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  1. J

    Derek (STHJ HOSG)

    Does anyone have more content from Derek from SlowTeasingHandJobs (STHJ) and HardOnStraightGuys (HOSG) or know his onlyfans if he has one? There must be model pics of him out there. Please help us find out more info about this stud. He has a very distinctive deadpool tattoo on his chest
  2. M

    _fitness_oli (Insta)

  3. J

    Photos & Videos Guys I Follow

    So this is just a thread for me to share with yall of guys I follow online :heart_eyes: up first we got Edward Morales, he’s a fitness coach Instagram
  4. MrAskMe

    young athletic dad on OnlyFans

    Hi everyone… I’m a fit Aussie Dad who’s a personal trainer! Ripped and lean. I just created a new OnlyFans account and thought I would give it a crack. What I’m looking at doing is creating fun content but also… At a price, sending you you’re own personalised video of a specific workout...
  5. L

    Photos & Videos Lui Capellan Fitness

    Can't believe this guy does not have an account yet, he's super sexy and hung !! From his instagram account:
  6. I

    Photos & Videos Ink_italian Onlyfans

    Does anyone have content of him!???? He is so hot :oops:
  7. M

    Psychosean1 / Sean Collins on Tiktok

    19 and swole! can’t decide if he’s hotter super jacked or super lean
  8. J

    Remaining fat to lose (Do I cut or recomp?) Advice needed!

    Hey, In need of some advice from those of you who are into fitness/gym. So I'm coming to the end of my weight loss journey. I currently weigh 170lbs at 6ft 1, early 20s, cis man. I used to be 230-240lbs. Was eating 1600 or so calories but now I eat about 1800-1900. Although I look somewhat fine...
  9. Dantdanielson

    Photos & Videos Nathaniel Vossman (vossmanfitness)

    Hot, hairy fitness guy on insta. 25 Years Old | 6’1” | 225 lbs (from his bio at the time of posting this)
  10. M

    French muscle model Steve Sanmartin

    Came across this model and fitness instructor. He's huge, evidently VERY tall, and has modeled for a number of well known photographers. Anyone have anything good on him?
  11. N


    blkcptamerica (OD) from Instagram. Very nice and thick ass
  12. C

    Mckers Nirangul @mckers

    Fckng hot. Could someone share something?
  13. Q

    Photos & Videos Chase Polk

    Surprised there isn't a thread yet on this dude. His physique is incredible.
  14. K

    Anything on this Serbian hunk?

    He has an OF with a woman. Any full frontal on OF or it's ppv?
  15. S


    Anything on this guy?
  16. M

    Biggainsbailey Jacob Bailey fitness model

    Check out this amazing guy, loves showing off his booty and and overall seems like a sweetheart
  17. M

    Ethan Lima incredible bod

    This one knows exactly What hes doing. And those pits look ripe
  18. M

    Athletic or muscular guys up for chat?

    Hey, I'm a gay (maybe bi) guy who is looking for a straight or bi guy (only) who is into lifting weights and gaining muscle (weightlifting, CrossFit, yoga, etc.). I'm in the progress of trying to gain a substantial amount of muscle and want to talk with other guys who are going through, or...
  19. R

    Tom Coleman is a boy very hot

    Hello, does anyone have more of him He's so hot, I also found out that he had only fans again. If someone could share, I would really appreciate it. You are all welcome
  20. K

    Joel farias Guzman

    Anything on him?
  21. C

    Caleb Coffee (TikTok)

    Just turned 18 so it’ll be a while before we get anything. He’s so damn hot, always posts gym content, if anyone gets anything feel free to share :rolleyes:
  22. C

    Brady Ray Potter IG: @bradypotter

    Surprised he doesn’t have a thread.
  23. E

    Arnau Miró

    Músico e Influencer de España
  24. H

    Am I ready to go on a cut after bulking since July?

    I am 25, 6', and 210 lb. I started my first bulk last July. I have been lifting pretty hard since then. Do you think I have a sufficient base of muscle to make cutting worthwhile? I will bulk again after cutting. See attached photos.
  25. L

    Sup! New guy here

    Fairly new guy here to the site. Curious 26 yo fit lad looking to meet new bros that like to talk fitness, sports, and everything else that comes along. Watching Champions League Football rn so hmu if you’re watching and let’s go from there
  26. F

    Instagram Serbian Fitness Guys

    Post Hot Serbian instagram fitness guys.
  27. C

    Anjali Bola IG: @bek_zuffar

  28. Marco Tony

    Connor Minney - Sexy British Muscles

    Anything on this sexy british man ? He looks packed.
  29. P

    Academias e vestiários (Brasil)

    Fala pessoal! Vocês conhecem academias ou outros centros que contém vestiário no Brasil, especificamente em Salvador e São Paulo que tenham vestiários abertos? Vou deixar fotos como exemplo. Hey guys! Do you know gyms or other centers that have locker rooms in Brazil, specifically in Salvador...
  30. suavelicious

    New Member Mr Suavee

    My name is Chase and I’m new here. Trying to learn the platform. Help me help you!