1. vlcboyz

    Diego Balleza - Mexican diver

    Could not find him on the forums so started a thread for this hot Mexican diver ! 28 yrs old Competed in 2020 Summer Olympics. Instagram OnlyFans
  2. C

    Laurent Gosselin Paradis

    This Canadian diver is extremely attractive. Does anyone know anything about him? Laurent Paradis (@laurent_paradis) • Instagram photos and videos
  3. A

    Photos & Videos Vladimir Rudenko

    Does anyone have anything on this Australian Diver? Hes pretty hot and has the following socials: Instagram: https://instagram.com/vladi.rudenko?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Tiktok: TikTok Snapchat: vladirudenko
  4. A

    Corey Lane

    Does anyone have anything on Core Lane (Australian Diver, small TikToker and ex pro Valorant player)?
  5. heisenbergwhite1

    Ross Beattie - 22 y/o Scottish Diver

    Beautiful Scottish diver debuted at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham today.
  6. heisenbergwhite1

    Danny Mabbott - 18 y/o Scottish Diver

    Team Scotland diver from Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games, extremely cute. Thought I'd start a thread since nobodies mentioned him yet.
  7. G

    Tyler Downs

    Thought I’d start a thread for this hottie diver as I haven’t seen one yet.
  8. J

    Underwater skinny dipping/diving where the guy loses his suit/thong?

    I'm hoping the lpsg community can help me find something pretty specific but very hot (IMO)... In general, I'm looking for videos (or stories) where a guy is swimming or diving in a loose or skimpy swimsuit, thong, g-string/gstring, and the force of the diving or swimming makes the swimsuit fall...
  9. J

    Anton Down Jenkins New Zealand Olympic diver

    He's openly gay 22 yr old diver that represented New Zealand
  10. G

    Andrew Capobianco

  11. F

    Tyler Downs

    Just Turned 18, cant wait for him in the Olympics.
  12. T

    Professional Divers

    This thread is to appreciate all the studs in the diving sport. They are mostly under appreciated except for Tom, Chris and Jack. I didn’t find a similar thread so I’m starting one. Please share your hot pics from divers!
  13. N

    Sam Fricker

    Anyone got anything on Sam Fricker, Australian tiktoker and diver?
  14. Dylan1111

    Evan Adams

    (Turned 18 on April 9th, 2020)
  15. B

    James Heatly

  16. S

    Photos & Videos Noah Williams (british Diver)

    Big fan of Noah Williams the British Diver, who has just become the first British diver to beat Tom Daley since 2011. Obviously Tom Daley already has threads and I think his synchro partner Matt Lee and a lot of other divers do too. Haven't seen one for Noah Williams so we could use this as a...
  17. M

    Bryden Hattie

    Bryden Hattie is a Canadian diver and is sexy AF! Here is his Instagram: brydenhattie He posted this video on his story not too long ago and figured I would share ;)
  18. cvcrcer

    Mike hixon - us olympic diver

  19. 1

    Patrick hausding

    Any nudes?