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  1. scottycocksucker

    Hello from Sacramento

    I forgot about this site. Just an experienced cocksucker who loves all cock, but am particularly enamored with fat uncut cocks that like being teased and jacked and sucked off. If you like to treat me like the cocksucker I am, that makes me more enthusiastic of a cock swallower
  2. Lathar

    Vascular injury

    Hi, I would like to use my vacuum machine again. Is there anyone here (who has been doing it for years) that had vascular issues related with pumping penis/balls ? I have heard that pumping can injure your blood vessels and that can cause erection problems… which scares me a little. thx
  3. G

    Photos & Videos Virgin and Hunk MMF/Learning to fuck/experienced and virgin MMF porn

    Looking for porn videos that have an experienced guy fucking and showing/teaching another dude how to fuck. Kind of like this video: Julian Rodriguez, Collin Simpson, Tori Blue MMF
  4. Thriftdaddy412

    Young hung virgin twink for older mature

    Like the title says I’m a young hung twink virgin. A little about me l’m 5’9 165lbs nice thick, long, shaved cock. I’m slim and smooth....view my profile and photos. I’ve recently been really curious and attracted to the older more mature type men. I’m talking 50+ I’d love to chat with you...