1. P

    Photos & Videos Cam4 - help ID Cam Model

    I had a hobby to download videos from Pornhub until they disabled the feature. I have this video and has been one of my “go-to” vids for a nice edging session (he’s inspiring). I always wondered if he continued his camming further into OF or what not. Can anyone ID him? Social media profiles...
  2. J

    Photo Dicks in bedrooms

    Here are the rules: 1. Visible dick Dick or dick outline should be visible 2. Bedroom In the background, the bedroom should be visible (more than only the bed). Especially messy teenager-like bedrooms are hot 3. Underwear Bonus points if underwear is visible (somewhere in the picture)
  3. D

    Show off your college cock

    Nothing beats pictures of college guys in their dorm or apartment showing off their cocks. No matter if it’s soft or hard or even still hiding in your underwear. This is a place for other college guys to show off your best amateur and homemade dick pics. Also, I’m a super horny college frat...
  4. S

    Casual College Dorm Nudity

    Searching for videos, photos or TikToks of guys being nude or in towels around their college dorm rooms, halls, bathrooms, pulling pranks of showing off.
  5. P

    Generator Wednesday

    I’ll be at Generator in London this coming Wednesday, shower and dorm play here I come!
  6. B

    Looking for amateur video: college dorm dom with sub

    I remember a thread of 1 or 2 videos with a hot college dom with his sub in what appears to be a college dorm room. I can’t find these videos anymore. Wasn’t too high quality but I remember the dom to be so attractive. It was on their dorm bed and and you could see the doorway in the back. I...
  7. C

    Anyone Know Who This Verbal/dirty Talking Hung Teen Is?

    I remember he was on pornhub and his username was “Hornyasf___” he had numbers in the end of his username that I don’t remember but he was very nasty and I’m trying to find more of his content.
  8. A

    Andalusia Gay Hostels

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a gay hostel in Andalucia (Malaga, Cadiz, Seville or other cities) or a general hostel where you can have some fun. I prefer all-male dormitories or shared bathrooms. I'm also interested in other cruising spots like saunas, beaches etc.
  9. H

    My Bodybuilder Roommate (muscle Domination)

    My best friend was always quite a weakling-he was really tall, 195 cm, but never weighed more than 75/80kg. Until he made some changes... I think it all started 3 Years ago. He just turned 16. At this time My body was already quite well developed. My arms were at 40 cm, my legs were big and a...
  10. Joeme24


    Sup guys. Where can I get full length videos of DickDorm for free?
  11. D

    Locker Room, Gym, & Dorm Room Stories/photo’s Or Video

    Looking to see if any other guys around my age have any real life stories, photos, or videos of their locker room, dorm room, or gym experiences. If you have pics or videos private message me. Or you can add me on Snapchat. Private message me for my username. Communal shower experience? Frat...
  12. Shofixti

    College Men And Dorm Cock

    This forum has some great themed threads, but I can't see one dedicated to college guys. So I'll try to add to this over time.