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erotic stories

  1. Thicc Shake

    What would you like to read?

    I've been thinking of trying to write a new story and I've got a few ideas but I feel like some are things we've all read before. I was wondering, what gay stories would you guys like to read? Are there any fantasies or ideas that you never see a story about? If you've got the time, drop a...
  2. Adamwwonttel

    My straight college roommate wants me to suck his cock

    This is the true story of my only sexual experience with a guy. And before you start, I apologize for my poor English writing. It's my third language, and I'm still tryjng to improve it. Thomas and I had known each other since the first day of college. We were in the same dorm room along with 4...
  3. thehottestmenxx

    My First Year in College

    More stories including the complete story of My First Year in College (24 chapters!) and the first chapters of the sequel, My First Year in Prison, as well as exclusive illustrations and bonus on Patreon: Thomas Lodge is creating Gay Erotic Stories | Patreon * Tyler is a freshman student at...
  4. T

    The football coach and his very talented team

    Disclaimer: I’m going to start sharing a story I read a few years ago on the internet. This story is not mine. If someone knows the author, let me know so I can give the corresponding credits or take the appropriate actions. This story is really hot and I didn’t want it to get lost on the...
  5. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - Dream Come True

    Dream Come True the video is just an additional sweetener The locker room was always the most difficult part of practice—yet it always excited me. And watching Nico was always especially difficult. Oftentimes I couldn't even bear to watch him undress for fear that I would pop a boner right in...
  6. briacon429


    I'll never forget the first time I dreamt about the dude down the hall. I knew the guy's name was Chad, but apart from that, I didn't know much about him. He didn't seem to talk much, but he had a hell of a body. Our dorm had communal showers, so I'd seen him naked more than once. My friends...
  7. C

    The Big Plan

    “She looks perfect for a little adventure like this.” For months Mike had an idea for a photo shoot of sorts. Yeah, it would be a photo shoot but it would be so much more. Working in the industry for years, he’d taken part in beautiful projects all around the world and for quite big customers as...
  8. fireice42

    X-men: Logan And Scott

    "BBUUUZZZZ" A bolt of laser flew through the air, but his bestial instincts let him dodge the beam easily. His senses were on full alert as adrenaline began pumping through his veins. With a metallic grinding sound foot long claws of ademantium, the strongest alloy known to man, emerged...
  9. fireice42

    Dolph Ziggler Exam

    Dolph went to the WWE clinic for his annual physical checkup required by the WWE. He enter the room and Dr. Cong greeted him with a handshake. "So how are you doing today Dolph?" "Fine thanks. I'm just hear for my check up." Dolph said. So as standard procedures Dolph stripped down...
  10. fireice42

    My Company, My Rule

    My name is Larry. When I was the age of 22 yrs old, My parents died in an accident and left me a multi-billion factory which produce mirco-chips. The factory had a few thousand workers which consist of age 18 to 65. 90% of them are man. The remaining 10% Women are here to be receptionist...
  11. fireice42

    John Cena And Randy Orton

    Fan of this fiction story. John and Randy had just finished their match and were heading back to the dressing rooms when John asked Randy the most peculiar question. "Hey Randy, what are you doing tonight after the show?" Randy glances down and notices the growing bulge in John's pants...
  12. S

    Cameron Dallas: Escort To The Stars

    Hey, guys. New to this. Let me know what you think. I plan on adding several new parts with several different partners, but tell me what you like and don’t like and who you might like to see make an appearance. https://my.w.tt/jToUBfKSEbb
  13. Z

    Well Endowed British Hunks

    So this thread is basically a prompt for erotic fiction based on Big Dick Brits specifically the lads from reality tv. Gaz Beadle, Chris Hughes, Wes Nelson and Brandon Myers are great examples of this. This thread was brought on by me rewatching Bromans which is truly inspired and homoerotic...
  14. H

    Video Hot Pornhub Compilation Stories

    Hey y'all-- I have been liiiiving for these videos on pornhub that use compilations of different amateur videos to tell erotic stories. It's so fucking hot. Anyone else love these or know of more? Straight Friends - Truth or Dare Pt 4 (Storytime) Straight Friends - Truth or Dare Pt 5...
  15. C

    The Hunter

    Jason was so excited that he could barely contain himself. But he had to play it cool for the ruse to be effective. And he was so close now, he could taste. Jason had engineered the trap with the same precision he would a military campaign. He went overboard with his public bravado- being was...
  16. C

    The Plan

    He arrived home late and tired, after two long days of working away. He is around 5.9. Reddish brown hair, with a lean muscular build. His eyes are that sort of blue that changes with mood and weather. Expressive. I can always see when he is in pain, when he is aroused, when he is feeling...
  17. C

    The Moment Of Surrender

    It was the moment you were waiting for. The moment of surrender. It had started with a gym meeting, as it usually did with you. You were shy – because how could you not be, with that blond god in front of you. You didn’t mind when he corrected you on form, in front of all your friends, leaving...
  18. C

    A Hard Night At The Museum

    Charlie's POV: The event was going full swing. The crowd is what you usually expect from a mid-week lecture at the British Museum on Leonardo Da Vinci: mostly white, mostly rich, with a high percentage of hippy academics, normal academics and crazy academics. Here and there were some potential...
  19. Capitolhillguy

    Nifty.org Suggestions For Gay Erotic

    The story series Evan as well as The Society were both so spectacular both as stories and as erotica. Unfortunately too much of what I find on Nifty are way too heavy on the sex and little story development or they are about average looking guys or have old guys in them. I prefer multi part...