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  1. ganymedejohnson

    Sharing my dick

    Just wanted to show off my 23 ur old hairy cock. 7 in, does this count as hung lol?
  2. tuabuela

    Touching legs while seated on an airplane

    This happens on every single flight (especially in those narrow economy seats). So, I’m curious to see if there are others who find it erotic when legs are touching with the passenger in the next seat. I wonder how often this leads to something else, and what kind of experiences have people had.
  3. J

    playlist with unlisted videos with men showing d1ck (Y0utub3)

    if you have a playlist with videos unlisted on y0utub3 with hot men or showing d1ck share it
  4. A

    Can someone help me identify this guy

    Can someone help me identify this guy?
  5. S

    Paris France exhib

    Partager vos exhib ici si vous voulez où bien partagez des spots d’exhib à Paris
  6. maybemichael_t

    Check my twitter? @maybemichael_t

    Hi folks Trying to grow my twitter profile a bit… I’m a 22 y.o. college twink, 130lbs & 5’9” with a hairy bush Looking to create and post more exhibitionist and cruising content but for now just posting pics, gifs and vids of myself. Click here to check my twitter account out...
  7. C

    Hung, pale, muscle bro showing off in a forest, any source/id?

    I found this short clip buried in a gtru torrent download. Wonder if there's more of him somewhere?
  8. NaughtyBelgian

    Naughty selfies w filters - perfect for shy exhibs!

    A few months ago several apps like tiktok, snapchat and many others gave you the option to toonify yourself. This filter is perfect for horny but shy exhibs like myself? Wanna play along? Share yours
  9. Gzul

    Photos & Videos Jaxonmartin5

    Hey baters ! I saw that there's no thread about Jaxon Martin, him and his boyfriend are really hot. They have a twitter (@jaxonmartin5) with shorts videos and have an OF. Does someone have something on them ? Here's some vids they posted
  10. B

    Video Anyone Can Id This Guy?

    Found him through a Twitter repost page, was wondering if anyone can tell me who he is.
  11. fitmasteradam

    Exposure And Blackmail List

    Fit exposure master 28 here - got lots of hot exposure subs. Hit me up! KIK: fitmasteradam SKYPE: sluttymasteradam@outlook.com
  12. gymnistes

    Naked In Front Of Airbnb/couchsurfing Host

    Has anyone got naked in the common areas while staying with a airbnb / misterbandb / Couchsurfing host? What did they say ? here’s a pic of me, stayed at a hot guy’s place from misterbandb for 11 days for work travel. We didn’t chat about nudism but I saw clothing optional on his listing. He...
  13. E

    Ximera - The Perfect Guy

    Who knows that guy ? seems to be on onlyfans : ximera
  14. Guay1992

    Video Chiappenude Videos

    Wanted to start collecting the videos shared in this blog: chiappenude.blogspot.com Here is a couple links: New Year Shower Video! - Chiappe nude - Naked Ass Towel Dance (1 and 2) - Lower (Season 6) - Chiappe nude - Naked Ass
  15. bahf

    Looking For A Public Exhib/show Off Thread

    Hi guys. I am looking for an exhib or show off thread. Show off that tou show your body to other people in real life. Like delivery guys, or naked in locker room or freeballing or voyeuring someone naked. Not saying showing off to the forum members, instead, showing off to the people around you...
  16. B

    Photo Does Anyone Know Who This Is, Or Have More Of Him?

  17. F

    Extremalchiki Justforfans/onlyfans

    Extremalchiki @ JustFor.Fans anyone subbed?
  18. R

    Snapchat Strip Dice Game

    I'm going to roll a dice. First roll determines how many rounds we play. Subsequent rolls determine how many items of clothing you take off. I could roll two 1's and just get your socks. Or I could roll a 6 on the first and get multiple chances to strip you bare. If you want to play leave...
  19. 8

    Photos & Videos Alex Dom Master Slaves

    I exposed my slaves. Comment the post! Ask me for more pics!
  20. Cum in freez

    Cum in freez

    Ejac avec ce froid de merde Instagram @remyglenat
  21. G

    Ametzer2 Onlyfans

    Anyone subscribe to this sexy exhibitionist? He posts censored clips on twitter, but he shows off everything here. https://twitter.com/ametzer2
  22. exposedtease

    Men In Public

  23. DarkOverlord

    Life Model Poses Needed For Lockdown Art Project

    My friend Al is working on an art project over lockdown. He is painting a series of sketches from poses self submitted by men from around the world. I think the beautiful denizens of LPSG would be great at this! If you are interested he needs a colour photo of you. You don't need to be naked...
  24. 1

    Video Public Bathroom Fucking

    okay, I can’t remember what thread it was on but it was from someone’s onlyfans where they were fucking in a cubicle while people were drying their hands outside at the sink Any videos like this are super hot so I’m creating a thread but I’m looking for a specific one and can’t find it lol...
  25. P

    Help Id'ing Exhibitionist

    Below are the video's I have found on this guy and I'm wondering if any of y'all know if he has more content and where to find it. He's an amateur exhibitionist and I've had no luck so far. Hot Young Stud Naked Cumming at the River - ThisVid.com Morning Masturbation - ThisVid.com Cumming while...
  26. D

    My softi ..

  27. 1

    Show off the hottest amateur exhib guy

    Exposing naked guys Find guys posted on the net or on social networks who likes to show their dicks and their ass ...
  28. Johnnie89

    Look at my bubble butt

    I'm a big exhibitionist / voyeur and love sharing pics of my ass on my Instagram feed and stories. Offline I also enjoy naturism, attending nude meet-ups in my city, going to nudist areas when I travel and hanging out nudie friends at home. Feel free to follow my naked adventures on IG: John...