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  1. K

    My Mum, Your Dad

    The dilfs of My Mum, Your Dad New Dating Show on ITV…
  2. L

    Photos & Videos Lorenzo Lopez (Lorenzo18859677 on Twitter)

    Anything on this sexy stud? Lots of great stuff on his Twitter, I was wondering if there was more ass content from him.
  3. J


    He has OF
  4. M

    Anybody Know Who This Hot Guy Is?

  5. F

    Who is this muscle daddy?

    Anyone know who this is??
  6. B

    Chris Hayes (MSNBC news host)

    Anyone else watch MSNBC and think this guy is cute? He's slightly dorky DILF with a nice happy trail.
  7. C

    DILF - lordkhaled Urso, please help me find this video

    I came across this video on xhamster and it turned me on sooo much, but it is too short and I really really want to watch the full version but I really can't find it on the internet. Here's the link to the video: Urso In the video, the grandpa was doing something to celebrate anniversary with...
  8. C

    Landon Conrad

    noticed that there was no full thread about him so had to start one
  9. D

    19 M from South Carolina

    Hello y’all, not “new” here, but I’ve been lurking around for a while and this is my first time posting. 6’4, 190 lbs, 6.5” hard. Really into older daddies who would be down for some online sexual mentorship type shit. The dirtier and hornier the better! Like to top or bottom.
  10. D


    Couldn't find a thread about Soundghost @Bearfurhunter https://twitter.com/Bearfurhunter Anyone aware of any nudes?
  11. P

    ID this DILF pls

  12. T

    WSM Nick Best

  13. H

    Looking for dilf in San Francisco

    26yo white male living in sf looking for a hot mature dad for casual discreet hookups .. can snap/kik/telegram for pics
  14. M

    Dominic from WorldStudZ

    This sexy married Puerto Rican daddy, father of 3, goes by the name Dominic for the production company WorldStudZ. I am so turned on by this hunk. I love everything about him. Especially his voice. What do you all think?
  15. M

    Chris Jackson

    This handsome man is actor/singer Chris Jackson from Metropolis, Illinois. I remember seeing him for the first time a long time ago performing on the Tony Awards with his cast from “In the Heights”. He caught my eye then. But then I started watching “And Just Like That” and I am drooling. I love...
  16. W

    Photo The Critical Drinker AKA Will Jordan

    Do you guys have anything of this youtuber "The Critical Drinker". He's a movie reviewer and very against the woke messaging that exists in modern cinema and an author too. He gives me such a DILF vibe. DAMN
  17. U

    Paul sarantos

    Someone have Paul sarantos/sarantosfitness content? From when he had onlyfans
  18. D

    Hunky DILF ID and original photo help

    I know this isn’t the original picture, thought I can’t find it anymore. Does anybody know who he is/have the original photo/have any more photos?
  19. F

    el_chevy04 on Twitter

    Can anyone follow his acc then share? (Below is also a ss of his tiktok acc)
  20. J

    Photos & Videos Guys I Follow

    So this is just a thread for me to share with yall of guys I follow online :heart_eyes: up first we got Edward Morales, he’s a fitness coach Instagram
  21. M

    Hello, been looking for a video about a stocky guy and his supposed friend

    been looking for this for ages, i don't know if it was purged along with other vids in certain sites (can't even recall which site i watched it). basically, the video have this big stocky man (not sure if big boobs/moobs is part of the title or tags, but he definitely have one) having sex with a...
  22. S

    anything on this dilf?

    saw him on twitter but I don't know his @ he's so hot
  23. N

    Please help ID this hot stud?

    Can someone please help ID this guy? Thanks!
  24. M


    Anyone have anything on this guy? He started an onlyfans recently, but no full frontals so far!
  25. B

    Help ID this DILF

    Not really into ball stretching but this dude is hot. Does anyone know who he is? DILF with stretched balls throws some hot ropes Beefy dilf with stretched ballsack pounds one out Dilf with a stretched sack blows a fat creamy load
  26. A

    DILF Looking for Miami Str8/Bi College Guy

    Contact me if you like getting amazing blowjobs. Discreet, good looking, in-shape guy here in downtown for your needs on demand.
  27. L

    Anything on this guys onlyfans?

    There’s this guy who was on Instagram and TikTok for being a hot dad has anyone seen him or his onlyfans: OnlyFans (His Instagram and snap are sheawrose and TikTok is Sheawrose_
  28. B

    ian puleston davies

    Anything on this daddy. Find he has a lovely bulge sometimes
  29. S

    Please Help ID this hot daddy

    Anyone know who is he? Please ID ,thanks
  30. S

    Can anyone help ID this daddy