured on the net so thought I’d set up an appreciation thread for great pics of them.
  8. P

    Bharat Singh Walia

    Anything on him?
  9. 18young

    Photo Mega Thread For Real Amateur Girls Photos!

    I already uploaded a few albums to my profile. I will share those in here too. I am trying to update this thread daily basic. You guys also can help me to keep this thread alive! Lets start with my albums :)
  10. U

    Vin Rana

    Just a page for VinRana stans and thirsty troupes. To start - here's my 4 biggest turn ons: 1. Vin Rana shirtless 2. Vin Rana admiring himself taking a selfie 3. Vin Rana grinning at how sexy he looks. 4. Piercings
  11. H

    Looking For Bengali Guys

    Like the titles states I’m looking to talk and meet some bengali dudes, preferably bi/gay but I don’t mind straight ones either. I’m bi looking to just talk about stuff in general or learn about their life experience, would be even down to jerk and trade nudes with each other. Hit me up for the...
  12. B

    Photos & Videos Any More Pictures Of This Man?

    Please add more content of this guy in the thread
  13. Y

    Rhys Athayde

    Chief Experience Officer & Founding Trainer of DogPound, elite gym in NYC. He's goregeous.
  14. 1

    Ayan Roy Chowdhury

    Anyone have anything on him? I believe he has an OnlyFans as well!
  15. L

    Photos & Videos Anyone Got Nudes Of Indian Celebrities?

    I do not know if anyone else has an indian fetish or it's just me, but if you do. POST AWAY!
  16. A

    Indian Escorts & Agents

    Anu idea about the avilable escorts and/or agents in India?
  17. A

    Males/ Couples Wanted In Seattle For Nude Photoshoot With Wife (after Covid)

    My wife and I are planning to do a nude gangbang style photoshoot. The idea is that we will make a video and photo compilation of me, along with 3-4 other guys will stripping and dominating her and then simulating a gangbang (think boundgangbang or hardcoregangbang). I would like to make it...
  18. 1

    Shailesh Khade

    Anyone have anything on this sexy hunk? Instagram
  19. DF1994

    Imrann Ahmad/mazahir (@mimmy_awesome25 & @mimmymotivates)

    It boggles my mind how no one knows about this beautiful man. Not an adult content kind of guy but with his workouts and fashion shoots, I don't think you need to ask for more. Go give the man a follow, he deserves to be noticed.
  20. H

    Photos & Videos Hung, Sexy Indian Ikd.7

    Anyone know what became of hung, sexy Indian exhibitionist ikd.7 from Instagram? His IG appears to be gone? What was kind of interesting about this guy is that he seemed to submit his most explicit Insta photos to other accounts -- primarily ones that 'curated' feeds of hot Indian guys...
  21. 7

    Any Indians / Desi About?

    Just wanting to know if there are any gay / Bisexual Indians about on LPSG? I don't see a lot of you joining LPSG. Post your usernames in this thread if you're here
  22. 3

    Ishaan Khattar

    Has anybody nudes?
  23. 3

    Rohit Saraf

    Has anybody nudes?
  24. 3

    Rohit Saraf

    Has anybody nudes?
  25. 3

    Varun Dhawan

    Has anybody nudes?
  26. 3

    Kartik Aaryan

    Anybody has nudes?
  27. 3

    Indian Celebs And Bollywood Stars

    Does any one have nudes?
  28. J

    Photos & Videos The Many Bulges Of The Gorgeous @shamszfit

    He caught my eye ever since he modeled for Nikos Clicks. Javed doesn’t seem to mind showing of his fit body and bulge with us and I love him for it! Javed Sayed (@shamszfit) • Instagram photos and videos
  29. B

    Photo Bangladeshi Exhibitionist Abid Ahsan

    So this thread is dedicated to hung Bangladeshi medical student, exhibitionist and gay activist Sirajum Munir Shopnil (Stage name: Abid Ahsan). Post what you have, guys. GO!
  30. L

    Big Skype Groups For Bi/gay Guys - Links In Description

    Two big gay/bi skype groups, join and find your guy :) Skype Skype Gay/bi group for guys that are into interracial, asian, black, arab, latino, desi...men of color and white guys that love them please join :) Skype