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diego sans

  1. KTOSLosek

    Links Diego Sans: looking for an email

    Does anyone of you know his email or a way to contact with him apart from OF?
  2. KTOSLosek

    My Story With Diego Sans (disappointed Fan)

    Hello everyone! I'd like to tell you my story with Diego Sans, yes, i'm talking about that Diego Sans: Gay porn star I've decided to join his onlyfans as i really wnated to see more of him. I was so amazied with his content( at start). In the october, when i have my birthday, i had a very cool...
  3. KTOSLosek

    Bored With Diego Sans

    Do you think he will ever bottom again? like all of his videos on men.com are him on top On his onlyfans just another him on top