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  1. Basian23

    What's fastest way to prep yourself?

    Hey there, I always wanted to know this but had no luck in finding the answer. As a bottom when I'm hooking up with a top, before the anal sex, we do the enema thingy and get ready. Some people said dont eat couple hours prior to the hook up as well. My question is we are in 2023, is there a...
  2. C

    Hot enema videos

    Hello I wanted to make a place where we could post vids of guys squirting water/milk/beer/piss out of their ass (preferably clean enemas!!!). But I love to see a hole squirt. So if u have any good vids post them here.
  3. C

    Help ID this milk enema twink

    So I saw this video on this vid of this twink giving himself a milk enema, does anyone have access to this vid or know who he is? I’ve also seen him give himself a beer enema and fuck a dildo while caged.
  4. Hornyartist

    Im so ready for a public lube enema

    Lately Ive been obsessed with Lube enemas! I cant do very many because they take a lot of prep and kind cramp! LMAO I love the idea of gooey stringy lube filling up my warm intestines and waiting to shoot out of my hole. How do y'all feel about them? I like the way it feels pouring out of you...
  5. BlueBloods

    Douching/cleaning for rough sex, help!

    Hey! I'm a 20M bottom, recently I've got interested in trying rough sex (just long dom-sub sessions, no fisting nor anything like that) and I have a few questions about douching and stuff for it that are really stressing me out. 1- First, is a deep cleaning necessary for rough? 2- I've done...
  6. Hornyartist

    Video Lube enema

    Today I was feeling extra horny and nasty. To make a long story short, I filled my colon with lots of j-lube and it was HOT. I will say that this is definitely not worth the work for me to be honest (although im still glad I did it). The prep work was intense for me and very turing (I had to be...
  7. M

    Video Anyone Have Any Information On Military Exam Video?

    There's this really hot video of a soldier receiving a medical exam. In includes speculums, enemas, fingering (almost fisting), injection, catheters, and jacking off. The video freezes towards the end but I really want to know where it's from. Anyone have any names of the actors or where it's...
  8. M

    Video Can Someone Help Id This Porn Video?

    I'm in love with this video of a military doctor examining a soldier? I was wondering if anyone can help ID where it's from? Either the studio, movie, or actors in it. Thanks!
  9. M

    Enema Douche Bts

    Hello, I am looking for the scenes where girls prepers to penetration doing ass enemas or douching pussies. Best regards