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  1. C

    Uk lad Snapchat group!

    Let’s get a uk based Snapchat group started post your adds below or add me and I’ll start a group! curiouslad1987
  2. T

    New UK member

    35 yo based in Reading 8 inches & thick Looking for other guys to chat/meet Extremely discreet due to work etc DM me
  3. F

    English & Irish Models

    What do we have?
  4. lee_s_

    Gloryhole in Hertfordshire

    Get sucked at my private wooden gloryhole in Hertfordshire https://twitter.com/MyPvtGloryhole email me myownprivategloryhole@outlook.com or message me on Twitter https://twitter.com/MyPvtGloryhole to arrange a time to visit
  5. D

    20 m in London!

    Hey there. Hows it going? 20 m here from London. I am mixed and pretty athletic :) never been with a guy before and quite curious haha. Looking forward to chatting with some of you guys on here. I am up for trading pics as well
  6. D

    Help identify London instagram model

    Hey, sorry I don't have a picture but I have been racking my brain to try and remember a instagram model (?) I used to follow on instagram a year or two ago who was super hot. He was based in London, was your typical hot 20-something muscular guy with dark hair and beard. Used to post a lot of...
  7. G

    Harrison Bird

    Can’t believe there’s not a thread on this amazing young stud. Harrison bird (IG: @harrisonbirdperformance) is a body builder from Birmingham. Look at that body. Hope someone has pics of him with less clothes on
  8. Sluthorn99

    Photos & Videos Anyone willing to do a cum tribute to Charile Ewels ass

  9. D

    Danny Welbeck

    Danny Welbeck is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Brighton, Hove Albion and the England national team. I'd bum the life out of him! What an incredible body!
  10. D

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. A firm looking guy who seems genuinely nice. He looks young and eager!
  11. David Quill

    Hotels In London (uk) Good For Hook-ups?

    Anyone know of, or have any good experiences with hotels in central London? Specifically ones that don't seem to care if it's obvious you're bringing in Grindr hook ups etc?
  12. Scallybritcock

    Liverpool, Uk

    Any men local to Liverpool or North West. Always looking to suck on a nice dick.
  13. BiLondon26

    Hotel Visitor In Bath, Uk

    This weekend, I will be staying at a hotel in the city of Bath in Somerset, England. Arriving on Thursday 16 - until - Sunday 19 September 2021 Anyone curious, bisexual or almost straight looking to meet up and explore? Happy to give a massage, or more... ;) Drop me a DM
  14. E

    New From England

    Hey guys, finally decided to create a profile, after having been visiting this website pretty regularly over the past 2 years. How are you all doing?
  15. ichdeutscher

    Luke_catton Onlyfans

    His onlyfans is OnlyFans he’s a cute English twink. Here are some pics from his Twitter (@luke_catton)
  16. Y


    Hey guys, I'm looking to improve my photography skills having started to learn during lockdown. I would really like to do a shoot with a guy or a couple of guys, so if anyone in the UK, ideally north of England, fancies it, get in touch. Free shoot so you can keep all photos and discretion is...
  17. A

    Taylor Williams (tiktok - @taylor.williams.1)

    Does anyone have anything on Taylor Williams from TikTok? He's really good looking and loves uploading dancing videos. Currently single so I reckon someone may be able to get some stuff out of him if they haven't already... He's @taylor.williams.1 on TikTok and Instagram, and taylorw-1 on...
  18. A

    Joel Burgess (tiktok - @joel_burgessofficial)

    Does anyone have anything on Joel Burgess from TikTok? He's really good looking and loves uploading dancing videos, some of which are topless and showing his gorgeous body. Currently has a girlfriend but maybe there's content from before, or even during... He's @joel_burgessofficial on TikTok...
  19. fwd_thinker

    Photo Williams Falade

    Does anyone have nudes for a UK based bodybuilder named Williams Falade (pronounced Fal-ah-day)? Very sexy Nigerian brother with incredible nipples. Would definitely love to see what he's packing in those posers! Was surprised to not find him in any searches.
  20. D

    Circumcision Question/experiences

    Hi everyone I'm 18 and have phimosis, tried creams and steroid creams but to no avail. Doctor said I may have to consider circumcision. I'm in the UK so it's not that common here but I dont care about that aspect. My worry is, I frequently get uncontrollable erections throughout the day and...
  21. T

    The Warners

    Has anybody got anything on these guys or willing to get some, if you know what I mean? Owen Warner (Actor) Insta: _owenwarner Jake Warner (Singer) Insta: jakewarnermusic Louie Warner (Model) Insta: warner_ I think we could all do with seeing all three of these on LPSG!!
  22. R

    Naked Stag Event Ideas?

    A straight friend of mine is engaged and his wedding/stag party will be next year at some point. We all believe the groom is essentially a closet naturist and is well known for getting naked at the drop of a hat. It used to be just when he was drunk or trying to be funny. Over the years he has...
  23. L

    Straight lads home video swaps

    Alright lads! Recently me and a mate got into swapping home videos. They would mainly include; POV fucking our GF’s. POV blow jobs etc... Hoping to find like minded lads who’d be into that? We are from England, under 30, straight and very open. It’s the fact we are seeing real footage rather...
  24. B


    People from England come say hi
  25. buenavistaplay

    Any guys in london looking to hang?

    Looking for HUNG dudes to hang, have some beers, watch porn and stroke137781313778141377815
  26. D

    Who’s in yorkshire?

    Anyone fit/slim good looking in Yorkshire around 20-30 yo for the same. Here for a while now. Would be good to find a mate to chill with and see where things go. Message me if you fit the bill.
  27. L

    England world cup team

    Yooooo. Any1 got anything on the lads from this team, dele, Walker, sterling All sexi. Put ur pics ere...
  28. L

    England football lada

    anyone got any nudes of the England World Cup team Walker is fit
  29. J

    Brighton uk

    I'm in Brighton tomorrow til Monday [ 6 July - 9 July ] if any guys fancy a meet message me on here or on Skype: jjj.82 I'm 25, only people 21 and up please