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erotic stories

  1. mEnSeEkEr

    Sex Talk on Snapchat

    Hey guys. I'm looking for men who are interested in chatting about all things sexual on Snapchat. Experiences, fantasies... whatever. No matter if you're straight, gay or bi. Not interested in trading pics. only 18+ Gay guy here, mid 30s and curious about what you want to tell me. Add me...
  2. Thicc Shake

    Company on the road

    Part 1 Ben is my sister's close friend - a stocky guy of around 5'11, dark blonde hair, green eyes and with a cocky, joking, flirtatious demeanor which is somehow also charming. I first met him when I was just a preteen. Him and some of my sister's other friends would come round to our house...
  3. R

    Erotic Story Suggestions

    Help me find stories from Nifty or other sites with plot like a boy caught his dad having sex with his friend or neighbor boys.
  4. U

    Help me find a story

    I can hardly remember the details. I will explain as much as I can remember. The two argue over one of them having sex with the other's brother. causing the parties to separate and after 5 years They met again. On the anniversary of the death of a relative. ##Sorry, I used the translator...
  5. M

    My First Day in the Dorms

    Author's Note: I've lurked on this forum for a while but this is my first ever post. The story just came to me and I started to fall in love with this scenario. I hope you all like it and if you do, I'll keep writing. Please let me know what you think! I lived in a dorm for my first year of...
  6. B

    Bhillybitch Stories

    Billy Herrington vs. Vince McMahon The scandal of sexual misconduct with former female employees that got McMahon ousted from his company could have been worse for the former CEO. However, there was one incident that was never discovered. Back in 2000, McMahon invited adult performer Herrington...
  7. SkyLarkin

    Adam's Troubles - gay erotic story

    Adam Rowan remembered one of his least memorable moments from high school, when he was caught "spying" on a neighbor. He was 19 years old, a senior in high school and was working out, getting a good pump in and was sweating like a beast; Adam shed his baseball uniform from afterschool...
  8. Deadward

    Star Trek

    We're kinda living in a golden age of Star Trek, so I figured I'd start a thread. Share your smutty Trek fanart, holodeck mishaps fantasies, lust over the sexy men of the franchise, or y'know, just have a nerdy conversation 'bout Klingon dick(s) :joy::D
  9. fireice42

    Backseat Introduction

    I can't believe this is happening. So I'm going to write this story as it happens because it's happening to me RIGHT NOW and I'm freaking the fuck out and it's helping me to pretend I'm busy on my phone because holy mother fucking holy shit balls. I'm on a cross-County road trip with my...
  10. fireice42

    Coach's MVP

    The steaming hiss of shower water filled the locker room as a lone male stood underneath one of the many heads that dotted the locker room. His skin was a dark tan with exception with his arms and legs which had a lighter tinge. Tattoos across his chest and arms streaked across his skin, joining...
  11. fireice42

    My Wife's Lover

    We'd been married for almost two years when I caught her. I had been out of town on business and was scheduled to get home late. A canceled flight is normally a disaster, but in this case the airline was able to book me on a direct flight that actually got me home hours earlier than my initial...
  12. fireice42

    Father In Laws Surprise Visit

    James Butler was wondering how he was going to spend Friday evening with his wife and kids out of town visiting her sister in North Carolina. He had wanted to go with them, but his boss told him that an important contract had to be finished by Sunday afternoon without fail which meant James...
  13. fireice42

    The Hotel Room

    The room is stale, airless, but we don’t open the window. Mr. Brown doesn’t want people in the street below to hear us. He has something special planned. He closes and then locks the door. His privacy is valuable to him. We are at The Three Fishers Hotel. It is easy to get the room. Nobody asks...
  14. fireice42

    When Santa Came To Call

    Aaron took a half-step backward away from his nineteen-year-old cousin. The poor sap must be tripping. He’d warned him not to take so many drugs. Harry stood, eye rims reds, pupils glazed, a pitiful sight. Aaron tried to humour him. “Okay, so Santa came into the room just as you were unwrapping...
  15. fireice42


    The big cock pounding in and out of his ass hole was about to cum. Todd could tell by the panting breath, the speeded up fucking and the groans coming from his fucker. Any moment now, he'd feel the 13th load of the afternoon gushing into his hot fuck chute. His official title was Equipment...
  16. fireice42


    There is something particularly humiliating about being arrested covered in cum, piss, and surrounded by big black men, especially when you were once a very well-off businessman with a simple insertion fetish. My whole private life had been exposed in a day, and it affected my professional life...
  17. fireice42


