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  1. S

    Patrick Leblanc vs Jeff Seid, Wrestling

    Which of these muscular hunks will win a wrestling match without rules. Who will be better. Alpha can be only one.
  2. B

    Your underwear

    Select a number and show yourself in that type of underwear!
  3. S

    Tyler vs Henry wrestling

    Henry Cavill and Tyler Heochlin both very muscular and handsome. They both played the role of a superman. But which one is better. Who is strong enough to beat the other. Who deserves to be the ultimate superman. And what will happen to the loser?
  4. HunkNerd

    Video Groping Hands - Greg

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  5. S

    Chris vs Chris wrestling

    Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, both handsome and well-muscled. Who of them won the fight in the ring. Who would be better and stronger. There can be only one winner (Alpha) How do you think the fight will end. Would it be a close match or someone would have an advantage and why. And...
  6. B

    Aussie Underwear swap.

    Bi Aussie 28 m Living in Victoria. Looking to swap some worn underwear? Send in the post? I want to jerk off smelling some sexy man scent. DM me if your interested.
  7. A

    Daddy wants me to dress up as girlie

    Hi! I've been pretty much a lurker here, but I want to ask abt my situation (thread title) Ive been chatting with this older guy, i am (23M), asian, and I've recently began chatting this Italian guy (41M) from PlanetRomeo. We've recently moved to fb messenger and we haven't rly talked abt...
  8. J

    New to Bondage / Shibari

    Looking for some advice or help here. I have been handcuffed or tied to a bed before and i loved it. My bf and i wanted to try getting more into bondage and shibari where I'm tied up more elaborately. We bought a book in some styles and got rope so we would be set. Does anyone have advice...
  9. E

    Hot Top and/or Straight Man Asses

    Are any other bottoms obsessed with ogling the butts of tops and/or straight men? Like, not in the sense that you want to penetrate them, but that you want to feel their ass throbbing and thrusting as they penetrate you... There's also just something so forbidden about guys who have amazing...
  10. N

    Photos & Videos Sexual Fantasy Paradise

    Anything from these guys? They look quite hot, and I dig the whole hypnosis fantasy thing Sexual Fantasy Paradise
  11. R


    Good day, we are building an updated SPH SKYPE GROUP 2022 If your into SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION KINKS, feel free to join. Looking for more tiny dicks and Big dicks Dom who are very active Link Join conversation
  12. EvanEdge


    I really love this couple, does anyone got some of their OF vids and pics ? - https://twitter.com/sportswearlads
  13. P

    Looking for a very specific, unusual fetish

    I know it's unusual, but I have a fetish for women pulling on locked doors. I've seen a few Japanese videos which have greatly satisfied me, and am looking for more. One featuring a woman named Ichiko Miho being locked out and pulling for a good 7 minutes, before being locked out by someone...
  14. D

    Anyone Know/have This Guy

    Anyone know/have this video?
  15. datwhatilike

    Photos & Videos Athletic Gear Fetish⚽

    Thread for those with an athletic gear fetish! I personally love seeing (and touching) a fit body in that silky dri-fit material of a footballer or the netted basketball tees, whether worn casually or for actual sport. Feel free to post, but keep it nasty :p
  16. Jamesishuge

    My Best Friend And I In College Indulge Our Big Dick Exhibitionist Fetish

    Notes: Not a writer. This experience is totally penis size centered but that's what we lusted after. We were obsessed with cocks, our own, others and size. Both of us have exhibitionist fetishes that finally, and in an extreme way we satisfied together. After this we didn't do anything so...
  17. M

    Complicity Between Buddies/bro-ments In Threesome/hot Tag-team

    Hello. If you have videos that suit the title kindly share it hehe. This thread is for those who wants to see two/group of guys interact with one another while banging a chick. Things like high five, fist bump, verbal talk about the girl, and such. I'll start here. Free Porn Videos -...
  18. K

    Who Else Love Fredo?

    Well, I simply love to tickle him from head to toe :laughing:
  19. OPORt

    Men In Leggins?

    I have the fetish of seeing men in leggings, tights or lycras. See they hard cocks in tight clothes. any image or video like this ??
  20. CoffeeandCum

    The (unofficial) Start Of Summer Sale - 25% Off My Of For The Next Week! @coffeeandcum

    The (Unofficial) Start of Summer Sale - 25% off my OF for the next week! I promise things will be hot and sticky this season, so come sweat it out with me OnlyFans If you've been unsure if my Premium Page is worth the full price, now is your chance to check it out at a discount Once you've...
  21. jpedro_1990

    Kinky Sneaker And Feet Dude

    Hi guys, got a sneaker, feet and socks fetish, any of u guys in to that? got skype to c2c, same user :P
  22. AlextheRedhead

    Big Knobs - Mushroom Head Fetish?

    I've got a mushroom head cock and I'm fascinated with big knob cocks. The way the ridge of the cock head slides across your lips when sucking is heaven. Anyone else have a fetish for this? Here's mine, post yours and some favorite cocks.
  23. B

    Gay Cuck Porn

    It's really popular in straight porn but I've been trying to find gay cuckold porn but I can't. So drop your favorite gay cuckold porn.
  24. CoffeeandCum

    Let The Sexual Adventures Begin...

    ☕ Naturally furry and playful East Coast Otter who likes to show off his sexual explorations. Let the sexual adventures begin: Looking for fellow travelers to join on the ride. Come take part in enjoying this creative and sexual outlet of mine that was born out of the great quarantine of 2020...
  25. UnCutBlackBull925

    King Noire Onlyfans Review

    Unlike other professional porn actors who will give us the same scenes they done with professional porn studios, King Noire is really explores the fetish with his fans on his only fans ! The best part is that he does anal play and does also pop shot from an angle - that’s like wow how the...
  26. K

    Help Id Pumpkin F*cker!

    Hey guys, Was jerking off the other night and came across this handsome model and was hoping you could help me in identifying him. I've checked both comment sections with no answers as to who he is, and both accounts who uploaded the videos have no further information. Videos below: Thanks!
  27. E

    Underwear Fetish

    Hello all! I'm Eric, I am 24 years old. Working out is my life and I love doing it in a nice pair of boxer briefs! Lets connect and If you want a pair of my gently used boxer briefs let me know!
  28. J

    Do You Know This Black, Hairy Boy?

    Hey! Please help me find this cute boy with very big cock and very hairy: Hunting In the Heart of Darkness - Gaywire Mobile
  29. Oyster21

    Ultra-tattoed Guys

    Hey, I'm looking for porn with full-body tatto guys, tattoed faces, etc.
  30. Passandre92

    Photo Show A Picture Of Your Dick With Your Feet

    Let's post pictures showing our dick and feet side by side. Dick is 7.5x6 inches Feet 11.5 US, 43 BR, 45 UK