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  1. M

    Apollo Male Entertainmen Bar (Philippines)

    Hello. Does anyone know anything about one of their models 'Diether'? Thank you! ❣️
  2. I


    I used to subscribe to this guy 2 years ago before he deactivated his account. His OF username is @filipinorod. I believe he is based in Canada. he had a lot of selfie cumshots and he has this tight ripped body. I wish I bought his videos back then if I knew it was going to get deactivated right...
  3. M

    Kane Rogal

    I came across this sexy man Kane Rogal on Instagram. He is Filipino and sexy as fuck. I want him so bad. Is there anything on him?? Thoughts??? IG: @kane.rogal82
  4. Z


    Idk why the thread got deleted. But does anyone have anything on him?
  5. ArmageddonAshir

    Teo Briones

    He's 18 today! Anyone got anything?
  6. H

    Johnny Angel?

    He was one of my favorite pornstars from the 2000s, and still think he’s one of the sexiest men to do porn ever! Anyone know what ever happened to him? Would be cool to know an update and what he’s been up to these days?
  7. J


    Anything on this filipino hottie? He used to post thirst traps and sometimes nudes on twitter but would delete them after a while. Used to cum on cam too
  8. J

    Fil-Am OF Models

    Have been watching a lot of Filipino OF models lately. Saw this video of Andon (VNDonnn). He's so hottt. Anybody knows what else is on his page? VNDonnn
  9. J

    Fil-Am OF models

    Have been watching a lot of Filipino OF models lately. Saw this video of Andon (VNDonnn). He's so hottt. Anybody knows what else is on his page? VNDonnn
  10. laqualia

    Photo Help identify Filipino model probably

    This guy was used in concept art for Dyesebel (2014) but I can't find who this guy is through yandex, google images, bing, tineye. So maybe its time to ask humans for who he is.
  11. P

    Does anyone know about Marco Nolledo or Macoy Nolledo?

    I’m looking all over the internet about this Filipino Vlogger named Marco Nolledo. He is my crush! been looking for his nudes
  12. C

    Lharby Policarpio @iamlarbs on IG

    Anyone has more of him?
  13. G

    Billy King Basilisco (Filipino Web Personality) billykingbasilisco09

    I don't see a thread on this man but let's start one cause he's
  14. Goldest

    Photos & Videos adgracianoy / umami papi

    wanted to start a thread on this cutie. this is from his Tiktok live last night :heart_eyes::emoji_high_heel:
  15. H

    Nygel Sejismundo

    Does anyone have any nudes from his only fans? pr3ttyb0yt0y xopinoyboixo nygel_s
  16. kinkyseok

    Video ID this Filipino/Asian Chaturbate Boy?

    found some short clips of him on twitter before, and the text at the bottom left leads me to believe he's a camguy (since he asks for tips), but i don't have a name. anyone got any clips / socials on him? thanks!
  17. B

    Photo Can someone help to id this hottie

    Trust me. One of the hottest men you've seen alive. Gold brief got me crazyyyyyy. Can someone help me to id this guy
  18. G

    Does anyone have anything on @misopogi?

  19. A

    adobomochi on Twitter / adbmochi on OnlyFans

    hottie on twitter finally made an onlyfans!
  20. D

    Helping finding video this screenshot is from?

    Hi everyone! There was this webcam video on XNXX of an Asian guy, I believe Filipino, jerking his big dick and cumming but it looks like it's been deleted. This screenshot from the vid appears when you try to search for it, but the video itself is nowhere to be found. If anyone could point me...
  21. C

    Conrad Ricamora

    I can't believe we don't have a thread yet dedicated to this hottest cute geeky guy around! I first found out about him from How to Get Away with Murder, and he's also done a bunch of smaller musical productions. I just thought about him again cause he was just announced as one of the leads in...
  22. R

    ID help

    Hi can anyone id the guy on the right? Thanks
  23. L

    Alex Mallari Jr.

    Anyone has anything on this gorgeous man? He is a Canadian actor, appearing in Workin' Moms and The Adam Project
  24. P

    Photo arawnnnny

    anyone got anything on this guy?
  25. M

    Photo Jason Wolf

    This hottie just opened an OnlyFans, share if you can please! OnlyFans
  26. E

    can anyone ID this (filipino i think) person?

    i’ve seen a video of him before but forgot what his name was. anyone happen to know him?
  27. baebae_30

    Asian Twink Slave - Submissive Top

    Skype: baebae_30 into instructed masturbation, edging, humiliation, soft bdsm 24 from Philippines
  28. E

    Filipino American bodybuilders

    Really into bodybuilders here, especially into local guys. Anyone got ones the wanna share?
  29. F

    Gabesbugatti (former Babetuhottie)

    Does anyone have his content? I’ve been trying to get it cuz he’s sooo hot OnlyFans
  30. F


    Does anyone have his content? OnlyFans