1. D

    [Erotic Fiction] Alex’s Comprehensive Sports Physical

    It was a bright and sunny morning on the college campus as Alex, a dedicated college athlete, made his way to the student health center. With a backpack slung over one shoulder, he navigated through the bustling campus, eager to complete his annual physical. As he entered the clinic, the...
  2. P

    Photos & Videos juanchimy (@Juanchimy - Juan Lopez)

    Hola! Alguien tiene contenido de este doctor e influencer??
  3. R

    Dr Zayn

    IG - drrzayn
  4. B

    Role playing?

    Looking for younger fit guys who want to roleplay and trade pics on here. Into most scenarios. If you’re down, DM me
  5. I

    In office gay sex with Doctor/Therapist, etc

    Has anyone gone to a doctor or therapist etc. and done anything with them in their office? Gay guy here and always wanted to go to like a therapy session and have the therapist make a move or suggest something etc and then do something in the office...or with a doctor, etc. Has anyone ever...
  6. C

    Sexy muscle doc Christian Capanna

    Very sexy ER doc. Would love to see nudes if anyone has any ! Instagram @capannaa
  7. D

    Dr. Chris Tomassian (dr.tomassian)

    came across this dermatologist on tiktok. not only did i find the vids helpful but i also find him kinda attractive. thought i'd make a thread.
  8. H

    Photo Request to id men in medical film

    (I'm sorry if this question has been asked before.) I saw a video featuring 3 males acting as medical staff. 2 of them are in a storage room having sex when another busts them, and joins in. Does any one know their names? The name of the film?
  9. G

    Who is the Doctor Fucking Daniel Montoya ?

    Who is the Doctor ?
  10. K

    Photo Hot American Doctors

    I recently found this guy’s photos on a website, but I don’t know his name! Does anyone know maybe? Thank you!
  11. W

    Santiago Acosta Quiroga (Santiago AQ)

    Anything on this guy? Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks Santiago AQ is so hot. Santiago Acosta Quiroga
  12. F

    Dr. Jordan Wagner (Doctor ER on YouTube)

    Been watching a few of his videos, goofy looking and cute. Noticed a video about diets that he had done a while ago and dude's getting ripped.. He seems quite wholesome and doubt there will be any nudes floating around (especially as he let slip that his wife has an Emmy award so probably...
  13. C


    Alguien tiene material de su onlyfans??
  14. yuumimain

    Help Identify!! I'm very down bad for this man....

    I think they're from the same kind of video creator? please identify, would be great help!
  15. 1


    Hey guys, do you have something about this cute doc from the US? He’s called on Insta and TikTok Doctorfayez and is in the gang with the other cute docs like Garett Hawley
  16. D

    Dermatologist Videos

    There were some pretty hot (s p y) videos posted in a now deleted threat showing an italian dermatoligst with his patiens... does someone have these?
  17. P

    Medicalquackery - hot asian Australian tiktoker

    He's got over a 1m followers on Tiktok and is also a twitch streamer. Posts about being a student doctor in med school. He's also bi according to his TikTok.
  18. U

    Video Unconscious man

    Do you guys have or know more content like this?
  19. K

    doc.felix anything on him?

  20. Darpint_acknowledger

    Pzdowney (patrick Downey)

    Chicago doctor/model with an amazing body Any one have any thing on him?
  21. M

    Video Anyone Have Any Information On Military Exam Video?

    There's this really hot video of a soldier receiving a medical exam. In includes speculums, enemas, fingering (almost fisting), injection, catheters, and jacking off. The video freezes towards the end but I really want to know where it's from. Anyone have any names of the actors or where it's...
  22. A

    Dr.dan_dpt Dr Dan Tiktok

    I know he has some content in the tiktok bulges forum but I felt like he deserves his own thread
  23. D

    Male Physical

    anyone have male physical vids? can't seem to find full vids anymore :(
  24. AusOtter

    Medical Physical Exams

    Hey there. Always been fascinated by these, both from a medical point of view and also from the porn I've watched since I was a younger lad. Never had a physical though. Anyone know where/how to get them in the UK? I've been in London 6 years but only just signed up for a GP. Or.... Anyone...
  25. R

    Hot Doctors

    Does anyone know of any hot doctors with sexy pics on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, etc.? I recently came across Baussvu from reddit so wondering if there are some nudes of other doctors.
  26. H


    No explanation. They are just so hot. If any of you have scrubs or are doctors why don’t you send me something;)
  27. L

    Gay Doctor Joke

    A man goes off to have a routine prostate exam done. An hour later, he returns home, looking mildly upset. His wife takes notice, and asks him what's wrong. The man takes a disappointed breath, and replies. "I have good news and bad news." his wife looks concerned. "What's the good news?" "Good...
  28. A

    Female Doctor And Male Patient Porn

    Hey guys! I runned out of resources on my fav porn category. I love female doctor and male patient porn, especially when the patient is young/teen (physical exam or that kind of situation). My ideal porn is the kind of film where the doctor checks the young patient, he gets an erection and he's...
  29. M

    Video Can Someone Help Id This Porn Video?

    I'm in love with this video of a military doctor examining a soldier? I was wondering if anyone can help ID where it's from? Either the studio, movie, or actors in it. Thanks!
  30. B

    Hung Brit Into Physical Exams M4m

    Hung Brit loves male on male physical exams. Any doctors or examinees?