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  1. ciaron23

    Video A little crazy RP fun

    Totally in orbit, had a lot of fun on a telegram group chat! Into the void this goes~
  2. Markel20

    Kirill Prodolyatchenko

    Kirill Prodolyatchenko - russian actor, 25 years old
  3. J

    Rafael Hotrod

    Guys, do you have something from this hot dude on wheelchair?
  4. twinkfeetlover1982

    Please help me fulfill my twink feet fantasy featuring Sascha Borodin

    Good morning! I am in search of three videos and their associated photo sets for the 18yo hot boy known as Sascha Borodin. It was from the William Higgins MaleFeet4U site in 2011 and I have searched the internet high and low with no luck. I found a few listings for the files on other sites, but...
  5. B

    Does anyone have a bad breath fetish?

    This only happens when I get unfathomably horny, but the thought of making out with a hot dude who has stanky breath makes me rock hard for some reason, especially him spitting in my mouth. It cannot be bad breath from a meal; it has to be morning breath or hot breath that emanates organically...
  6. N

    Sexy frog man in thong

    A few years ago on instagram I followed a guy who posted a lot of pictures wearing thongs and had a nice big ass that he always focused on showing. I tried to find him recently but I can't remember his name. He also liked to post stuff about frogs and his user had something to do with that...
  7. B

    Sandro_Muscle / Sandro_Muscle_x13 / Dorikxxxxxx / Dorikxxx / Dorixxx

    Sandro_Muscle / Sandro_Muscle_x13 / Dorikxxxxxx / Dorikxxx / Dorixxx
  8. Hornyartist

    Im so ready for a public lube enema

    Lately Ive been obsessed with Lube enemas! I cant do very many because they take a lot of prep and kind cramp! LMAO I love the idea of gooey stringy lube filling up my warm intestines and waiting to shoot out of my hole. How do y'all feel about them? I like the way it feels pouring out of you...
  9. S

    newwww mixed twink

    ambrose anderson
  10. anselsbussy

    Mr. Jabita

    One of my favorites amateur pornstars (he's from Barcelona) but his content is definitely not for everybody lol Links: https://twitter.com/MrJaBBita https://twitter.com/JM45T OnlyFans
  11. R

    Riyan_physiq onlyfans hot guy

    Does anyone subscribe his onlyfans? Heres the link Onlyfans
  12. C

    Identify The Pornstars of The Studio

    Does anyone know who they are?
  13. Sneaker1st

    Sneakers, boots and male feet fetish - NSFW

    For those into sneakers, boots, maybe socks and guys wearing them. A place to share pics of cummed shoes and socks, “borrowed ones”, sniffing etc.
  14. CookieOtter

    Where is this clip from?

    Just stumbled across this hot clip. Anyone know where it comes from? Any info is appreciated.
  15. S

    New to Kieran.

    Chapter 1: Intro. Being single can be lonely for Kieran. At 28, he sees his mates settling down and getting married, having kids, or even moving abroad. Kieran used to be out every weekend. Sometimes not coming home for 3 days. But his group of drinking buddies is getting smaller and those...
  16. M

    Searching for a specific "puppy" video

    Hey! I'm looking for an older video of a pup-play scenario. the pup is blonde and hes wearing fur ears and a dog tail butt plug. he acts like a dog and sniffs his masters crotch and eventually sucks it and licks it like a bone and gets fucked in the end any help is appreciated, thanks very much!
  17. N

    Tom Holland’s Feet

  18. enriquehenry100

    Favorite Men's Armpit Pics

    MY FAVORITE PIT PIC OF THE DAY Simply jaw-dropping! Thanks to my Facebook bud, Ricardo Silva, for sharing Cooper Fitch's astonishing armpit selfie. Cooper is an accomplished actor, singer & dancer. Please follow the hairy hottie on Instagram: Cooper Fitch (@cdilly35) • Instagram photos and...
  19. T

    Master Pedro (findompedro)

    Master Pedro (findompedro) is a Brazilian findom alpha. Twitter Instagram OF So far, I haven't found any nudes, though.
  20. B

    Who is this guy?

    Please somone who is top guy. He is russian how I know but who is he Ig, Fb somthing please
  21. jjprodriv

    Why do you like short guys?

    I’m a 1,63mt / 5.3’ guy who has been fetishized a lot for being short, and I’ve been always curious on what people like about someone being small. For me it’s not much of a big deal as I love being lifted and have a thing for very tall guys, but I am extremely curious to know what drives guys...
  22. MikeJD

    ID Where this is from/Who this is

    Does anyone know where this is from or who this is? I found it in a porn group and no one seems know or have a full video. Can anyone help ID this?
  23. W

    Help - Who is this Hot Hunk?

    Masterbeat on Instagram: "The countdown has begun... just one of our many guests from last year's New Year's celebrations... come and join us for the largest New Year's parties in the world in Los Angeles.⁠ ⁠ #newyearseve #newyearsla #newyearscountdown #newyearslosangeles #newyearsparty #themayan"
  24. D

    Share Your Feet Foot Lovers :p

    If you have a foot fetish, love feet, like playing with toes in your mouth share your feet and foot pics here :p
  25. C

    Steve from Jock Foot Fantasy

    Does anyone know the name or anything about this guy? he is “Steve” at Jock Foot Fantasy videos. if u have some video of him, please share for us <3
  26. D

    Famous/Sexy OF Models showing feet?

    Some examples off of the top of my head I believe posted some were TooTurntTony, Harry Jowsey, Zach Clayton, and possibly Nathan Webb off the top of my head. If anyone has any posts or other OF models showing their feet please share :)
  27. C

    Taylor from Jock Foot Fantasy

    Does anyone know the name or anything about this guy? he is “Taylor” at Jock Foot Fantasy videos. if u have some video of him, please share for us <3
  28. David Arons

    Photos & Videos Guys fucking Pumpkins

    You read the title. Ever since i saw the videos of Str8Cam Jeff fucking a pumpkin, i've found guys fucking pumpkins uniquely erotic for me. We've all seen the videos and memed about it, is it cause we love halloween, is it cause hot guys thrusting into something, either way, it's hot.
  29. kscird

    Embarrassment Fetish?

    Has anyone else ran into this? Not me personally but I was talking to this guy that I met on a dating app, if people are interested I may share the whole story. But I have a feeling this guy gets off on sharing embarrassing or potentially humiliating things have have happened or are happening...
  30. I

    Show in OF! Itsmysecretlife94