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  1. D

    Helping finding video this screenshot is from?

    Hi everyone! There was this webcam video on XNXX of an Asian guy, I believe Filipino, jerking his big dick and cumming but it looks like it's been deleted. This screenshot from the vid appears when you try to search for it, but the video itself is nowhere to be found. If anyone could point me...
  2. C

    Conrad Ricamora

    I can't believe we don't have a thread yet dedicated to this hottest cute geeky guy around! I first found out about him from How to Get Away with Murder, and he's also done a bunch of smaller musical productions. I just thought about him again cause he was just announced as one of the leads in...
  3. dddidyourmom

    Jego Nacnac

    Fellow Filipinos, does any of you still have Jego Nacnac's jakol video?
  4. R

    ID help

    Hi can anyone id the guy on the right? Thanks
  5. L

    Alex Mallari Jr.

    Anyone has anything on this gorgeous man? He is a Canadian actor, appearing in Workin' Moms and The Adam Project
  6. P

    Photo arawnnnny

    anyone got anything on this guy?
  7. M

    Photo Jason Wolf

    This hottie just opened an OnlyFans, share if you can please! OnlyFans
  8. E

    can anyone ID this (filipino i think) person?

    i’ve seen a video of him before but forgot what his name was. anyone happen to know him?
  9. baebae_30

    Asian Twink Slave - Submissive Top

    Skype: baebae_30 into instructed masturbation, edging, humiliation, soft bdsm 24 from Philippines
  10. E

    Filipino American bodybuilders

    Really into bodybuilders here, especially into local guys. Anyone got ones the wanna share?
  11. F

    Gabesbugatti (former Babetuhottie)

    Does anyone have his content? I’ve been trying to get it cuz he’s sooo hot OnlyFans
  12. F


    Does anyone have his content? OnlyFans
  13. D

    Photos & Videos Pinoy / Filipino Celebrity Fakes

    Wala akong mahanap na good thread for pinoy celebrity fakes so I'll start a thread here: Note: dapat well-known, any pinoy celebrity (actors, artists, singers, gamers, streamers, etc.) refrain from posting full names to prevent detection use initials or censors (ᴀʟᴅᴇɴ ʀɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅꜱ, rvrv m4dr1d...
  14. D

    Photo Can Someone Id This Model Shot By Kraus Estanislaos?

    Someone ID this babe plz
  15. j021

    Photos & Videos Culver Padilla [fitness Coach]

    hes sooo hot, he's a fitness coach with about 100k in insta! i was surprised there wasnt a thread on him share what you got please!!
  16. J

    Photo Can Someone Id This Cutie?

    Not sure if he’s filipino or mexican so I’m tagging both lol
  17. I

    Filipino Masseur

    Any recommendations? Borta guys dito sa manila na for hire please… yung pogi sana haha
  18. C

    Help Id This Guy

    This guy looks like Henry Cavill. And he's fucking hot. I got hard at first sight! Ugh! https://twitter.com/i/status/1392889153084268547
  19. B

    Mr.abedexist (abed Green)

    Hot filipino/black model Abed Green.
  20. I

    Kit Thompson

  21. PoetMalaki

    Photos & Videos Real Famous Pinoy Celebrity And Models

  22. P

    Photo Wesley Keen

    He’s a hot, tatted, Hawaiian-Filipino island daddy who used to live in the SF Bay Area but has since relocated back to Hawaii. Before Pornhub enforced its unverified content policy there were a couple of solo videos of him jacking off and busting in a bathroom, shower, etc. Does anybody have...
  23. E

    Asian Jelqing Success

    Hello everyone, I've been a huge fan of this community although I'm new here, I was wondering if there are any asians here who used to have small dicks and now have bigger dicks by jelqing or other routines? As an asian myself, specifically filipino we're not really gifted down there, mine is...
  24. R

    Webcam Model Pinoy_hunk69

    Didnt know where to post this but this guy is superrr hot but i cant find any place to get recordings of his shows or anything else but a few of these screencaps. if you have anything please share!
  25. L

    Markki Stroem

    Anything on this Filipino-Norwegian hottie?
  26. kinkyseok

    Reo Ozawa?

    anyone got reo ozawa? found this guy on twitter & instantly fell in love. (partially because of his cosplay, but mainly his throbbing BULGE.) he's filipino & japanese. he doesn't have an onlyfans yet, but is considering starting one. taking a risky, likely unrewarding, shot at this.. but, does...
  27. LurkerTA

    Photos & Videos Filipino Bl Stars

    Tony Labrusca (Hello Stranger)
  28. S

    Winterhessy Tiktok

    Because I seen that he was letting people cashapp him and he would send videos to them , ugh he’s so foineeee
  29. J

    Cole Micek

    Hes cute. Share some photos or videos
  30. R

    Abspinoy69 On Xtube

    does anyone have any updates for abspinoy69 on xtube? he hasnt uploaded for a few years. there's an account on pornhub named abspinoy1 with some of his videos but i dont think that's him.