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  1. badboybryce

    Video Black M2M Blow Jobs

    This thread is solely for uploading and discussing some of the best blow job videos that you have seen. There are some great oral aficionados out there and they should be shared here.
  2. JackM

    Return To The Class In Cocksucking (m/m)

    Here is a follow-up to a short (fantasy) story I posted here in 2017. Stud Nick goes back to the unconventional school where he was the model for a public exhibition/lesson in fellatio... ==================== Nick was a narcissist. He had never really thought of himself as gay and got off on...

    Sonh/nocenma/soeavt Areas

    Service provider (sonh nocenma) I’m a huge c*m lover. I’m looking for a few good men who’d like to meetup for a ball draining, leg shaking experience and have alot of fun man to man. Hit me up and let’s discuss what's on your mind and what you'd like to do. Are you Straight, Bi, DL...