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  1. JonoHari

    Wank Buddy Northeast England

    Looking for a straight or possibly bi lad with a large cock to wank off with in Newcastle/Durham/Sunderland, UK. Watch porn, chat about wives/gfs, and stroke our big dicks. Let me know if interested!
  2. Durhurman

    Hung/muscle In Durham (bull City)

    I've been looking around for big dudes (in the pants or muscle wise ) for a good bit to no real avail. Anyone like that in the NC triangle area looking for a fellow nerd to safely chill with or anything? (Covid cautious and tested recently) It'd be cool to even just swap workout tips. I'm not...
  3. V

    Dean Crane

  4. C

    Looking For Big Cock Ne England

    White bottom 23m uk sunderland based looking for a hung guy in the north east 7.5”+ bigger the better. Hit me up on here or email is craigw1795@gmail.com
  5. 1

    N carolina cocks and pussies

    Over 50, male or female, North Carolina? I'm looking for some shared masturbation while talking about pussy but nothing far beyond these limits. Prefer light build, slim, slender, well educated. Adore fully shaved pussies and circumcised cocks.