    "So, what's with Vanilla Ice?" Simon asked, as he regarded the white guy setting up his speaker. It was obvious that the band's new bass player was a white dude! With so many brothers needing work, why were they stuck with this white-ass, "Aw, man, don't play that, he's with it, he's...
  18. fireice42

    Black Pirates Of The Norfolk Broads

    When Tony Samuels asked me to go on a boating holiday with him, I was delighted, we had been friends and sometimes lovers for a long time. We drove from London to Norwich, took over our motor cruiser, and sailed down the River Yare towards Breydon Water. That evening we moored up at Reed ham...
  19. fireice42

    Deserted Island - Clark Kent and Jimmy Olson

    "CK, what are we going to do?" Jimmy Olson asked, the strain in his voice audibly pitching his voice an octave higher. Jimmy and Clark Kent hung by their wrists on a chain that was slowly lowering them to their death a few yards below where molten steel churned and bubbled. Clark was still...
  20. fireice42

    Austin Theory and John Cena

    WWE star, Austin Theory was dumb struck. He'd just got the news that he'd be going to Japan with the WWE for one of their shows. Unfortunately, Austin didn't get to pick who his roommate was; The WWE did that for him. Anyway, he was just glad to be going. After the couple of months, he'd...
  21. fireice42

    Vince Does It For Me

    ( NOT MY STORY ) Vince does it for me... It had come to the point that no sooner had I knocked on Vincent's door than he was unwrapping me like a birthday parcel. "It is just that I have been dreaming about you, I am so very horny for you Pete" I gladly relented which was not hard for me to...
  22. fireice42

    John Cena And Brock Lesnar

    Down in Austin, Texas, Brock Lesner had just stepped out the elevator in his crispy black and white suit. Looking fresh and ready to go to the Arena when John approached him. John: Yo Brock man. You know about fixing cars? Brock: Maybe. Whats up? John: Yo, my limo broke down man. (walks him...
  23. fireice42

    The Furnace Man

    The fall season was getting cooler and in preparation, Alan decided that he should be calling the furnace people and have them do their annual check-up. He really didn't like dealing with the owner of the firm because it always seemed that he just could remember anything and Alan thought that...
  24. fireice42

    African Beach, Red Speedos

    Tofo is in Mozambique, the country that runs down half of the east coast of Africa below the equator. Because of its long white beaches and coral, it attracts a hardy breed of tourists who are able to cope with its third world conditions. A web search will show you why so many South Africans...
  25. fireice42

    Massage With Release

    After I'd divorced my wife of 10 years, I moved into a condo while she and the kids lived in the house. We'd parted amicably, but I was still pretty hurt by the whole process and the things that we'd said in court. Luckily, she wasn't able to take me all the way to the cleaners, so I was fairly...
  26. fireice42

    Sex With My Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend

    For all her intelligence, my daughter is not very smart. The evidence for that is sitting on a chaise lounge next to me, Evan, her ex-boyfriend. Evan would have made the perfect son-in-law. He's dashingly handsome with thick chesnut-brown hair, warm brown eyes, a sly, movie-star grin, and a chin...
  27. fireice42

    Marine Bashing

    I stepped out of the Eagle that night, a popular gay bar where I spend my weekends, and my ears detected that familiar sound. "Listen Faggot, your gonna take all of us or we're gonna beat your sissy ass to a bloody pulp!!!," slipped around the corner like a faint whisper for my ears only. I...
  28. fireice42


    ( NOT MY STORY ) "Mr. Williams wants to meet with you at 1:30 in his office," the secretary said. "Alright, thank you for letting me know," Shaun said, as his heart raced. Shaun was an all-conference track star at his university in Houston, TX. He was also a star student with a perfect...
  29. fireice42

    The political intern

    There are many ways to get ahead in politics, but I bet you didn’t realise one of them was to take a few bare-bottom spankings. It happened to me one summer in the 1980s when I was an Intern for, well actually I don’t want to tell you his real name. If I did, you’d know who he was right away...
  30. fireice42

    Paying The Rent

    Rik hid behind the curtain and gazed into the garden below. His neighbour Ste lifted his shirt over his head; he was about to lay in the sun. Rik’s cock stiffened at the sight. What a body, a six-pack to die for. Not a spare gram of fat anywhere. Ste was now nearly naked; only a tiny pair of...