1. J

    Video Looking for full vid

    Does anyone have the full normal speed video of this? I know it's 30 minutes long but I can't find it anywhere. Appreciate anyone who can help
  2. M

    Links New to this. My first exposure!

    https://exposedpassion.com/post.php?id=656ff0dfd4b48.jpg Let me know what you think about my first exposure. How do i look?
  3. J

    Looking for full video

    Does anyone have the full normal speed video of this? I know it's 30 minutes but I can't find it anywhere. Appreciate anyone who can help
  4. AjEdged

    Andrew Yate Hates Feet

    Andrew Yate sat on the balcony of his mansion. His feet kicked up and a glass on wine in hand. He was very well off. Quite possibly the most well off findom/foot master out there. He built empire off of exploiting others in the fetish community. Inside a few men of his were making fetish videos...
  5. F

    Help with Videos of chubby guy? "Chubby_feetlover"

    Anyone have any videos of this chub-sized guy or seen his vids b4? I remembered he had a pornhub channel years ago and was fairly active with lots of videos. I did managed to find this video tho along with very few others. I think his user was like "chubby_feetlover" with very few vids still...
  6. M

    Does anyone have this Sean Lawless foot video?

    it's on thisvid but it's a private video and i'm enticed by just the screengrab alone. anyone have it?
  7. P

    luisbardot porn comics

    Does anyone have B&J chapter 1-3 in english from luisbardot ? Subscribe to luisbardot
  8. W

    Photos & Videos Male Feet and soles scenes from movies/TV

    Thread for fellow foot fethists who enjoys seeing feet and soles from movies and TVs. please contribute if you find any.
  9. J

    OF Used Socks/Shoes

    Hey, just wondering who here has bought an OF creator’s used socks/shoes and what the experience was like for you? Who was it?
  10. I

    Video help me id this man!!

    i found this hot guy with a great body and thick dick on a twitter page and every other comment is someone asking for his name lol, if you have any info please share !
  11. K

    Help me identify the guys, mostly the one in red shorts!

    Please help me identify the guys in this video, mainly the one in the red shorts (he's sooo hot!)! Please!
  12. B

    Master Ryan Darkgrey

    I was surprised to not see anything about him on here yet, but does anyone else subscribe to Master Ryan DarkGrey on only fans? His Only Fans is onlyfans.com/mdarkgrey and his twitter is @RyanDarkgrey he’s a faceless dom that mainly focuses on foot domination, armpit worship and face sitting...
  13. NowhereHere19

    JockFootFantasy-Models/Previews/Reviews- Megathread

    Model-Emilio Instagram- Login • Instagram Emilio has some of the hottest feet I've ever seen. Large smooth soles mixed with that smile anytime he's tickled= Chef's kiss
  14. B

    19M Findom

    19M 6'3 feet tall slim jock findom looking for sub bitch finsub to drain. If this sounds like you, DM me bitch boy. Serious only. Add my snap too: b1untbro
  15. B

    Photo Anyone remember the site FootFreakz?

    There was an old site call FootFreakz.com and I would like to know if anyone has any videos from it. The guys on that site were sexy and so were their feet. I would love to see the full video of them (especially the model called Damon).
  16. AjEdged

    Hostile Work Environment

    Jesse woke up dreading going to work today, just as he did everyday. He did not get paid enough to put up with the life draining workplace bully that was Derek. They both worked in the same office building sitting across from each other. Derek’s father owned the company so of course he was...
  17. G

    Photo Oleg Sheps (Олег Шепс)

    Oleg Sheps is a famous Russian psychic medium. Has a hairy chest. The heels are beautiful. Has a sexy brother - Alexander Sheps. Participates in the Russian show - The Battle of the strongest psychics
  18. X

    Huge handed tall muscle jocks

    I’m looking for celebs, or just overall people who we can find online, that have the following: - the jock look: young-ish with cocky demeanour, and big muscles! - tall! 6,3” is the minimum ;) - have huge hands! I know that goes well with the hight, but still - big feet are welcomed! - have big...
  19. F

    Paypig for straight men

    dm me on snap x_c235942
  20. voyeurfan

    Could you educate me on the foot fetish ?

    Can somebody explain the foot fetish to me ? In general, the attraction & devotion & adoration of feet and turning them into something sexual, how does that happen ? Does it have to do anything with the sweat / pheromones ? I've noticed that it's something quite prevalent, both in porn but...
  21. T

    ID actors in this foot fetish threesome with chocolate cake

    https://thegay.com/videos/899737/foot-fetish-bareback-threesome/ amazing bareback threesome with foot worship and chocolate cake play. Curious who they all are and any other similar vids by this production.
  22. Guess it Started In ‘86-‘87…

    Guess it Started In ‘86-‘87…

    Decades of confusion on where my intense and irrational foot fetish came from? This has been in my mental shadow box since I can remember. My earliest memory of being in a trance from witnessing another guys feet was in middle school. I’d say about 6th or 7th grade. I don’t believe I was crazy...
  23. Suspiriorum

    Photos & Videos Master JT (@AlphaJT_, masterjt)

    Surprised he isn’t on here yet
  24. H

    Zeke Wolf

    hello everyone, first time making a thread :) so...anybody has something of Zeke Wolf? I found he's a porn actor in manpuppy.com and has tons of short videos. He usually stare with Elis Ataxxx or Richard Lennox. Any info is more than welcome :) Also if you have his accounts or of please share.
  25. AjEdged

    Marc Fennell [Journalist & TV Presenter]

    I think he is so hot haha . I got the picture off of his wiki feet page. Some of the best feet from a public figure I've seen.
  26. Uksa2

    Jamie Sanders FEET

    It really doesn’t get hotter than this Badly need to lick those soles, press them to my face and suck on those perfect toes
  27. NowhereHere19

    StuckBucks-Megathread Models/Reviews/Previews

    Tiktok- @joelerdmann This Tiktoker Joel aside from posting already-hot videos of his amazing physique on TikTok, had made content with Stuckbucks. I wonder if Joel has any idea about the number of people jerking off to his videos. Subscribe to Stuck Bucks on Gumroad From a confidant muscle...
  28. P

    Photos & Videos Rafael Grata @rafaelgratta

    Esse gostoso fala sobre ansiedade e foco, mas sempre fico babando no pézão dele
  29. J

    Help me find him plis

    I found a couple of photos but that's all / Encontré un par de fotos pero eso es todo
  30. X

    Vintage / Historical Photos of Male Feet

    Hey guys, I would like to start this thread to share historical / vintage photos of men showing their feet. Feel free to share, I couldn't find many.