1. Topman655

    How to learn to fist?

    Met a guy that I’m very interested in, and he was really into the idea of fisting. We didn’t get far into it since it was our first time, but I need advice on things to do and what to look out for. Really like this dude and the idea of punching his hole is hot.
  2. C

    Fisting Newbie

    Hi guys! I'd love to get into fisting.. 1. Any tips how to start? 2. How much time would it take? 3. Any toy recommendations? 4. Is an inflatable plug any good? I can take a big cucumber sized dildo after much warming up. I'd like to get nice and sloppy.
  3. P

    What does it feel like to be fisted?

    Hi. What does it feel like to be fisted by a man ? As best you can please tell me what it feels like to be fisted by a man?. Thank you in advance.