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fashion model

  1. R


  2. beaux cumslut

    Francisco Rosso

    Anything on him?
  3. sanzzzz

    Photo Ablexu (fashion model)

    Does anyone have anything?? He’s a fashion model and has a pretty fit body. I’ve been following him on instagram for a while and rumours say that he has an onlyfans? He posts risqué stuff on his stories sometimes so I think it might be true. Instagram
  4. E

    Who's this guy?

    Does anyone know who this guy is? He's a fashion model but I couldn't find his name...
  5. xogole

    Photo Anyone know who these fashion models are??

    They seem to be models for GAP Factory. I tried looking on the GAP website and Google reverse image search but wasn't very successful. Would appreciate help finding their names.
  6. D

    Mehcad Brooks

    Mehcad Brooks is an American actor and former fashion model. He is known for his roles as Matthew Applewhite in the second season of ABC's series Desperate Housewives. Great arse, great slender and then bulky body and superb voice! I certainly would have him!
  7. D

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is an English actor, director, and former fashion model! What a beautiful, big, black, machine, Amazing body and handsome to boot!
  8. D

    Photo remy_mht

    Gorgeous French model. He’s posed nude for Tom Saint Clair and ex-sl / Exterface. Anyone got uncensored photos? Instagram
  9. C

    Fashion Photographer Steven Klein's Pictures

    Starting a thread here about fashion photographer Steven Klein's pictures He has photographed all these male models over the years in various sexual settings! I will start sharing my collection depending on everyone's reaction... IF you are going to post something, please at least credit the...
  10. C

    Oli Lacey (ralph Lauren British Male Model)

    British male model Oli Timeless beauty
  11. C

    Shayne Cureton (black Male Model)

  12. M

    Leo Mandella Aka Gullyguyleo

    Is anybody else a fan of fashion boy GullyGuyLeo? Seems like he’s low-key got a boyfriend now. He always seems like such a sweet & creative guy, not at all douchey like a lot of these “influencer” types...
  13. C

    Jules Horn (male Model)

    Think he deserves his own thread... Here for Yummy Zine!
  14. S

    British Model Arran Sly

    anything on him?