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fat ass

  1. K

    Photo Plz ID this hot man!

    Do anyone know his name? Plz ID him! He’s sooo hot and his butt is amazingly sexy!!! Not sure if he’s an only fans model and I can’t find him on image searchers. Thanks!!!
  2. Steezin

    Ass job question

    Is it possible to have a guy not reach the anus and be between your cheeks while your butt is all the way up against his stomach? Like in a standing or on your knees on the bed in a position like +{ . Is there any videos or pictures? How big would an ass need to be to do this to a 5 inch cock...
  3. P


    He's hot and has a pretty cool editing style/niche (the vintage porn stuff) He seems really slutty if his tweets are anything to go by, talks about getting fucked and being a cumdump a lot There was a few vids of him getting fucked but he's deleted them, never seen him do a collab with another...
  4. M

    Solofa Fatu Jr. “Rikishi”

    I know there may be mixed opinions on this old school wrestler Rikishi. But I have an obsession with fat asses and Polynesian men. He fits that bill. He is much older now but him back in the day, whew. If I had a huge dick he would be spanked, bent over, and fucked hard till my semen is deep...
  5. Milkdud123


    OnlyFans idoitforlaughs (@idoitforlaughs) | TikTok big booty old guy has an onlyfans he is hot asf
  6. M

    Tommy Eskridge

    I came across thus big booty dude on Twitter named Tommy Eskridge. I am 100% bottom, but I have these conflicting moments like this when I run into such big asses like his. If I were a top with a huge dick I would pound him for hours. What do you all think? Twitter: Last_Honeymoon_ OnlyFans...
  7. H

    Can anyone ID this chubby white ass?

    Found it on Reddit but under a fake account.
  8. D

    The Luis Manuel

    He has a really big fat ass and a thick cock too
  9. L

    Lucas Perri - brazilian soccer player

  10. M

    Can anyone ID this big booty?

    Would love to see more of him and I know he likes taking pics of that phatty
  11. D

    Photos & Videos Who is this THICC, SEXY, webcammer with such a FAT ass and SLOPPY hole?

    Who is this dude in this video???? He's sexy af and both his huge ass and his sloppy, blown-out hole are phenomenal! Link: Tatted Straight Jock Fucks Himself With Toys - ThisVid.com
  12. B

    ian puleston davies

    Anything on this daddy. Find he has a lovely bulge sometimes
  13. C

    Cal Raleigh

    MLB Player for the Seattle Mariners, has earned the nickname “Big Dumper”. I think he deserves his own thread.
  14. M

    Alberto Rey

    It’s finally time for Alberto Rey to have his own thread! Where is this man? He has such an amazing body and ass. Are there any videos of him with butt play (his butt)? Thoughts??
  15. D

    C.J. Stroud

    I feel like he needs his own thread because that ass is way too fat and sexy!
  16. D


    Anyone have more content from this guy? He has an incredible ass and has really hot dildo vids. https://twitter.com/althole98 OnlyFans
  17. D


    does anyone have any of their content? onlyfans twitter linktree
  18. Phatbooty_


    Chill cute fem boy in #philly. I like going to the gym, riding faces and watching football. I ❤️ #bbc cause I’m good at eating it & it looks good in my pretty mouth. Getting my ass spanked.
  19. T

    Photos & Videos J-Mo Bear Appreciation Thread

    I just think he's a handsome bear, plus he's super confident about his body and that is honestly a huge turn on! :blush:
  20. B

    carmelo hayes

    He’s so sexy
  21. R

    Mustafa Ali

    Ali ass so phat, i’ll bury my face in it.
  22. D


    Please do anybody have links to his fucking videos?
  23. B

    Photos & Videos Jey Uso

    What a Fat ASS
  24. M

    Jackquell Gordon

    This big booty Rudy is Jackquell Gordon. I was going down the rabbit hole of Google and came across this sexy mf. He has one of the phattest asses I’ve ever seen. I subscribed to his OnlyFans (1 month free) and OMG. He gets pegged by women but it’s still sexy af. I’m really turned on. I’m a...
  25. T


    I was thinking bout posting this thread long ago, but anyways, anyone knows this thick latin boy?? hes ass is so fat
  26. D

    Big Butt Farts

    Let's post big butt farts here. Can be literally anything pics, writing, links u name it it's all good
  27. N

    Butt in Briefs

    I have a fetish for guys in briefs. Especially guys wearing briefs with a huge fat butt. I couldn't find a thread with this but I decided to start one. Do you guys any photos or videos of models or anyone with a nice butt in briefs? Or if they look good in briefs.
  28. XStudX

    Sexiest Men

    Wanted to post the men I thirst for so if someone feels the same we can DM about what I’d do to them~
  29. D

    Need help losing a massive amount of weight.

    Hello everyone, I need to lose a lot of weight before my 12th 29th birthday in August 2023. I'm not trying to add muscle as this fat ass Chevy Tahoe body has to go. Height: 5'7 (short as hell. I know) Current Weight: 275lbs Goal Weight: 150lbs I have been 150lbs before so I know what I will...
  30. V


    I found the original vid of this amazing ass on this site, but these screenshots are all I got left. Anyone got the name of the dude, or the original vid?