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  1. M

    Charles French

    i just know its bigg
  2. A

    fit guys into chubs hmu on snap!!

    hi everyone! i’m trying to find more fit guys that are into chubby guys. i have a small dick but a fat ass. hmu on snap!! ab.121204 ;)
  3. A

    fit guys into chubs hmu!

    hi everyone i’m looking for fit/muscular guys that are into chubby white guys. my penis isn’t very large but i have a very large ass. hmu if you’re interested my snap is ab.121204 ;)
  4. C

    Jeans Ashitawat - Instagram Model

  5. Angelgoodguy


    I am A BIG FAN of Jack Smith on instagram Login • Instagram and now he has Onlyfans OnlyFans
  6. qxng00

    Snapchat Trade for Fit/muscular

    Looking to trade Snaps with other fit/muscular guys. I have pics on my profile. Dm me your Snap handle and, if you don’t have a pic on your LPSG profile, a pic of your bod too. Let’s have some fun
  7. C

    Snapchat Group for Striaght, Fit, and Married Bros for Bromance

    If you are straight, fit, and married, I want to start a Bromance Snapchat Group where we send videos, pics, and interact like bros. Occassionally cam together and if everyone is open to it, perhaps we meet up in real life. If this is something you would like to try, reply to the following...
  8. C

    Real-Life Bromances

    Lets use this threat for men who are currently married or in LTR with women who are in need of a real life bromance. A bromance can be defined as "A true bromance is a special connection that transcends the boundaries of a regular friendship. You're both riding the same wave of how you think...
  9. Q

    Photos & Videos Looking For A Guy That Loves Showing Off On snap But Doesn't Require It In Return.

    Ello im look for long term fit guy that likes to show off on snap. But dont want anything in return. Can be striaght, bi or gay. If you are it please message me and i will add you on snap. I know its a long shot but someone might be out there
  10. C

    Video Help ID Big Dick Construction Guy (Reddit?)

    Came across this video and he seems familiar but I can't find him. It looks like it may be from Reddit, but that's just my guess. If anybody could help I'd appreciate it.
  11. B

    Koal Apuna Update?

    I remember seeing a video of him fooling around (or just making out?) with another guy, but I can’t find that video anywhere. Anyone happen to have anything on this stud?
  12. A

    _kenfit_ or kenfitcoach

    does anyone have he's pics est-ce que quelqu'un a ses photos
  13. A

    raimondo.dicola OF

    does anyone have he's pics??? raimondo.dicola OF
  14. F

    Fit girl abs onlyfans

    I follow the pornstars with abs forum! I was hoping to find some slim/fit girls with abs that have onlyfans or other content. Any one have names or hot content they wanna share! Thanks
  15. 0


    Something about Cardan Sanchez? Algo de Cardan Sanchez? OF: Lordan Ig: mr.lordan Tw: @mrcardansanchez
  16. B

    Jason cummings (backstage)

    has anyone got anything on this scottish boy from tik tok?!?
  17. ItsMeGabriel

    Phil Parkinson (Comedian turn Fitness Instructor)

    I introduce to you Mr. Phil Parkinson from the UK. He's the founder and owner of The Circuit Factory in Dubai. Prior to that, he was a comic. I discovered him a few years ago. I just think he's so sexy. He seems to be a bit of a exhibitionist as he always had his ass out, which is quite...
  18. E

    Samgorgeous // gorgeoussammmm

    Been looking for his stuff for some time now and discovered that there wasn't a dedicated thread yet. Hopefully we can collect some stuff here. He's a super hot russian guy and streams on chaturbate (iirc):
  19. J

    Help me ID him

    Does anyone know who this guy is, I've looked everywhere and could only find these pics, any feedback helps.
  20. D

    Fitboys Snapchat group

    Hey! Since most Snapchat groups are inactive or full, I'm gonna start a new one. Are you a fit bro preferably between 18 and 25 and want to share pictures, videos, progress of your body when training or just want to make friends; add me on snap (dicklover821) and send me a pic that ur from lpsg...
  21. P

    18-25 fit snapchat list

    Hey guys! young lad here. since the other snapchat lists seem to be decreasing in seriousness I thought I‘d start a new one for us younger guys :) to me: swiss, 18yo, hung, fit Into: be around my age and fit ;) drop your snaps! dm for mine
  22. D

    New Snapchat Group for Muscle/Athletic/Fit Masc Bros

    Are you a Muscle/Athletic/Fit Masc Bro? Would you like to interact with other muscular fit bros on Snapchat? If this describes you, drop your Snapchat username. I have created a new group for us bros to share pictures, videos, lifestyle routines, motivation for workout days, brogress, etc...
  23. R

    Video Who’s the guy in this video?

    Can someone please help me ID this hot top?Thanks. Str8 College Dude - ThisVid.com
  24. J

    Handsome Fit Nudecaster

    Does anyone know more about this guy? The vids are a bit old from Clothesfree, but his name is apparently Adrian Diaz. He appeared in shows 130-134 and is never seen anywhere else. I’ve had no luck finding him online and what he’s up to now. Attached are the pics. :heart_eyes:
  25. Itsamemarioo

    Just a nice and down to earth guy saying "Hi"

    Hi everyone :) My Name is Mario. Im 25 years old and live in germany. Im a pretty chill guy looking for something new and this might just be that :p So far im just lurking through the forum and try to get an impression what this site is about. Once the water is thoroughly tested im sure ill...
  26. M

    Physicalbaby_ on twitter

    Hey. I would like to know if someone has more of this guy. He is on twitter as far as i know and he keeps on teading without posting full nudes. Does anyone know if he has a nfsw account or something or does anyone have any nudes from him?
  27. Onion42

    Texas Bros

    Looking for some fellow hung Texans to chat with about our long and thick dicks. Maybe one of y’all is in Houston
  28. Onion42

    Houston Lifetime

    Hey y’all I’m not new technically but it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here. I’m a married 32 year old who loves to work out at lifetime at greenway plaza in Houston. I also love showing my thick cock off in the locker room and the steam room, sauna, showers and even sport a...
  29. M

    Photos & Videos John Lajara

    longshot but is there anything on johnclajara? Has a pretty big tiktok following, main socials below: John Lajara (@johnclajara) TikTok | Watch John Lajara's Newest TikTok Videos https://www.instagram.com/johnclajara/?hl=en