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  1. Mss_Adi

    interesting people for sexting and sex

    Hi guys .. I was looking for someone to meet online .. I have both Skype and Telegram accounts and I would like to chat and have virtual sex with someone who is a really interesting persona .. In my country it is seriously difficult to find someone who stands out from the crowd, and who means...
  2. icyfdrag

    Gaming fuck buddy

    Heya, I am a 18yo femboy looking for someone that I can play games with who will also be a sexual partner :) (not like dating or exclusive just horny lol) my discord is "cat girl Icy#7049" looking forward to being used <33 ps games like league of legends, val, genshin, ow, idrk
  3. T

    Photos & Videos lukejade chaturbate

    anyone know where to find archived videos of former chaturbate streamer lukejade? I can only find potato quality uploads on archive sites
  4. M

    Hey :) 25yr old sissy looking to Skype

    Hey everyone, I’ve been a sissy for a little while and love being controlled by an older dom. Being told to undress in front of you and have you pick out my clothes, make up, and toys to train my holes turns me into such a submissive slut who wants to obey and please. I’ve also been wearing my...
  5. jmh1029

    How common do bisexual men find fem boys attractive?

    Heyy, i am 20 years old, and i am a pretty feminine guy, gay as well. Average physique, not particularly super skinny, but i have a normal body, and soft facial features. for some reason, most of the guys that have shown interest for me or have expressed to find me attractive, happen to be...
  6. D

    22 Year Old Asian Femboy at Your Pleasure!

    Hi! I'm a 22 year old Asian femboy. Here are some of my photos If you want more content, you can hit me up for special services. I have feet pics too. Reddit: asiantrapfantasy Twitter: asiantrapxxx Nice to meet y'all!
  7. L

    Pauly Healy @paulyhealy

    Anyone know if he has onlyfans? Got a cute fat butt and very popular with Arabs and connected to a few northern footballers so I hear lol
  8. KinkyAznBoy

    27 Canadian Asian - Not exactly new here but always looking to connect with more people :)

    As the title says! Feel free to have a gander at my profile and pics ;D
  9. top4hotbot

    Skype List Sissy Ts Cd Femboy

    Hi all make this for recruit some hot sub sissy ts cd and femboy I'm 45 y Arabic Dominant look for hot WHITE sub Slut sissy and femboy to serve me for regular time hope you enjoy a lot my Skype maxtop44@hotmail.com
  10. techguy86

    Hairy Bbc Top Here Looking For Femboys, Sissies, Trans, And Fem Twinks To Cam On Skype

    Add your Skype info if you fit the title description
  11. KinkyAznBoy

    Being Felt Up During One Of My Late Night Walks

    So as the title says, I enjoy going out for late night walks anywhere around 9pm-12am midnight around my neighbourhood, some schools, parks, trails and parking lots which all happen to be within the area I walk in so lots to choose from! This is a real life encounter/experience with a stranger...
  12. F

    Ass Eating

    Having some fun with my hubby
  13. F

    Sacramento Couple 4 Third

    32, chubby Latino 6.5 cock size 23, slim femboy think 6.5 clock size Pics available Snaps Frisco8836 Junebuxio21
  14. 8

    Whereby Cam

    Hairy Husky BBC Top here. All Femboys, Sissies, and Trans are welcome. DM me to cam online via Whereby....
  15. Gaylumbo

    Gabrial Syke Onlyfans

    This is a really cute twink on reddit and onlyfans OnlyFans https://www.reddit.com/user/jaymesNwen/
  16. Gaylumbo

    Gabrial Syke Onlyfans

    This is a cute twink on only fans and reddit. OnlyFans https://www.reddit.com/user/jaymesNwen/
  17. P

    Yuzuru Hanyu

    I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone more than I have since discovering this Japanese ice skating twink ... Look at that body!!! (Waking up next to him <3) If anyone has any more beautiful pictures of him (especially if you find any “leaked” ones showing that bit more skin & body yum)...
  18. R

    Mitchell Hall - Mitchelldrawing On Tiwtter

    Anyone have any pics or vids of this bubble butt boy?? His Twitter is @Mitchelldrawing Snap is mitchellhall06 IG is mitchellhall11
  19. bobbbyd000

    Video Who Knows This Boy?

    Pics? Social Media? More videos? PLEASEE!!
  20. 1

    Photo Femboy Devotion

    Feminine guys (or "femboys") get a lot of hate for threatening the fragile psychologies of guys who fear the "stain" of femininity, but here's a thread specifically for enjoying feminine guys in all their glory. Share and enjoy! P.S.: Femboy does not mean transgender. NOTE If you don't like...
  21. P

    Photo Luca Cruceanu

    IG model
  22. C

    Rough interracial pounding: pig bottoms or femboi twinks who love a good fat dick stretching

    ****** ******