1. TmTrainer

    Looking for a video

    It was of a guy reviewing a fleshlight, but then he gets a whiteboard and starts doing some calculations or something idk. It's edited satirically and he doesn't seem to take it seriously, but he fucks the fleshlight and cums soooooooo...
  2. N

    Photos & Videos Old And New Male Sex Ed Videos

    I enjoy a good sex ed video, but rarely manage to find any. Couldn't find a good thread about this, so maybe this will have more activity. Post links, videos or photos from any educational stuff
  3. LongPenisSmallGirth

    Non-porn Educational Videos Containing Nudity Or Sex

    Non-porn videos containing nude or sexual content that is of educational or entertainment interest. This thread is not meant for porn or member generated content. Examples of acceptable sexual content are education, techniques, instruction, bodies, relationships, advice, interviews, e.g.
  4. A

    Need Help With Homophobic Parents, Please Read

    (DISCLAIMER I am a guy "akexandra" is just a username I use for privacy) Hello Everyone and thanks for taking the time to my story... All my life I was my parents golden boy, but we started to have a difficult relationship when I came out around the age of 18, they are very religious(catholic)...
  5. J

    Sex education

    Has anyone seen it??