1. Canadian124

    Edmonton Alberta?

    I know I've seen some old posts doing a roll call to see who else might be in Edmonton or Alberta. Just looking to see if there are many active users still on here from YEG.
  2. gcd2492

    Alberta Cocks?!?!

    Any Alberta cocks out there???... preferably in Edmonton???...just curious if there is a presence of cock on here from the area...if so we should "hangout"..
  3. gcd2492

    Edmonton, Alberta

    I feel this is a longshot but anyone out there from Edmonton...???
  4. DiomedesXVI

    Calgary/alberta Roll Call

    Just wondering who all is out here in Alberta. Who knows, maybe this thread can serve as a way for people to meet. I know there’s a lot of big Alberta beef out here, myself included haha. I’m in Calgary, but if you’re in Alberta in general or passing through, leave a post. Maybe someone can...