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  1. M

    Daddy feet

    Am I the only one that can barely find any videos where dads or older males (like 40+) get their feet worshiped/licked/played with? Or videos of daddies giving a foot job maybe? I never found one! Help me here, LPSG!
  2. T

    Below Deck Feet

    Not trying to steal the thunder of the existing Below Deck thread, this one is for pics or vids with focus on the male feet seen on the show, may include the crew's or charter guest's feet. Keep it light and don't come in hot because people are giving their opinions on what they like and aren't...
  3. L

    Young guy selling feetpics

    Hey there;). I’m a 20 year old skinny boy with feet size 43 and just made a twitter account. If you want to, feel free to take a look ;) my twitter is: lorenzofeet7
  4. Marco Tony

    Hot Muscular Men With Sexy Feet

    Lets share pictures of hot fitness men feet and hot bodybuilders feet.
  5. S

    Danya Milokhin

    Danila Milokhin Russian tiktoker, singer
  6. rinac-lothine

    Miro misljen - onlyfans

    his onlyfans account : onlyfans.com/mirooo anything on him ??? please ?
  7. S

    kalyzhnyy | Gleb Kalyzhny

    Hot russian actor, singer Instagram
  8. H

    feet pics selling

    young italian man feet size 11,5 US - 45 EU dm me for details
  9. C

    Identify Top

    Who is this? Thank you!
  10. jupp.hier

    I can work on your feet

    Hey! Jupp here. I can create art based on your feet :emoji_footprints: Starting as low as $15 p/illustration. Let me work on your feet. I’m MSoles_Jupp on Twitter (where you can see all the art I create) or send me a DM here rn with your idea. Here are two of the last ones I have created...
  11. JVocky

    jfeet14 lost foot fetish content search

    When I was on tumblr, there was this blog called jfeet14 that would post the hottest foot fetish content. Unfortunately, they were banned a year or so ago, and all their content with it. With the ban on nsfw its been very hard to find anything. That's why I'm here to ask for something. They...
  12. noriki

    Photo Borna Butijer

  13. G

    Marcos Mion

    Hottest Brazilian TV SHOW Host.
  14. L

    Selling feet pics

    Soo i need some money rn And I thought I could sell feet pics haha so hmu if u wanna buy My snap @stueletso paying happens on PayPal !!
  15. Uksa2

    Gorgeous soles of feet

    These soles get me hard as a rock each time. What do you think?
  16. Topdickrater

    Feet vs size

    How does your feet size compare to your manhood size?
  17. W

    Video Does anyone know which studio made this video? Str8 paid to be worshiped

    The video is basically paying a straight guy to be worshiped. I cant find any information about the video, anyone knows the studio that made this video? would like to see more like this!!! Appreciate you guys in advance. Video link: https://txxx.com/videos/16446269/straight-boy-feet/
  18. Thicc Shake

    His Hot Feet - (Foot fetish story)

    So, a bit of an odd story, appreciate it might not be for everyone, but this is how I discovered that I had a foot fetish. I'm in college at this point (maybe I'm a late bloomer in the fetish department) and it's been a couple of months now. It's the usual story - attending classes, making...
  19. Y

    Fantasías de Pies

    La verdad es que no puedo continuar sin expresar lo mucho que deseo olerle los pies a uno de mis compañeros de Universidad. El bato no es el más atractivo del mundo (ni yo), pero no se porque razón me siento tan atraído hacia él. Y entre unas cosas y otras, no me puedo sacar de la cabeza la...
  20. Thicc Shake

    Any new videos from Sn36akers?

    So there's this guy sn36akers and formerly sneaker36creamer who does these videos of fucking sneakers. I love feet (socks especially) and I've never been into sneakers but his videos are hot! I've found some of his older vids online but nothing recent. Anyone know of he's still making vids...
  21. P

    Foot (feet) fetish satisfaction over cam? I'm here to help!

    So I know it's a niche here, but maybe some of you lads want to make the most out of your foot fetish? I can certainly help out with what. Hit me up and we can arrange something for you! Here's my feet:
  22. JasonMontgomery

    Barefoot Male Celebrities

    This thread is for photos or videos of male celebrities barefoot. •Only post male celebrities •Make sure they are/were 18+ •Do not shame people for liking feet •Make sure they’re real I’ll start off with Tom Holland!
  23. H


    Does anyone have any more stuff of this Twitter cashmaster?
  24. D


    Hey can anybody help me get this video: https://scottxxx.com/tour/trailers/The-Gas-Inspector.html I’ve found it here: https://rapidgator.net/file/4ee89039cbe5b8b7114682856f47da42/ScottXXX_-_The_Gas_Inspector.mp4.html but it’s a premium rapidgator file. A pain to download. Any help would be...
  25. D

    matt - flimfloom

  26. D

    Photos & Videos Hey, someone have more pics or vids of him ?? He’s know as Fiitoo Brown

    If someone has more pics share pls
  27. T

    XanderBeckett Models

    Despite only ever showing their bare feet or socks, XanderBeckett had some of the hottest guys I've seen. Does anyone know if any of them have ever done any work outside of XB or what their socials are?
  28. M

    Photos & Videos CashmasterMatt/Matthew Blackford

    Does someone have some content from this young hot UK cashmaster ? Master Matt
  29. S


    Hey y'all, I don't know if this is allowed but me and my friends just started selling feet pictures and videos. We have women, men and couples! We do customs, and the price of customs depends on what you want. If you want to buy some pictures or videos: go to our twitter...
  30. D

    Anyone Know/have This Guy

    Anyone know/have this video?