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erotic story

  1. thehottestmenxx

    From Homophobe to Homo (Erotic Story)

    More content, including 13 more chapters of From Homophobe to Homo and exclusive stories, are available on my Patreon: Thomas Lodge is creating Gay Erotic Stories | Patreon. Thanks for your support! ******************* FROM HOMOPHOBE TO HOMO Fags are disgusting and Connor hates them all...
  2. thehottestmenxx

    HOTTEST MAN IN AMERICA (Fake reality tv show)

    Twelve hunky guys, avid of fame and fortune, enrol in a brand-new reality tv-show to elect the HOTTEST MAN IN AMERICA and win the highly coveted ONE MILLION DOLLARS prize. How far will they be willing to go to earn your votes? See them going further and further as the show advances! You will...
  3. fireice42


    It was a beautiful, warm sunny Friday afternoon. I was driving home on the NJ Turnpike after closing a major deal. I was just taking everything in, basking in the solitude, relishing my success when it happened - whap, whap, whap - a flat. I guided my car off to the right shoulder to assess...
  4. F

    Straight friend

    Every seemed to enjoy my last story so I guess I’ll continue. Same straight guy named Evan and stuff. This is after the fact that he broke up with his girlfriend. He found out she ended up cheating on him a good 7 times with multiple different guys. I remember when I was single he came to me...
  5. fireice42


    Chapter One Having crossed the Sahara in our beaten up Land Rover we were elated as we approached the small Nigerian town of Kainji. We had decided to honour the hospitality shown to us by one of our girlfriend's fathers who was an engineer on the new dam that was being built on the river...
  6. fireice42

    Father In Law

    ( NOT MY STORY ) 1.) The Metropolitan Motel (if you could currently call it that, as its name changed five times in just the past fifteen years or so as the place used up as many owners) was a shithole. The structure itself was crooked and the stucco exterior was cracked like the sidewalk out...
  7. thehottestmenxx

    The Attendant (dark dystopia - gay erotic story)

    The entire novel of The Attendant (uncensored version including bonus chapters), other stories, illustrations and behind the scene content, are available on my Patreon: Thomas Lodge is creating Gay Erotic Stories | Patreon THE ATTENDANT In a world where gay men have been stripped away of their...
  8. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - FUCKING THE FIREMAN

    > FUCKING THE FIREMAN < I was 21 at the time on summer break from college. I spent most of the summer working out, sleeping late and jerking off to internet porn. Occasionally I'd find time to work on the house but clearly my schedule was booked. This was a college bachelor's wet dream. One...
  9. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - Shadow Dreams Chapter 1

    Shadow Dreams chapter 1 anonymity the Morning Light was bright as it stream through the open window it made Leo's head throb from last night's boozed Leo's whole body ached and everything hurt he started to stretch in his bad when he hit something and realized he was not in bed alone...
  10. HunkNerd


    I knew as a young guy at the age of 18 I was into guys, I was gay. I had started doing the jerk-off thing with a few buddies of mine from school, but I wanted more. Then it happened, at 19 I met Rodger, a young man of about 24 that lived up the back ally from our house. Rodger was so good...
  11. HunkNerd

    A.Umbra - Shadow Dreams (Erotic Story - AudioBook) 4 hour 44 minute 39 sec

    It's about young gay name Leo raised by a family that strongly believes in religion... Hope you guys Enjoy
  12. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - 1st strip poker game

    1st Strip Poker Game Note : my neighbor As Tony and me As HunkNerd. I had just turned 18 and my neighbor, Tony, and I messed around a little bit. Tony was 3 years older than me but we were both living at home and going to college. He was in great shape with long hair and rugged, handsome...
  13. littlekaitt

    Going Down On My Date In The Sushi Bar Bathroom (f)

    Since you guys liked my other erotic story heres another! Kick back and enjoy reading about the time I went down on my date in a sushi bar bathroom I was dressed nicely since it was a higher end restaurant... little black skirt and lacy panties underneath. I felt sexy and confident. The date...
  14. littlekaitt

    30f Met Up With Hung Tinder Dude For A Date/hike

    This is a story about getting horny on a hiking date and sucking the guys dick on the trail My weekends are typically spent trail running, climbing, biking, etc, so naturally I enjoy getting dirty outside. I started seeing a guy I met off tinder and invited him for a hike around a popular...