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  1. T

    Photos & Videos Torohul twitter

    Hii guys. This man is a Guatemalan man and I personally think he’s super hot. Does anybody have content of his onlyfans?
  2. M

    Yuri Gaucho

    Good dick MADE IN BRAZIL.
  3. M

    Sebastian La Cause

    Sebastian La Cause was born on December 12,1971 in Akron, Ohio USA. He is an actor and director, known for Orange is the New Black, Hustling, and Keep the Lights On. He is very sexy and muscular. Openly gay. Thoughts???
  4. I


    I don’t know if he’s already been identified but I always see this guy around. Does anybody know who he is? Sexy Daddy Pounds A Fleshlight
  5. I


    I don’t know if he’s already been identified but I always see this guy around. Does anybody know who he is? Sexy Daddy Pounds A Fleshlight
  6. T

    LazzaratoXXX / Thiago Andries / Thiago_lazzarato

    Creating a new thread for him. Hopefully people will behave and this one won't get locked.
  7. I


    I don’t know if he’s already been identified but I always see this guy around. Does anybody know who he is? Sexy Daddy Pounds a Fleshlight
  8. B

    Tyler O'Connor OF

  9. D

    Does anyone know who this hot dilf is?

    This guy is my dream guy and I desperately would love more content from him, does anyone please know who he is?
  10. yuumimain

    Help Identify!! I'm very down bad for this man....

    I think they're from the same kind of video creator? please identify, would be great help!
  11. I

    Justin Bingham

    anything on him
  12. herlll3

    Big Booty Idol - Huta (Minhyuk) - BTOB

  13. T

    Matt & Blue

    Gay YouTube couple Matt & Blue.
  14. J

    Nick Urankar

    Absolute DILF. Surprised this man does not have a thread already. Doubt there is anything. He is fine AF.
  15. I


    Noticed he doesn’t have a thread so I thought I’d make one myself. He streams on stripchat/xhamsterlive. Anyone subbed to his only fans?
  16. D

    Who's this daddy?

    Do you know who's the man in the video??? Saw this on a telegram group but had no information of his name or @
  17. D

    ID of this guy????

    Does someone know the ID/profile of this man????
  18. R

    Ty Olsson

    I'm surprised there's no thread about Ty Olsson. He played Benny Lafitte on Supernatural and also played in the Slasher series. He's so hot.
  19. M

    DGR Dave

    YT: DGR Twitch: DGR_Dave I thought this guy was kind of hot. Here are some moments from some of his streams I found on youtube(nothing to crazy) I don't watch his twitch streams so if anyone has caught any interesting moments from there feel free to share.
  20. A

    Dwayne Kyng

    Hes a sexy youtuber and streamer. Anything on him? I bet he is hung ;) he is quite thicc so he definitely has a fat ass. Anyone got anything?
  21. D

    Any Hung Los Angeles +45 Fit Dads?

    Coupled for mutual and local open minded sexy hang outs.
  22. S


    Anyone else find Alex (Adonisdaddy63 on IG) extremely hot? He’s a 64 year old daddy that loves to show off his muscular physique. I bought a couple of things from his OF and just wanted to see if anyone else has anything else?
  23. M

    Video Daddy Sitting In The Bathtub

    Please help me ID him. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: I just saw the video of this hot daddy sitting in the bathtub on Twitter and was wondering if anyone knew who he is? Thanks a lot. I'd love to see more. Daddy Sitting In The Bathtub :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
  24. D

    Photos & Videos Actor Patrick Zeller

    He was in a bi movie called Say Yes in 2019 and he's such a DILF, lol. If anyone has his gay scenes from that movie please post them


    Who is this sexy dilf?!
  26. M

    ID Muscle Leather Beefy Guy

    I don't remember if I got the picture from one of the threads here or from Twitter, but I was looking today at my gallery and I saw it. He's super hot, I want to see more pictures of him.
  27. M


    Does anyone have anything for the Blindwavecrew members: Eric Whiteley Aaron Elliott Calvin Grubb Richard Martin Shane Farley (resigned) Honestly I'm mainly interested in Aaron, Shane and Rick but I think they're all good looking
  28. B

    Young Boy

    Well I’m doing an introduction! I’m Aidan. I’m 18 years old, I’m a virgin. My dick is 7.8 inches. I’m a verse. I have an average body nor fat or thin. I’m not a twink or a hunk. I’m into a lot of guys just over the age of 20. Unless you’re a mature guy my age. I don’t really have a type but I...
  29. I

    Photos & Videos Jay Crew

    Didn’t seem to find a Jay Crew thread on here, I’m shocked.
  30. I

    Photo Ben Giroux (@bengiroux)

    Actor on Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger” also a voice actor.