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  1. M

    Photo Marco Blaze - truly curious

    Hi guys. Huge fan of early 2000s pornstar Marco Blaze, pictured below. I've read that he had some kind of relationship with Levi Poulter near the end of his porn career, and that he may have returned to Argentina and even married a woman, but there's scarce word on him since 2010/2012. I know...
  2. masc4thanos

    Best Vintage Falcon Studios Scenes And Movies

    Lately I have been very drawn to vintage gay porn from the early 2000s back to the mid 1980s. The men were just hotter, fucked better, and were produced and directed better. Falcon Studios in particular has provided me with some great content so I was wondering if anyone here would to share some...
  3. buhdools

    Vintage Twunk Brett Winters

    Did vintage twunk Brett Winters ever bottom? Or even take so much as a finger? I've seen reference to him taking dildos in scene descriptions for Stiff Competition (1990) – Jocks Video, and The Guy Next Door (Mustang) (1995), on GEVI, but that doesn't seem to have been the case when I went back...
  4. 4

    Glass Cock Ring Where To Buy ?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone of you knows where to buy a glass cockring. I know that years ago they were sold by Falcon (I guess that was the name of the brand) but now it's unavailable. Do you guys know if there's any other glass cockring I could buy? Or do you sell a used one maybe? I'd buy...