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  1. curiousguy69

    sup dudes

    what’s good y’all, 29 year old from cali. New to all this, not sure if I’m 100% into guys but I guess I’ll find out being on here. welcome to all contact, let’s have a good time.
  2. THATBOI01

    Mirror picture

    Didn't even take this to show anybody, just wanted to see how I am doing ;)
  3. THATBOI01

    18 M UK, hello

    Into chavs and masculine men. I'm bi myself. Love curly hair and buzzcuts. But I like anything really. Here's a few pics :)
  4. K


    Do y'all know who this guy is? I got it from Twitter long time ago and forgot to rename it. I'm asking cuz maybe he's the straight guy who have onlyfans that I'm looking for lol. Please help me.
  5. S

    Calvin Kleins/feet/tasks for sale

    I’m straight and 21 looking to earn money for selling my worn boxer shorts - can cum/piss/ whatever for money sugar daddy wanted or anyone interested hmu on here or add Snapchat: username.1973
  6. S


    Does anyone has any of his videos on OF? His twitter is @Milky_Santy And his OF: OnlyFans
  7. Shlevy10

    Help me find this site

    Hii there guys, There used to be a site where men could add their dick size-color-shape etc… Does anyone know it? Really wanted to share mine too THANK YOU!
  8. T

    Places to see dick in Toronto (gyms/korean spas/bars at urinals)

    Hi all, I'm going to Toronto in a few weeks and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for places where I can see straight dick? I love watching straight guys shower in open showers/locker rooms, russian/korean bath houses, or bars that have urinals with no dividers. (I just like to see...
  9. V


    Does anyone have any other pics of the guy? His dick is huge
  10. U

    Please help me who is this boy ?

    Hello Please anyone know his name or his twitter ?
  11. J

    Damon Dayski

    He got some dick on him
  12. T

    Jerking off in pajamas?

    I've been on a search for porn videos and photos of guys jerking off in their pajamas and it seems like they're hard to find now. It's kind of a weird turn on for me and I don't know why. Anyone have videos or anything? Something like these?
  13. Pip-l-star

    Who want my ass ?!

  14. J


    I decided to start a nude a thread on Gebereal
  15. Danter11

    Adriano Bethencurt (@Motoboy Roludo)

  16. M

    Jet.nig aka ppshowing TikTok star

    From this week
  17. G

    Snapchat: thegaynudes

    add my snap for some fun ;) 18+ sc: thegaynudes
  18. G

    Snap: thegaynudes

    Add my snap: thegaynudes 18+, from UK love huge asses and big bulges. Send me some snaps ;)
  19. Danter11


  20. J

    Caramel Men

    This thread is dedicated to the caramel Brothas
  21. S

    anyone help ID?

    need help IDing this guy. I saved these pics from twitter in dec of 2020, but i cannot find his account or these phtos anywhere
  22. I

    Anyone in or near Wichita KS?

    Hey everyone. White male, 24, 5’10 and average body. I’m versatile and very clean, disease free. I love giving oral, swapping, the usual stuff. Am curious who is around me ;)
  23. P

    Anyone got art by Madakou?

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Madakouu?lang=en-GB He does art for HandJob Mags Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/HandjobsMag/media Wondering if anyone has any of the Dad's Bedtime-tales Newsletters Issues: 376, 385, 380, 388, 393 or 397. (Madakou has 1 comic in each of these) I know they are...
  24. J

    Men with brown skin

    Brownskin Black Men
  25. D

    Bi guy Potential OF

    Hello should I start an IF and how much would you pay for hot contents ? I am bit new to this
  26. P

    Anyone know what happen to Reece Atkens on onlyfans?

    Anyone know what happen to Reece Atkens? His Reddit is: Reece Atkens (u/reeceatkenss) - Reddit - hasn't posted for months though. Deleted his onlyfans.
  27. J

    Joe Dactual // disfordanger (on chaturbate)

    super hot muscle cam model. some thinks: twitter only fans chaturbate
  28. J


    This Thread is dedicated to The Biggest Black Muscles,Dicks,and Asses

    Hey Subb Bottom

    Hello! My fellow bottoms. Let create an album of our thick booty’sss :imp::heart:
  30. L

    Looking for Snapchat friends

    Hello, I’m a 30 y/o gay italian boy looking for someone to chat with. I’m really into dads and redheads but everyone is welcome lol.