1. Fellatiator

    Need straight male input on female orgasm

    I know this site is dedicated to penises, but maybe you can help a girl out? I’ve been known to squirt, other times gush and occasionally neither, but always I get pretty wet. So this is the first video I have seen of myself ejaculate (I think this is correct terminology?) and it kind of shocked...
  2. lapdog2001

    Fuck, Marry, Kill - Woman celebrities

    Stealing the existing male thread Fuck, Marry, Kill - Male edition and creating a woman celebrity thread Just a fun game where you choose who you would fuck, marry and kill from the 3 celebs listed: I'll start: Heidi Klum Tyra Banks Kate Upton (After replying, post the next 3 celebs)
  3. sandrax75010

    hello from france

    hello! i'm Sandra from Paris! i'm looking for very hung straight men for talking on skype... xxx
  4. D

    Amateur assholes (female)

    Hey! I wasn't able to find a thread about the most wondeful thing I know - female assholes. So figured I'd start one! Hope there are other like-minded asshole lovers here! Here's my GF's asshole to start us off
  5. D

    Female amateur assholes

    Hey! I wasn't able to find a thread about the most wondeful thing I know - female assholes. So figured I'd start one! Hope there are other like-minded asshole lovers here! Here's my GF's asshole to start us off
  6. Cosgood

    Squirt for the sky!

    Unless I'm blind or can't work the search function correctly, the only squirt related threads are YEARS old. If everybody's good with it I'd like to start another. Haven't been seeing much squirt content. If ya got em, share em!!
  7. G

    asian gay magazine cfnm

    II like to see men naked in front of womenaAIiIpAre there any more Asian magazines with women like in the picture? love #cfnm
  8. T

    Female Ruined Orgasms

    Looking for female porn stars who have had their orgasms ruined in mainstream porn movies. Even better when they result from a large cock. The few I have found so far include: https://daftsex.net/9111/giannas-husband-has-great-concerns-with-gianna-dior/ Approx 21:30 Janice Griffith Fine Ill...
  9. Grof Ejacula

    Croatia, Split, meeting

    Hi everybody, I am looking for a female to meet and create an friendship with her in Split, Croatia regardless of whether you are tourist, business traveler or resident.
  10. D

    Any females around :)

    Looking to change things up. Would love for a female to watch me. Older would be ideal. I know some females are out there but finding one is like a unicorn. Nothing crazy. No recording, no screen shots just you watching me masturbate via Skype. I work from home so my schedule is kinda flexible...
  11. D

    When did you seen/heard about female squirting?

    First post! I've been having this account and I really thought it was high time to make a post on this great website here after being a member for so long. Anyway, just like the title I'm really wondering on here with everyone on what was your discovery on squirting. For myself, the first...
  12. littlekaitt

    Mylittleathlete (f)

    hey everyone! Not sure if this is the proper place to post this but I wanted to write a post and let anyone know about my OnlyFans page! I'm a tiny triathlete who loves big cocks and showing off. I post daily, have a lot of solo videos as well as lots of passionate 1 on 1 content with my very...
  13. M

    Married Or Single Intelligent Ladies Looking For Fun In Nashville

    In search of ladies for friendship and extra in middle Tennessee. Start with good conversation and see where it goes.
  14. C

    Single Female For Big Baller

    Hey everyone! Single female from the UK looking to meet guys with genuine natural big balls. I’ve had this fetish for as long as I can remember, my ex had big balls and now I’m looking for someone who’d let me play with theirs. I’m into the following. - weighing a sac before and after sex -...
  15. H

    Nude Female Videogame Characters

    Hi again everyone. After I posted a thread asking you about your female videogame character, I decide to get things hotter. So, I created this subject to let everyone post here your hottest and gorgeous female videogame character. It could be an artwork, a video of a nude mod, like Resident Evil...
  16. B

    Any Real Female Size Queen's On Skype?

    Hey all! Aussie, big cock (verified with pics on profile) and LOVE size contests over Skype. Are there any female size queen's that anyone knows of who judge contests? If you are one or you know of one please shoot me a message with your Skype ID or email. Or add me now: sperry4334@gmail.com...
  17. 8

    Looking For First Female Ex.

    Hi. I’m a 28 year old female curious and interested in having my first experience with another woman. Im a pretty girl and I live in MI. Into althletic/curvy beautiful women. Anyone interested?
  18. W

    Photos & Videos Peyton List

    Does anyone know or have nudes of Peyton List? I am aware that she is a female and most likely does not have any out there, but thought to see if there is anything.
  19. B

    Looking To Chat With Size Queens

    Looking for (female) Size Queens to exchange messages and discuss fantasies etc. I am a well-hung aussie, 33yo and open-minded/fun - am a verified member, 100% legit. Shoot me a message and lets chat. Also open to jumping on cam and showing off, love to be watched. *Not looking for guys...
  20. Crystal378

    Hi From Uk

    Hi everyone! Female from the UK. Look forward to chatting with you all! :)
  21. SizeQueen_Ava

    Comparing You Skype

    Looking to compare guys and find out who actually has the best cock!! Will be compared in: Girth Lenght Ball size Head size Bulge Overall look If your interested inbox me. If your afraid to show face (just to me) dont inbox me
  22. petera

    Video Femal Friendly Porn: What Do You Tink Of It?

    Hi all, I've bumped into a site that servers 'Female Friendly Porn' (or better: 'Erotica'). What do you think of this? Female Friendly Porn & Erotica For Women - xLoveJoy.com
  23. dlbijock222

    Need Straight/bi Guys In La For Gangbang On Female Fb Of Mine

    i am looking for straight/bi guys in Los Angeles area for a gangbang on a female fuck buddy of mine in late March. Need a good roster of reliable and fit guys who enjoy fucking in groups on one female. (She is 34 yo, very sexy and fit, loves the gangbang vibe). Hit me up privately and ask me...
  24. Young young

    Her Of And Ig Is Lildedjanet

    Her who has her on onlyfans
  25. D

    Sex With A Male, Or A Female?

    So... I was wondering if most of you have had sex with girls and boys - if you’ve found that most male partners are doing one same thing, which females are not doing, and opposite?
  26. 1

    Looking For Women/couples In Manchester

    Hey all, just putting some feelers out for any women/couples in Manchester or nearby for meets! Say hi if you’re interested
  27. SuckMyselfOff69

    Photo The Smell Of Sex

    I scoured the threads and didn’t find one like this, so it is clearly time to get it started. I really enjoy all aspects of sex, sexuality and the female form. I am incredibly aroused by a well shaped armpit. I love the smell of sweat when a woman is aroused, so please feel free to share your...
  28. Vivygrace

    Hey! I'm New To The Site :)

    Hope you enjoy
  29. J

    Visiting New Jersey & Philadelphia

    Who is in NJ / Philadelphia area : looking for Dudes Milf Dilf Couples Chicks & Dudes . are there more active NJ Philly Groups on LPSG ?
  30. B


    People from England come say hi