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fitness model

  1. D

    Caden Foster (cadenfoster_fit)

    Anything on Caden Foster (cadenfoster_fit on instagram and TikTok) ?
  2. D

    Eric Champ (champcityatx)

    Anything on Eric Champ (champcityatx on instagram)?
  3. D

    So... there's this guy named Joe Fazer...

    He's getting really popular between the fitness world and goddamn he's super hot. I wonder if anyone has hot pics or videos of his dick and muscles...
  4. R

    Cleiton Lobo (@beast.in.the.makinq)

  5. giocio

    Alex Eubank

    Surprised there is no thread on him.
  6. mar111

    Bigguyballer / tommymackss

    Something Big Long Cock here i dont know what his real name it could be tommymackss or Tommy Mackss OF : Basketball Boy Twitter : Your Findom Deluxe Boy IG : Secret His Stats : Age : 21 Height : 6.5ft - (196cm) Dong : 9 inch ( 22 cm ) LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!!
  7. F

    Saadiq Amir (@deekmill)

    Anyone have anything in him or try and get some lol? Goes by deekmill on IG, personal trainer and fitness dude. I’ve got a lil crush, guy is so hot, great body, cute lil lisp. I wanna see what’s below that pelvis tattoo haha. @ deekmill on Instagram
  8. Marco86

    1990s fitness model Doug Larson

    I believe this guy's name is Doug Larson. Was a model who appeared in Men's Fitness magazine in the 90's. I always felt he had the epitome of a classic, athletic aesthetic physique. And by all appearances a natty physique. He did not seem to appear for very long and sort of disappeared...
  9. C


    jack_pe_ad https://www.instagram.com/jack_pe_ad/?hl=en https://www.jackpe-adcoaching.com/ https://linktr.ee/jack_pe_ad Jack Pe-Ad (@jack_pe_add) TikTok | Watch Jack Pe-Ad's Newest TikTok Videos Jack Pe-Ad Online Coaching
  10. ribeye1

    Clive Ibizugbe @groovingorilla

    Huge, hot fitness influencer / dancer, recently featured on Tariq Nasheed's twitter. Has an OnlyFans with minimal content.
  11. J


    think its about time this hot muscle daddy gets his own thread :)
  12. J

    Can anyone ID this guy or video?

    Does anyone know this fitness model’s name or what site this posing and arm wrestling video comes from? https://gay.bingo/video/166636239?asgtbndr=1
  13. Mr_Thistlewaite

    David McIntosh

    David McIntosh is a British ex-military and security operative who became a television personality, actor, and fitness model. A former Royal Marines commando, he was a Gladiator on the Sky 1 TV series Gladiators, under the name Tornado. In 2014, he participated in Celebrity Big Brother, United...
  14. An0nym0us.

    Photo Ryan Morgan

    Can we just take a few moments to admire this sexy hunk and his hot bulge? His IG
  15. littlekaitt

    Mylittleathlete (f)

    hey everyone! Not sure if this is the proper place to post this but I wanted to write a post and let anyone know about my OnlyFans page! I'm a tiny triathlete who loves big cocks and showing off. I post daily, have a lot of solo videos as well as lots of passionate 1 on 1 content with my very...
  16. T

    Yunusaah (tiktok Hunk)

    Yunus Akbulut Instagram Tiktok Snapchat: yunusaah stumbled onto him about a year ago. So fucking hot. Lives in New Jersey and goes by the Turkish Tank. His body is unreal would love to see the rest of him
  17. M

    Jb Frith (@silverback0_0)

    Anything on this handsome adonis? I’m surprised there hasn’t been a thread on him sooner, he’s so beautiful.
  18. F

    Safwan Alvi: Onlyfans & Fitness

    He is likes sooo hot omg. South asian dudes are like legit the best... I heard he has OF does anyone have any content of his you can share? I bought some from his OF and im living for it. I literally want more... help?
  19. T

    Viktor Dryndak

    Hello :) I find this ukrainian hottie really attractive so I decided to make a thread for him.
  20. mar111

    Dailos Ramirez

    Anything about this Handsome Hot dude?? forget about his fitness coach what so ever what we really care are about leak nude etc.etc IG : https://www.instagram.com/dailos_ramirez/ Hes doing underwear P.S that's "a sign" and also he's Ibiza Boy
  21. Alexis5H

    Thai Edwards

  22. Angelgoodguy

    Dean Dancer Aka Onlyfans Dcbrne

    fitness model , male stripper , pornstar dean dancer now on onlyfans dcbrne
  23. 3

    Photos & Videos Chester (@chestercarupo)

    He looks so pretty, always working hard on that body with a gorgeous smile Body like wow Amazing physique and so handsome Can’t decide if I like the smile or buldge more. Which did you notice first Always in rolled-up short-shorts showing off pubes Man’s got a lot of potential in...
  24. BisexualPotato049

    Cj Clark (tiktok & Fitness Model)

    hottie turned 18, can’t wait to see more content from him :heart_eyes: (Post only pics vids and files from today on)
  25. mar111

    Fedor King

    Guys...Do you have any idea of this dude ? hope he can fuck me for FREE IG : www.instagram.com/fedor__king hope you guys can share with us
  26. S

    @ndrew Hr1st0 - Australian Fitness/businessman On Instagram

    @=A, 1=i, 0=o Pretty sure he's straight so does anyone wanna try and bait him for nudes? He's so hot, he's the outgoing partying kind of guy. I saved so many screenshots of him. His body is amazing, can only imagine what his dick is like hard :yum:heart_eyes:
  27. P

    Photo Any Dirt On This Bad Boy?

    Y’all have any unknown sexy photos or videos of this stud? I’m dying to see something I haven’t before with him. Anything recent is the besssst, I’ve seen his old videos and yum but even more yum if it were with the bod he has now
  28. 3


    @abdullahaesthetic Abdullah The stage is calling his name. A proud show off, playful, creative exercises, working out in his underwear.. Big things coming for him I hope. Just wish to see more *eggplant + peach emoji*
  29. N

    Spanish Fitness Model Jonathan Bueno

    Hi! I bring you an incredible Spanish model, his name is Jonathan and I think he is quite a stud. You can put what you find about it. thank you and enjoy the content
  30. mar111

    Hector Lopez

    any best future from him....lets share https://www.instagram.com/hectorr_lopez/