eye roll orgasm

  1. Z

    Videos Of Men: Eyes Rolling In Pleasure/ecstacy

    Post links/images (preferably links) of gay/straight porn where the men in them roll their eyes up or in the back of their heads in pleasure of fucking, getting head, edging/jerking, fleshlight fucking, etc etc. No bottoms or females! Just the top men. And also, if the bottom is hot, sure go...
  2. J

    Website Filled With Ahegao And Eye Rolling Orgasms!

    Hey guys, just wanted to share a website for whoever have the AHEGAO or EYE ROLLING ORGASM fetish. I also started a thread where we post GIFs and images of these type of stuff if you wish to check it out (to get an idea what an ahegao or eye roll orgasm is) Anyway, the website is...
  3. J

    Photo Eye Rolling Orgasm & Women Rolling Their Eyes In Orgasm

    Hey guys, Not so much common but I am sure I am not the only one turned on by this and gets me wet. You can just upload your own eye rolling orgasms and let's make this thread HUGE and let people explore a new fetish. I will be getting the pictures from a sub and website (it's the only think I...