1. Konstantinos20

    Photos & Videos Sean Meachen (The Busker)

    Sean Meachen - The Busker (Saxophonist ) | ESC 2023 - Malta
  2. M

    Iasonas Mandilas

    This is an appreciation post for Iasonas Mandilas (Jason Mandilas). He’s a greek singer/dancer. He’s super fit! I met him a number of years ago and have been quietly appreciating him from afar since. He goes through spells of posting pretty suggestive posts on his Instagram but they often...
  3. minusrest

    Markus Riva (Latvian Singer)

    Really hot, has an OF that apparently has bare ass on it but haven’t got it myself so can’t say Very open with shirtless/underwear pics though, so hopefully some stuff is out there
  4. K

    Remo Ferrer

    Eurovision singer from Switzerland
  5. D

    Jan Rozmanowski (Jann) sexy singer

    This hot ass twink needs more attention
  6. Stimmty

    Malik Harris

    Malik Harris participated in Eurovision 2022 representing Germany. I think he's very handsome so does anyone have some pictures of him?
  7. B

    Conchita Wurst

    Couldn't find a thread on Conchita Wurst. They lean much more towards androgyny nowadays rather than traditional drag and don't seem afraid to show some skin!
  8. Konstantinos20

    Photos & Videos Andrew Lambrou (Cyprus 2023)

    Andrew Lambrou
  9. Konstantinos20

    Photos & Videos Käärijä (Finland 2023)

    Käärijä (Finland 2023 - Eurovision)
  10. romeok01

    Stefan Airapetjan

    Eurovision 2022 Estonian-Armenian singer
  11. romeok01

    krystian ochman (poland eurovision)

    anything on this handsome polish daddy?
  12. X


    Since the last thread about him was closed. (From his Twitter. )
  13. Marco Tony

    How to watch the Eurovision internationally? Not aired in Canada anymore.

    I'm from canada. I would like to watch the eurovision coming in a couple of weeks. But Omni who used to air the eurovision will not air it anymore. So how canadians will be able to watch the eurovision? I dont want to watch it on youtube. Since its only the perfomances. I want to see the votes...
  14. K

    Blanco - Riccardo Fabbriconi (Italian Singer)

    Any goodies on him?
  15. sexyconcrafter

    Efraim Leo (swedish Singer)

    Saw him at Melodifestivalen today and he's sexy af :heart_eyes::yum
  16. M

    Stefan Timotijevic

    He's a YouTuber. I think he's very hot and fun, I don't think he shares any nudes, but if you have anything to share, I'd be happy. :) His instagram: Login • Instagram
  17. sexyconcrafter

    Ulrik Munther (swedish Singer & Actor)

    Ulrik Munther is a Swedish singer and actor. Plus he's extremely handsome.
  18. 7788maw

    Anything On Kristian Kostov?

    I was just wondering if anyone has anything out there on Kristian Kostov?
  19. N

    Victor Crone

  20. T

    Jurijus Veklenko

    Something on Jurijus Veklenko, Lithuanian guy from Eurovision 2019 pls pls. He's ultra hot!
  21. J

    Eurovision 2019 - Antonin Hrabal

    Anyone have anything from one of the members from Czech Republic band Lake Malawi? Antonin Hrabal is really hot His insta Antonín Hrabal (@antoninhrabal) • Instagram photos and videos
  22. Cocochanel

    Mihai Traistariu, Romanian Singer

    He represented Romania at Eurovision 2006. I don’t know if that’s really him or he just pranked me with some fake dick pics, but I tried to bait him and he fell for my thirst. Judge it by yourself
  23. V

    Douwe Bob

    Douwe Bob Dutch singer songwriter Former Eurovision contestant
  24. F

    John lundvik - swedish artist

    So, John Lundvik just went and won the Swedish trials for Eurovision last night. He seem so happy, so joyful and energetic. Not to mention he has nice arms and a past as competing in short-distance sprint! He is a family father though so might not be a lot of naughty stuff available =/...
  25. 1

    Eurovision hotties nudes

    Any nudes from Eurovision contestants? Share (old & new ones)