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  1. Daveboogie

    My musky undies…

    Just took my undies off after a long day of work and decided to give them a little musky treatment. All over my sweaty hole, cock and balls. Fun.
  2. AboSarieli

    Photo Full frontal nude pictures of uncircumcised men over 40

    This thread is for discussion about and for sharing of full frontal nude pictures of uncircumcised men in their 40s and older, regardless of their sexual orientation. Mature men in all their glory! Please make sure the man's face is visible in every picture you post and that you respect the...
  3. muskyyy

    Photo Dick & Face

  4. F

    Gif of rubbing face against a bulge in pants

    Anyone got something like this? So hard to find. Preferably the guys would be on a couch or bed.
  5. K

    Show off your nude selfie

    I’m always hesitated to post pictures that consisting my face and my dick, but i love watching people doing so(huge respect fr). Just here checking out to see if any hotties can show your hot face and dick for me (and for the others)
  6. partyfavorite

    Help me ID this guy

    saw this video on telegram the video is from twitter but the account gayamateur02 is suspended... anyone know who this guy is?
  7. D

    Gio Pirri @giopirri from Instagram

    Does anyone of any nudes of this Instagram hottie? I love his legs
  8. J

    Photos & Videos Cum On Face

    Would love to see the best loads on the best faces ;)
  9. S

    Photo Id Cute Guy From Xhamster Ad/popup

    Was watching porn and this cutie popped up and taunted me. Please if someone knows who this is let me know. I doubt it though, I just really wanna know.
  10. NWK1998

    Looking To Get Throat Pounded By Monster Cock In Northern Nj

    Title basically! :) I am a 23 year old male college graduate and I’m looking to get my face fucked by a nice long cock. I would prefer someone experienced, but honestly just be rough enough to keep me busy ;) I’d love to talk to you more about it! Shoot me a DM.
  11. R

    Show Us A Face, Flaccid And Hard Pic!

    I cannot be the only one who wants to see all of it ;)
  12. S

    Rate This Russian Male Model

  13. B

    Links Pimeyes Blurred The Pics Recently

    Try the PimEyes face recognition search engine and find yourself on the Internet • PimEyes It's a facial recognition search engine, a website tool which I rely on heavily for identifying porn video/pic (who's him? which video this scene is from?), but they blurred the pics in results recently...
  14. S

    Holes Or Faces. What Type Of Porn Do You Like?

    Two major types of porn seem to fall into the categories of a penis in a hole or more full body with facial expressions. What type do you prefer. Personally I'm not crazy about any vid that is basically a penis in a hole for 90% (or whatever) of the vid. I like plenty of full body action so you...
  15. A

    Punched93 Face

    I’ve seen a bunch of videos of Punched93 and his fisting videos are so hot. I’m just curious to see what he looks like because I’ve caught glimpses of his face in some videos but I’ve never seen the full thing. Does anyone have a picture/video with his face in it?
  16. C

    Help Id This Model

  17. I

    Face2face Skype Group

    Searching for new members for my skype group where we show face while wanking. Gay, curious, bi, straight, all are welcome. It is NOT an exposure group, therefore we have the rule of no recording. If you are interested, add me on skype: live:ilainus2
  18. happymess

    Photo Dick Selfie Thread (dickfie)

    The rule is simple. Post selfie-like pics where they show BOTH their dick and face!
  19. 3

    Video What's The Top's Name?

    Hey, does anyone know this top's name? Rough gay face fuck - Free Gay Porn Videos, Gay Sex Movies, Mobile Gay Porn
  20. 1

    Showing His Face On Naked Pics ?

    Hi everybody. I’d like to talk about showing his own face on nude pics on LPSG (or on cam or other websites). I do it sometimes but I’d like to have some feedbacks, advices, criticism or just what you think about that. I think it’s more exciting to show entirely nude on pics or cam. But it’s a...
  21. W

    Video Videos Of Self Facials

    Hey all, Looking for some new videos of good self facial videos! Any recommendations help. Prefer if they're natural rather than forced (ie: doing a summer salt to aim at their face). I'll post one of my favorites to start. XXXSuperSoaker95 (@SSoaker95) | Twitter Prefect example of what I'm...
  22. tm456

    New To Lpsg!

    Awesome site, wish I found it years ago! I've been much more active recently and am learning as I go. If anyone has tips or advice I'd love to hear it. I'm really into naked selfies so if anyone is interested feel free to check out lpsg club group #GayNakedSelfies also, feel free to say hi...
  23. Leghunter

    Ladies show me your best orgasm face!

    let’s see those sexy faces you make during orgasms. Starting with these:
  24. B

    Celeb bukkake

    Which famous men would you like to take turns busting a nut all over your face and/or body? If you're not into being ejaculated on then name your "centerpiece" and list the other celebs you want to join you. Name as many guys you want. My picks change all the time but these are the current...
  25. Isiahsin434

    Do anybody have a fart fetishs

    I love the smell of muscular men asses when they fart. the smell Of a hot guy fart smells good and intoxicated always have a fantasy A Male bodybuilder sit On my face and fart on it
  26. 1

    Would you show off... with face?

    Know lot's of guys are discreet on here, just wondering who's brave enough to bare all with their face in the photo.
  27. 1

    Friendly big cock wanted

    Looking to play on skype with friendly big cock...:heart_eyes: Hopefully more then a one off..:kissing_heart: Looking for someone with personality.. big cock.. and big balls..:heart: Not into anonymous big cock.. sorry!:mad: lol