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dirty talk

  1. R

    German Dirty Talk/ Deutscher Dirty Talk Videos

    Hii, does anyone have dirty talk videos of young german teen guys or men? Hallo! Hat jeman so dirty talk videos von jungen deutschen Jungs oder Männer?
  2. J

    Help ID'ing this guy in this video?

    I found this video on the thisvid site and I tried asking the guy who uploaded it who the guys in the video is multiple times but refuses to respond to me for whatever reason (though, he was pretty quick to friend me back so idk). Would you guys please be of any help because he's really hot and...
  3. J

    Who Is This Dirty Talking/Hung Stud?

    This guy is driving me wild with the body and the attitude. Does anyone know who he is and where he is selling content?
  4. A

    Video Anyone know who this is? Spanish guy with soccer and bear tattoo on left arm.

    Anyone know who this spanish(?) guy with a soccer and bear tattoo on his left arm is? link below. Thanks https://de.amp.xhamster2.com/videos/nos-juntamos-xh64cwb Que Tal El Postre: Free Gay Porn Video b0 - xHamster | xHamster
  5. C

    Anyone Know Who This Verbal/dirty Talking Hung Teen Is?

    I remember he was on pornhub and his username was “Hornyasf___” he had numbers in the end of his username that I don’t remember but he was very nasty and I’m trying to find more of his content.
  6. TheEasyA

    Id Sloppy Blowjob

    Does anyone know who these guys are? It doesn’t show the guy being blown but the bottom is cute! Sucking a married handyman with cock as big as his arm...
  7. C

    Hypnosis / Sissification / Femdom / Joi / Dirty Talk Thread: Females, Males, Transgenders

    Watch Busty Lady Sonia removes her underwear as you wank RedGIFs RedGIFs RedGIFs Watch Bay Jay quarantine - Bailey Jay, trans Joi, trans Porn - SpankBang Watch B@il3y J@y - Mommy wants to see your cock - Bailey Jay, trans Joi, Joi Porn - SpankBang Watch Asian Joi - Asian Joi, trans Joi...
  8. G

    Photos & Videos I Need Someone To Id This Guy

    i've seen other videos of him jerking off and would love to see if there's anything else https://twitter.com/allthoseboys/status/1370280284776771584?s=21
  9. V

    Best Dirty-talkers

    Any suggestions for Only Fans accounts to follow that frequently post dirty-talk videos?
  10. B

    Brent Sterling

    Does anyone have some of his stuff? He has a bunch of old cam recordings on flirt4free that I wish I could see.
  11. normanfmailer

    Dirty Talk Solo / Joi

    I don't think I've seen a thread devoted exclusively to SOLO dirty talk videos/audios and JOI videos (jerk off instructions). I personally can't get enough of those videos. My favorite is when the guy is telling you what he wants to do to you. I've attached some videos as an example. Please...
  12. J

    Links Porn Where Men Talk Dirty To You

    I'm a huge fan of videos where guys talk dirty / and role play with you. I don't care about the orientation as there's a good mix of them showing their face and cock, looking at you into , dominating you verbally, talking dirty to you, and making you feel like you're being fucked. It's super...
  13. MexicanBoy

    Looking To Voice Chat On Whatsapp

    Hey, guys! I am really into verbal stuff, so I’m really looking to voice chat with a guy about big dicks, etc. I am 27/Latino/ and big. My WhatsApp username is: AngelAM. Hope to talk soon! -Angel
  14. MexicanBoy

    Looking To Voice Chat On Skype

    Hey, I am looking for a guy to message me here, and then on Skype. I really want to talk dirty on a voice call using Skype. I’m so, so horny. My Skype name is: Angel A I hope to hear from you guys soon!
  15. MexicanBoy

    Looking To Have A Voice Edge On Skype

    Hey, I am looking for a guy to message me here, and then on Skype. I really want to talk dirty on a voice call using Skype. I’m so, so horny. My Skype name is: Angel A I hope to hear from you guys soon!
  16. MexicanBoy

    Looking For Skype Phone Edging

    Hey, guys. I’m looking to have an edging session with someone over the phone, via Skype. I really enjoy dirty talk, etc. My Skype handle is: Angel A Thanks!
  17. MexicanBoy

    Skype Phone Chat

    Hey, guys. I don’t mean to spam, but I’m really looking for someone to phone chat with me over Skype. For me, nothing is hotter than talking dirty with someone. My Skype name is “Angel A”. Thank you!
  18. 5

    What Do Moan When You Cum?

    Is there any word you moan before / while / after you cum? Just only moaning? Nothing? I think that it's common to moan following things: - Fuck - Shit / Shiii - Oh my God - I'm cuming / here we go - 行く (iku; I'm coming) / 気持ち [いい?] (Kimochi [ii?]; feels good) - Japanese - Holy shit - Yeah /...
  19. SilverFantasy

    Covid Advice: Getting Bf To Dirt Talk, And Be More Sexual Long Distance

    So I'm a little shy by default, and don't live w/ my bf, which means the only time we really get to do anything sexual is when one's parents go away. I'm a little shy by default, he's perhaps a little shy. I've gotten him to start talking a little dirty when we're in bed, but for the most part...
  20. N

    Straight Dirty Talk

    Does anyone have some good videos of straight (preferably teen) guys who masturbate while talking dirty?
  21. M

    Help Me Id

    Hey everyone! I've seen this video floats on the web and I was wondering if any of you guys had any idea who the OP might be? Let me know!
  22. I

    Defiant/provocative Talking Girls In Porn Scenes

    Some Scenes would be great!
  23. 2

    Can Anyone Id Or Get His Content

  24. 2


    Does anyone subscribe to Landon Boswell on onlyfans? His content is great on pornhub but I can’t see his onlyfans videos. If anyone can help out this is the place to do it! Even him just talking would be great
  25. S

    Dirty Insta Dms

    Anybody like sending dirty dms on Instagram? Always fantasized about having a little pm fun on there.
  26. james hart

    C2c Skype 26 Hung Uncut

    horny 26 essex lad from UK up 4 fun on skype add me bigboyuncut
  27. L

    Dirty talk

    Hey guys 19, Gay, 5'2 little extra guy here. Looking for maybe some snapchat fun with descreet dominate guys. I love dirty talk and dicks. If you're interested maybe PM for my snap!
  28. B

    Dirty talk/verbal

    Anyone feel free to share their hottest verbal videos they’ve seen. Protop1 aggressive verbal daddy compilation muscle cunt | XTube Porn Video from britishbumboy Aaron Moody compilation - TwinkHouse