1. Accuore X

    Nude Drawing

    Hello! I’m a young mexican artist who looove to draw nude the Male anatomy if u know what i mean… I’m leaving here some of my art so enjoooy… Please if you like my art and want to buy a drawing go follow me on X @DuRoDibujos Link: https://x.com/durodibujos?s=21
  2. JoeWinko4Ever

    Joe Winko & The Trench Coat Flashing Pervert (they removed this from Deviantart & i'm kinda pissed about that...)

    I was inspired to draw this because I been seeing a lot of memes on facebook that were making fun of Trench Coat Flashers I tried posting this on DeviantArt but the fucking site took it down because it was flagged as "sexual content" despite the site having tons of porn & naked pictures on it...
  3. D

    Hey im drawski

    Hey, I'm drawski, I've just started cock illustrations, not the best but I'm practicing :) if you'd like me to do one of yours hit me up, for free of course
  4. the_farenheit

    Photo Would you like to be drawn?

    Hey everyone, I’m an artist and love drawing and illustrating. It’s always been kinda difficult to find people willing to be drawn naked but after they see the results that usually changes. I started recently a twitter account https://twitter.com/eroticmalelines where I am posting some of the...
  5. _mfrankb_

    Penis Portraits - Hand Drawn Art

    I have been drawing penis portraits, and just started accepting commissions. If you’re interested in getting a portrait drawn of your penis please visit my DeviantArt page for more details. milesfxavier - Hobbyist, General Artist | DeviantArt
  6. woodshed775

    Photo Male Art, men in art, Drawing, sketching, painting, and Photography of Men. Depictions of men clothed or nude in art.

    To collect and post images of men depicted in art of any kind. No accounting for taste, but looking to answer a post asking: Do you know if there are any male tasteful nude art threads here? I'll post a few to start, please add any image you want to share.
  7. haargross

    Look for nude models in Paris

    Hey ! Who would be up to pose naked for some drawing figures? I am an artist living in Paris. I've been to the beaux-arts and would love to find some naked men to make some sketches. Ever try? What do you guys think about it?
  8. D

    Dick art?

    Any dick drawings, paintings, 3d artwork?
  9. 1

    Male Life Drawing Models

    Has anyone been to a life drawing class or a Hen’s life drawing party? I’d love to go to one. Has anyone got any pics of a class/party? I found this on Instagram - hen_stag_life_drawing_co Would love to see uncensored pics of the models, especially this guy.