1. N

    Jerk off to muscle

    Hey! I have a huge muscle fetish, and I’m looking for guys who also get turned on by muscular guys, and would be down to chat about them and jerk off to muscle guys.
  2. N

    Do you like me?

    Hello, I'm Nahuel and I'm 24 years old I create this thread in case someone liked it, and if so write to me, we can exchange nudes or directly have sex if we are from the same city, always with respect and good treatment. I am versatile but quite submissive. I can be your playmate or your whore...
  3. Sexeddy123

    Stepping into LPSG

    Hey everyone. Just an outdoorsy guy jumping on here to see and meet some like minded and cheeky people who might can teach me a thing or two! Give my profile a like and stay tuned for more photos coming soon. Cheers SE
  4. disillusioned90

    singapore - chub dom top lf subs

    34c 172 100+ chubby dom top here, with a preference for younger twinks but open to all. Hmu and we'll discuss Thirsting to get dommed, humiliated, and used? I'll make you succumb to your deepest, darkest desires. I won't make you call me "sir", eventually you'll do it willingly. Share with me...
  5. K

    So a man asked me to sit on him.

    I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. I’m hoping someone can shed some light on the situation. I was out grocery shopping and noticed a guy staring at me, thought nothing of it and went about my shopping. Purchased the items, and then noticed the same guy sitting and waiting in his car...
  6. F

    Photo Deleted MyFriendsFeet videos will trade ANYTHING

    These videos are almost nowhere to be found on the internet so I need to know if anybody has the full versions? I will literally trade for any video I have
  7. Manamin

    Who took this photo!?Anyone know who is he or his IG ?

  8. Devidian

    Hi! Im new here.

    I'm 20 yo gay from Poland. Im new to this site, seems exciting. Im looking for hyperspermia guys bc I have a huge cum fetish... Also love cruising haha. What guys do you like?
  9. RaskaYu

    Obscure Big Dick Pro-Gamer Moves (only available to a certain few)

    Hey, these days I've been pondering on how @assf_1077 friends did not believe having a two hander was "a thing". That got me thinking: >>> What are some quirks or techniques that are only available to the huge ones that mere mortals can only dream with doing? Here are some ideas of what I'm...
  10. N

    Jerk off buddy

    Hey! I have a muscle fetish and I’d love to connect with guys who are also into muscles and would be down to chat and jo to muscular guys
  11. H

    Does anyone else have a deodorant stick fetish?? Love Old Spice Swagger / etc

    I’ve always been super attracted to very masculine scents and masculinity in general. Ever since I was a kid, any whiff of Old Spice deodorant would get me half chub (especially the Swagger scent). And if I smell in on a cute boy?? Game framing over! While I enjoy the natural musk of men’s...
  12. PupVesper

    Howdy! 24 Y/O from Poland - Cub Pup

    Hey there! I just realized I haven't introduced myself to all you guys and girls. I've been on this site for a few months now, but recently I've found that it's very welcoming, and there's a lot I can learn or discover about myself and sexuality, fetishes etc. in general. Thanks to this...
  13. D

    27 French Scally Lad

    hi 27 french lad into football gear, sportswear and trackies looking to chat to lads into the same kink
  14. A


    Anyone have any photos on this guy? He goes by the name toescurl1 on Instagram. I find him so attractive! Still waiting on him to accept my follow request :(
  15. J

    Whidbey Island Bull

    Look at this beautiful mature, someone will have content of it?
  16. D

    Robert Andy Coombs - gay disabled wheelchair artist

    Why are there no discussions about disability and sexuality, specifically wheelchair users on here? Well anyway here is my artwork… For more check out my website: www.robertandycoombs.com
  17. F

    Photos & Videos Hot Guys Feet Pics

    Hey Guys! A place to post your favorite pics of guys showing their feet!
  18. silverberrywine

    Real working men

  19. Noahsbitch

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    After a great and sweaty workout, they would let Cristiano Ronaldo release a load of thick cum in your mouth ?
  20. S

    Soap fetish

    Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone had a soap fetish like me. I'm a big fan of muscular hunks, showing off their pecs, butts etc... especially in softcore porn. I have a fetish for car wash scenes and window washing scenes, showers, baths where they use sponges to squeeze foam and soap...
  21. silverberrywine

    Men At Play

    Where are men at play fans?
  22. M

    Is it weird if I prefer pulling out to cum?

    Seems like it’s getting more unpopular as each day passes. I had a few occasions where bottoms got offended after I pulled out. It’s also mostly creampie/internal cum in porn these days as well. I found a hot OF guy that loves to pull out and shoot his load (or so I thought). In this one video...
  23. G

    Photo Alexey Lukin (Russian actor)

    Алексей Лукин - russian actor. Снимался в сериале Ивановы Ивановы. И в телешоу - Последний герой. 24 years old
  24. S

    Superhero fanfics (AI-generated or traditionally written)

    Share superhero-themed erotic stories/fanfics in this thread. The story can be AI-generated or traditionally written. Bonus points if you include pics or videos that help bring the story to life. You don't have to write the story, but include author credit if you post someone else's work. You...
  25. P

    Best Pits in Gay Porn?

    Who do you think has the sexiest pits in gay porn? My vote is definitely Solomon Aspen.
  26. C

    Please help ID this guy!!

    And his onlyfans if you happen to know it. Kilts are such a huge turn on for me. And no its not the kiltedbros, or those one guys that did kilted workouts on youtube.
  27. NowhereHere19

    Film911 Models/Reviews/Discussion-Megathread

    Model- David Videos For Purchase-https://film911.net/?s=david Instagram-Login • Instagram
  28. S

    Superheroes (AI-generated)

    I don't know how popular this will be, but the Henry Cavill thread inspired me to create this superhero AI thread. I know sharing prompts can lead to the prompt getting banned more quickly, so feel free to share or not share your prompts. Maybe discuss via DM if you want. Personally, I'm into...
  29. T

    Hot twink xxx kinky

    New hot twink on onlyfans. Onlyfans.com/twinkfist Fucking, fisting every imaginable kink and fetish
  30. T

    Ustedes creen que este pene es pequeño? - Do u guys thinks that this dick is small? (Kink)

    Mi amigo italiano dice que tiene un pene pequeño. Yo coincido con el, es un pene pequeño. ¿Qué opinan ustedes? :p My italian friend want to know what u guys think about his penis size. I think its a small one but what do u guys think?